Directory of ECP Certified Eventing Coaches

ECP Assessors

Mary D'Arcy
Phyllis Dawson
Eric Horgan
David O'Connor
Karen O'Connor
Robin Walker

ECP Horse and Stable Management Workshop Faculty

Jennifer Bodtmann

ECP Co-Teaching Clinics

An ECP Continuing Education Activity Option for Certified Instructors

Note to certified instructors: Either you or an ECP advisor listed below may initiate anywhere in the nation an ECP Co-Teaching Clinic that includes one or more certified instructors (including you) plus the ECP advisor you select. In consultation with that advisor, the certified instructor participants set the agenda for their co-teaching clinic's content. They also set up time/place/riders/horses for co-teaching with the purpose of furthering all particpants' understanding and practice of safe, humane, effective teaching of dressage movements and/or jumping exercises, based upon ECP principles and practices. A co-teaching clinic may be any length - a half day, a full day, 2 days - as decided by the instructor participants and that advisor.

ECP Advisors

Jan Byyny (VA, SC) [email protected] 540-729-3977
John Camlin (WA) [email protected] 360-978-5100
Mary D'Arcy (TX) [email protected] 817-249-0978
Phyllis Dawson (VA) [email protected] 540-668-6549
Bea di Grazia (CA) [email protected] 831-596-8680
Derek di Grazia (CA) [email protected] 831-596-8680
Jim Graham (AL) [email protected] 256-436-1747
Eric Horgan (CT, SC) [email protected] 203-543-0813
Dayna Lynd-Pugh (CA) [email protected] 831-245-5660
David O'Connor (VA, FL) [email protected] 540-253-5726
Karen O'Connor (VA, FL) [email protected] 540-253-5726
Jennifer Rousseau (IL) [email protected] 847-382-9832
Brian Sabo (CA) [email protected] 949-295-1650
Jerry Schurink (MA) [email protected] 413-531-7381
Allison Springer (VA) [email protected] 847-612-1108
Robin Walker (MI, FL) [email protected] 517-206-3084
Wendy Wergeles (CA) [email protected] 877-625-0209 (day) 805-344-1190 (eve)
Cathy Wieschhoff (KY, FL) [email protected] 859-396-4470

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