Safety + Education

Safety + Education

The mission of the USEA is to advance the sport of eventing through education of riders, trainers, officials, and organizers, with the health and well-being of the horse of paramount importance.

Instructors are essential to the training of riders and their horses for humane, safe, and skilled participation in the sport of eventing. Started in 2002, the USEA Eventing Coaches Program (ECP)educates all levels of eventing instructors to confirm their knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, upon which they will continue to build throughout their teaching lifetime.

Educational activities include clinics, seminars, and camps that provide opportunities for anyone involved in eventing to increase their knowledge base and meet new people. The USEA highly encourages both members and non-members to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered in their Area.

Eventing officials include judges, technical delegates (TD), and course designers (CD). They are licensed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) at the 'r', 'R', and 'S levels and by the FEI at the FEI levels. The USEA Training Programs for Eventing Officials (TPEO) is for members who wish to become licensed officials or those who wish to further their education but not necessarily pursue licensure with the Federation. The USEA also conducts Continuing Education Clinics for members who are already licensed officials.

Providing for the safety of both horse and rider in the sport of eventing is one of the primary goals of the USEA and education is vital to the achievement that goal. For years, the USEA has taken the lead when it comes to providing education about all aspects of training and competing safely in eventing.

The United States Eventing Association acknowledges that many of the lands upon which we ride, compete, and train are lands that in the past have been worked or stewarded by enslaved people, indigenous groups, indentured laborers, and others from whom land was taken or who performed coerced labor. We recognize the losses of those people and the fact that many descendants remain in our communities today. We honor those individuals, recognize their loss, and respect these places that are integral to the continuation of our sport.

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