2009 Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement Recipients

Nicole Ackerman, CO and BomBay Saffphyre
Erika Adams, TN and Dawson's Creek
Suzanne C. Adams, MA and Fame and Frolic
Rosemarie Albrizio, CT and Scotia Dancer
Barbara A. Allen, NY and My Main Man
Laura Allen, TX and Island Champ
Erin Amato, MA and LBF April's Delight
Emi Anderson, VA and Moving Fast
Janet Andres, MD and Heat Wave
Kara E. Andrew, OH and Java Joe
Mary E. Andrews, GA and The Highlander IV
Cody L. Armstrong, VA and Two Steppin
Peter Arndt, WI and Told The Truth
Kayla R. August, CT and Untitled Lyrics
Martha Bader, TX and Consider It Done
Sandra R. Bailey, NC and Select Zip Hitter
Maggie E. Baker, GA and Plaudits KC Cruiser
Martha Baldwin, MA and Graf Gabe
Betsy Ball, MS and Atari
Melissa Barber, FL and S2K
Samantha Barefield, MI and Von Wolf
Carly A. Barker, TX and See Spot Run
Sarah V. Barnes, CO and Man of My Dreams
Jenny Barnhard, MD and Winsome Maverick
Sara Bates, IA and Calico Swirl
Ashley Beale, NC and Texas Kahlua
Danielle Beaver, MO and Parises Great Deal
Seth Beaver, PA and Mr. Cody Joe Step
Laura U. Beebe, MD and Tuxedo n' Tails
Michelle Benczkowski, MD and Hansel
Victoria Bennett, TX and Canadian Mist
Victoria Bennett, MA and Dunlavin No Pajamas
Karen Berger, NY and Talisker
Paris Bermudes, MA and Mister Merlin
Rachael Best, MD and Mark Me First
Lauren Bigelow, MA and Katmandhu
Leeann Blackford, TN and Leapin' Lucy
Jordan Blank, TX and Ern More Cash
Karl Bletzacker, OH and Renos Nevada
Madeline Bletzacker, OH and Landtino S
Samantha Booth, VA and Whatever It Takes
Thomas R. Borthwick, TN and Tavish
Lisa Borzynski DVM, WI and McKieran
Jennifer Brett, CT and Impressive Sierra CT
Sara Brodeur, VA and Quiet Dare
Amy C. Brown, VA and Cosette
Jenna Brown, IL and Replika
Mary Alice Brown, NC and Burton
Kristen Burgers, VA and Raconteur D
Adrian Burgess, UT and Hylander MV
Kristine M. Burgess, MN and Silver Spoons
Lianne M. Burgess, MN and Andiamo
Jennifer Burk, TX and CAVADA
Katie Buursma, MI and Midnight Outlaw
Lisa Campbell, NH and Now or Never
Megan Campbell, NJ and Aeqceleration
Amanda Canepa, CA and Soldier Boy
William Carlucci, NJ and Nacho
Melissa Carlyon, NH and A Day in Paradise
Amber Carter, GA and Run for the Roses
Ashley Cate, NH and Heza Rainbow Mist
Tiffany L. Catledge, VA and Sweet Talk
Gabriella Catrett, MD and Caramel Swirl-Winston
Lucy Chalcraft, TX and Flagmount's Crackerjack
Karen Chandell, OH and Stilt Walker
Amy Chronis, MI and Mr. Go Andre Britches
Brittany Clark, CA and Prestiges Town Gypsy
Hayley E. Clark, MO and Misty
Karin Clark DVM, OH and Lil' Romeo
Lori Clement, PA and Dare Me
Brittany Cockerill, IL and Classy and Quick
Katie Coleman, KY and Center Stage
Charlotte Collier, FL and Pandamonium
Paula R. Colt, NH and Indian Summer
Julie S. Congleton, KY and Jewelz Tango
Andy Cook, NH and C.H. Wellington
Lisa A. Cook, NH and Suzi Q
Lindsey Coontz, TX and Robin The Ribbons
Asa Cooper, GA and Walk On Water
Sonja P. Cooper, GA and Legal Precedent
Mary Cote, TX and Hollywood Knightmare
Aidan Crawford, CO and Cassia
Brooke Crozier, FL and Allergando
Laura C. Crump, VA and Denver's Davinci
Corey Curry, SC and Boston's Lucky Glass
Rachelle H. Cyrier, TX and Big Jake II
Chelsea R. Davis, CO and Midori Jade
Skyler E. Decker, MD and Checkered Flag
Tammy M. Devine, CO and Pyro Clastik Flow
Maria Di Giovanni, NC and River Breeze
Kathy Divito, NJ and Field Mischief
Carol Drake, NY and Forty Sweeps
Thamar Draper, CA and Champagne Charly
Margaret R. Dupler, VA and Miss Julia
Caitlin Dwyer, NH and Good News II
Alison Eastman-Lawler, NH and Pint O' Guinness
Sandra Eckles, CO and Arnoud
David J. Edell, MA and Just 'N Time
Anne Eilinger, NY and DAS Sagenhafte
Jennifer Eis, WI and Auto Pilot
Heather L. Emslie, MA and Gallop Home
Amanda S. Esco, TX and Anchorage
Dailee Fagnant, MD and Shades of Grey
Cassie Farley, NH and Lord Jeffrey
Lynden Fasso, CO and Power Mouse
Judy Fero, NY and Gregor
Joseph H. Fink, MD and Cape Town
Rachel A. Finlin, TN and Skipping Stones
Lynne Flanagan, CT and Prima Dora
Zara Flores-Kinney, TX and Pippi
Emily L. Fogelberg, VA and Peter Panther
Hudson Foote, MI and Loughnatousa Alex
Gaelyn F. Foster, VA and Denver's Comet
Jean C. Fowler DVM, GA and NZ Lark
Bambi L. Fox, KY and Brushfire
Barbara Fraley, FL and Too Cool
Corinne T. Frankel, CO and Loose 'n Cool
Stephanie Freundorfer, KY and Relentless
Victoria Frey, OH and On The Watch
Catherine R. Fruth, KY and Million Dollar Baby
Grace M. Fulton, MD and Ringwood Sky Dancer
Grace Gandy, TX and Hot Shot
Christin Ganey-Davis, TN and Rock This Way
Melanie Gatewood, TX and Bingos Mystery Bandit
Christy Gavin, NC and Salvarina
Barbara B. Gibson, NC and Hawkeye II
Amy Gilbertson, CO and Lakota's Lilly
Jessica D. Gladney, GA and Simply Stunning
Kimberly Gogas, CA and Skip's Cinder
Larry Golson, TX and Looking for Elle
Robb Goodie, MA and Freevelous One-Der
Hannah Goodwin, KY and The Aristocrat
Gabrielle Gordon, TX and Foxhollow Seashell
Stephanie L. Gorman, VA and Timeout
Meg Gould, CA and Two Timing Tommy
Lindsey N. Graulich, GA and Adanac
Alexandra N. Green, TN and On The Margin
Carol Green, TX and Fiona
Madison J. Greif, MD and Golden Opportunity
Julia Grella, MA and Just Teddy
Amelia Grubbs, TN and One In a Billion
Ashley F. Guidry, WI and Mercedes
Ashley F. Guidry, WI and Soho Secret
Cathy Gulick, VA and Malibu Moon Pie
Ellen Guthrie, UT and Ideal Life
Laura A. Haeckel, TX and Don't Tell Mommy
Kathryn Hall, NC and Northern Courage
Lela Hanagan, MD and Zophie
Amanda C. Hansen, MD and Impeccable
Ruthie A. Harbison, FL and Bailey
Alison K. Hardaway, TX and Feine Loesung
Link Hardy, KY and Copper Streak
Laura E. Harris, OK and Parklane Saphire
Leslie Harrison DVM, CO and Princeton
Ashley B. Hartsough, KY and Modest Mouse
Alyssa Hatai, CA and Willing and Able
Elizabeth S. Heiden, GA and Dolce' Vita
Elizabeth S. Heiden, GA and Poetic Justice
Christina M. Henderson, NJ and Flying W Farms Princess Tsifara
Britney Hendrix, GA and Devil's Adversary
Alexa Henry, MD and Serra Valley Mr. Wizard
Katie Hensley, WV and Boot Scoot 'n Boogie
Kathy Hevrin DDS, TX and Light the Lights
Jamie Hill, MO and Cadbury
Jennifer Hill, CT and Jamaican' Me Smile
Heidi Hinkel, MA and Lago No Pintado
Maggie Hoffman, IL and Indulgence
Maria A. Hogge, NC and Sparkplug Johnnie
Michaela Holcomb, KS and Scully
Rebecca A. Hoos, TN and Merlyn
William J. Hoos, TN and Carmac
Janice Hoover, OH and Undeniable
Kate Hornbecker, CT and Second In Command
Jessica Howard, WV and Arizona's Wildfire
Megan Howe, NH and Freeport
Natalie Hummel, GA and Silent Bob
Rick Jacob, MD and Mrs Bigelow
Heather E. Jans, IL and Rickoshea
Rhiannon G. Johnson, CO and TNT
Erin H. Jones, CO and Saint Nik
Luke Jones, LA and Snuff II
Luke Jones, LA and Time and Again
Mary R. Jordan, ME and P. Sparrow Socks
Elizabeth Joseph, NY and Ophelia
Jennifer J. Joyce, KY and Terpsichore
Nikki Karlsson, ME and Charizma
Charlotte Kasmin, NY and The Little Rascal
Courtney Katz, TX and Rosie Outlook
Betsy N. Kaywood, GA and Honey Beast
Christi L. Keckley, KY and Hoodu
Sandy Keller, CO and Irish
Debbie Kelly, IL and Moxie
Kim Kerby-Dickman, TX and Podunkus Pete
Kathy Kerns, MO and Rulon
Zach J. Ketelboeter, WI and Nala
Katie Kimbell, IN and Steady Eddie
Crystal E. King, CT and Selkie
Anna Kjellstrom, KY and Added Money
Anna Kjellstrom, KY and Snickers
Brittania Kovacs, MA and Dashel
Elaine M. Krause, IL and Heartagold
Dan Kreitl, IN and Spartagon
Bridgette Kuchta, NY and Hidden Agenda
Sharon Kyle, WA and Imbassador
Reagan N. LaFleur, LA and Tawney
Katherine E. Lambert, NH and South Shore's Dodger
George Lambros Jr., GA and La Fleur Elite
Peri Lambros, GA and Jumping Zach Flash
Savannah H. Lamey, IN and Cora Belle
Kathleen Landwehr, KY and The Remedy
Pat Lane, KY and The Whole Kitt 'n' Kaboodle
Susan Lauffer, MD and Bear With Me
Suzanne P. Lavoie, CT and Teagan
Malinda R. Lawrence, ME and Move The Gold
Brie Lawson, IL and Mama's Boy
Stephanie R. LeCours, NH and Be Mine Tonight
Jenny Leigh, OH and Tough to be Prissy
Jackie E. LeMastus, KY and Snowflake
Katie Lichten, MA and Prince Edward
Vicki Lindgren, WA and Game Point Yankee
Heather Lindroth, IL and Drama Queen
Sarah R. Lipetz, CA and Drummer
Frances Littlejohn, TX and Bear
Maggie Littlejohn, TX and Cash and Roses
Rachael Livermore, VA and Peanut Butter
Alivia Livesay, NC and Material Girl
Camryn Long, MD and Sky's The Limit
Jean Long, GA and Full Circle
Haley Loving, VA and Tropical Image
Brooke N. Lundberg, OH and Sierras Sexy Model
Melissa Lundberg, VA and Dakshina Kalika
Grace Lutfy, PA and Way To Go Ro - Rohann
Sofie Lutfy, PA and Mickey Mouse II
Laura A. MacDermott, MA and Redz Passion
Bridget MacFarland, AL and Gandulf
Caroline W. Madden, KY and Topside
Angelica Majors, TX and Sir Austin Knights
Caroline R. Mandeville, FL and Pony O'Ryan
Jessica Maranto, CO and An Honest Witch
Marilyn Mariano, NH and Pint O' Guinness
Kimberly F. Markowski, NJ and Raffinati
Pat Martin, VA and dashing, jeeves
Ann P. Marx, IL and Cuchulainn's Honor
Madeleine C. Mashon, VA and McCormick
Jacqueline D. McCall, TX and Battleground
Samantha McCleerey, PA and Cash 4 Kisses
Dallas McCullough, UT and Liberty
Micki W. McDaniel, KY and Let's Play Tag
Bridget McDilda, OH and Tempting Fate
Emily L. McDonie, OK and Toby Twinkle Toes
Suzie McGlinchey, PA and Glamour Girl
Jude McKenzie, MT and Bingo
Jack McLean, CT and New York New York
Barbara McQuiller, LA and Two Step Dancer
Carrie Meehan, KS and Cruising On
Mieke Meurs, DC and Major Bay
Dan Michaels, CO and Landonn II OHF
Claire Miles, KY and Little Bay Ferrari
Julie C. Miller, CO and Sweet Tart
Sarah B. Mobius, VA and Hot Tamale Train
Debra Moon, OK and Thunder
Molly E. Moreira, CA and Lance Cracker
Victoria Morse, CT and Inconceivable
Madeline Mosing, LA and Killkee Riani
Lisa Moskal, CT and Duncan McCloud
Ellen Moxley, MD and Cricket
Lori Mullin, OK and Cowboy Justice
Christine Murphy, AZ and Pinnacle Peak
Priscilla Neault, VA and Rane Dancer
Sarah M. Nelson, VA and Silk Purse
Elizabeth New, TX and Hopper
Madison N. Nichter, KY and Lady Lizette
Sally Nunneley, VA and Pellinore
Madison O'Day, IN and Johnny Ringo
Samantha D. O'Dell, MO and Valerius Magnus
Cristin M. O'Hara, MA and Rustico Bay
Julie O'Kelley, TN and Sullivan's Luck
Madison N. Olesh, FL and My Hot taMolly
Bryn Oliver, NH and Big Victory
Cali Oliver, MA and High Flyin Cricket
Devon N. Olivier, GA and Ginger Latte
Bethany O'Lone, NH and On A Saturday Night
Kiki Osbourne, VA and Duncastle
Angela Ossana, MD and Argentine Bonanza
Eileen Owens, CO and ICEMAN
Katellyn Padgett, NC and Wild Divine
Leslie A. Page, VA and King Charlemagne
Taylor Pahl, GA and Tuck Everlasting
Patricia E. Palmer, VA and Ian II
Angela Pascuzzi, KY and Coup de'Tat
Maria L. Payne, MD and Kilcolgan Prince
Amber Pearson, CA and Buddy
Brianna K. Peddicord, KS and BraveHeart
Janice Pellegrino, NJ and Christmas Eve
Amelia Pfleger, WI and His Finest Hour
David H. Phillips, NY and Spot Not
Taylor J. Phoenix, NH and Armani Code
Julia A. Piepgras, TX and BOND GIRL
Rob Pierce, TN and Plain Old Zeke
Ambra R. Pira, TX and My Amigo
Madeline Plaut, MD and Captain Christopher Mings
Jordan Poff, KY and Blue Ash
Tamara D. Pollard, TX and Keno's Beduino
Margot Popecki, NH and Imagineer
Sarah E. Price, KY and Doctor B
Sharon Pritchard, NC and Kat
Manuela I. Propfe, AZ and Rincon G
Arlee Pryor, TX and Tailor Made
Michael P. Rach DVM, NY and Ariston-Rock
Calvin B. Ramsay, LA and Razzle Dazzle
Denise S. Rath, VA and Versailles
Jennifer Ravalico, NH and Dash
Kate Reading, ID and Sam I Am
Ilaria Rebay, IL and Morning Glory's Elysium
Hannah B. Reeser, OH and Callisto Odyssey
Julia R. Reynolds, VA and Port O Call
Sarah Richards, CO and Storm of the Century
Morgan Riley, SC and Elite Sterntaler
Emily Roach, WV and Oronoco's Whisperwill
Caitlin Romeo, VT and Nordic Star
Melanie Rousseau, IL and Anita's Legacy
Francis C. Rowe, VA and Go Mon Go
Lisa A. Russo, CT and DUSTIN
Katie Ryan, CO and Paca Destiny
Barbara Sakuma, WA and Serenities Prayer
Hannah M. Salmon, NH and Little Riley
Hannah M. Salmon, NH and Titan
Lexie Samuels, KY and You Don't Know Jack II
Kathy Savory, MD and Brandenburg's Andromeda
Bethany Scarlata, NY and HollyWould
Meredith B. Scarlet, MA and Juno
Gregory J. Schulte, AZ and Elliott of Leeds
Brook Schweiss, MN and Lembit
Lark Schweiss, MN and Sneaky Pete
Lara K. Screven, AL and Proven Theory
Yvette R. Seger, DC and Bento Box
April Shewmake, WI and Otis
Darcie Shipka, WY and Chester
Catherine E. Shively, NH and Castlefield Basil
Mary Bess Sigman, GA and Covey of Angels
Jennifer Simmons, VA and Likewise
Jennifer Simmons, VA and London Venture
Kristen Singleton, CO and Really True
Dana Sitzman, CO and Desert Wyn
Meredith Small, NM and Mi High Socks
Daina C. Smith, NC and Taste the Rainbow
Jennifer Smith, CO and Show Me Grace
Molly Smith, PA and Evening News
Sierra Smith, TX and Passin The Class
Julia A. Sorenson, WI and Sammy Boy
Geneva S. Soule, NJ and Hawkn Jewels
Renee Stefanko, CT and Jiminy Cricket
Dana M. Stowell, IL and Shade
Susan Stowell, WA and PK Halliday Tucker
Carol D. Stubblefield, IL and Penny-Ante
Ruth K. Sudduth, MA and Rigonda
Kylie Swain, WV and Leap of Faith
Mieke Swanson, PA and Soren
Angela Thomas, MD and Royal Red
Hayley Thomas, MD and Glamour Girl
Lisa Thomas, KY and What to Wear
Robin K. Thomas, IN and Jewel
Gigi G. Thompson, GA and Dun Wapped By Confetti
Sara A. Thornley, AL and Sail On
Victoria Tkacs, TX and Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Laura Tracy, MA and Money Matters
Jamie Trindell, FL and Rapid Reply
Tricia L. Tripp, MD and Shenanigans
Sheri Trudeau, MI and Black Tuxedo
Natalie M. Trusty, CO and Reba III
Joan Turner-Burden, NC and Unbridled Deputy
Gayle G. Udall, CO and Noble Prize
Alyssa M. Valentine, TX and Made 'Ya Look
Laura Vandervliet, PA and Sansouci CBF
Kristy S. Votoupal, IL and Ferris Bueller
Beth P. Walkowicz, NY and Arial
Kelly G. Wallace, MD and Port of Call
Geri Washausen, MO and Darth Vader
Kathleen E. Watson, MA and Graceland II
Ashley S. Weathers, OK and Fairfax Sally
Sydney M. Weeks, VA and Our Man Flint
Ava Wehde, NH and Watson's Amirah
Teri K. Weisz, CA and Delilah's Dilemma
Jessica Welker, GA and Tucker
Sherri Westphal, MN and Ascari
Heidi Christine White, NC and Cause Ima Poco Rebel
Jayne Whitton, OH and Graces Star
Cathy Wieschhoff, KY and Action now
Cathy Wieschhoff, KY and Maggie
Cathy Wieschhoff, KY and One Two Three Step
Clarissa Wilmerding, NJ and Tucker
Anne M. Wilson, SC and Axel
Denise Wilson, AR and Steel Magnolia
Lea Wilson, WA and Jalaan
Rebekah S. Wilson, AL and Leader's Express
Julia Witthoff, PA and Phantom
Jane F. Worrall, CO and West Wind Sevan
Amanda Wylie, VA and Expenstress
Lindsey Yohe, MO and Out of the Ordinary
Stephanie Young, AZ and Truth To Power
Roberta Zajac, CA and All In
Mollie Zobel, SC and Athena

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