USEA Leaderboard

The USEA Leaderboard is formulated based on points earned at USEA recognized competitions throughout the calendar year. In addition to the overall leaderboards for horse, rider, young rider, amateur, pony, lady rider, stallion, and mare of the year, the Leaderboard is also broken down by level with a category for every type of rider!

Charles Owen Technical Merit Award

The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award provides incentives for amateur riders who demonstrate safe and appropriate cross-country technique, and also educates riders and trainers as to what constitutes safe riding across country. Eligible Amateur riders entered in the designated divisions will automatically be judged during their cross-country rounds and will receive score sheets with written comments, which will provide valuable feedback for them and their trainers.


The USEA offers many grants which are administered through the USEA Foundation. All of the grants and scholarships are designed to assist event riders reach their goals. The grants provide funds to be used for coaching, training, and participating in competitions aimed at advancing the skills of both horse and rider.

USEA Medal Program

The USEA Medal Program provides our members with recognition through a goal oriented program within the various levels of eventing. Each individual member may earn a Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold medal at the Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, Modified, and Preliminary levels.


The USEA offers two types of certificates. The Blue Ribbon Award is available at the Beginner Novice through Advanced levels for a horse and rider combination that places first through third at three events in the same level in a single year. The Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement is given to a horse and rider together who have completed three or more events at the Beginner Novice level during the same competition year.

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