Suggested Comments for YEH Judges to use with the Jumping Scoresheets


Confidence, response to aids, attitude, learning ability

Positive CommentsOK, but "Can Do Better" CommentsComments for Horses Having Problems
Balances himself
Takes rider confidently to fences
Quick learner
Good basic education
Bold, but stiffening
Green, but willing
Rider made it happen
Recovered well
Problems due to lack of balance
Problems steering
Lacks confident communication from back to front
Against hands
Needs better communication
Problems due to lack of confidence
Not always in front of leg
Some resistance to aids

Between Fences

Maintaining a rhythm, appropriate pace, desire to go forward, ability to adjust balance before fences, jumping out of stride

Positive Comments
OK, but "Can Do Better" Comments
Comments for Horses Having Problems
Adjust well to terrain
Quick and coordinated
Shows natural changes
Jumps out of stride
Maintains a rhythm
Desire to go forward
Efficient jumper
Good energy, balance and rhythm
Efficient, but NOT powerful
Gallop should be more effortless
Rushes at fences
Uses speed to replace power
On forehand in approach
Not forward on landing
Too quick due to lack of confidence
Lands heavy
Chips in due to lack of confidence
Jumps erratically

Open Gallop

Desire to go forward, ground cover, balance, ease and efficiency of gallop

Positive Comments
OK, but "Can Do Better" Comments
Comments for Horses Having Problems
Good ground cover and reach
Willing to go forward
Well balanced
Strides should be longer, not faster
Could use back more
Too much knee action
Held together
On forehand/heavy
Pins ears
Lands heavy with front feet
Not in front of leg
Stiff in back, could be more elastic
Breathing labored
Breathing suggests restricted airway

General Impression

Overall impression of performance and potential as an event horse

Positive Comments
"Needs Improvement" Comments
Well trained and presented
Athletic type
Confident and clever
Pleasant and safe
Appears to be excellent Young Rider or Amateur horse
Will improve with mileage
Style better than scope
Greenness affecting performance
Not able to show true potential today due to ___________
Safe and willing but needs more strength and power
Capable but shows limitations
Type may be too heavy to make the time and distance at 3 & 4* long format
Nice type, but may not be 3/4* type
Capable horse but not for the upper levels
How will he mature?
Needed aggressive ride, creating tension and quickness
Lack of confidence and rideability today
Lacks power and maturity at this stage of development

Scores for General Impression - At this Time

Horses may improve with a good attitude and correct training and experience

0-4Not an event prospect
5Marginal ability, may jump low level courses
6Satisfactory prospect - appears to be capable Novice/Training horse
7Fairly good prospect - shows clear potential for Preliminary and Intermediate at this time
8Good potential for 3* and possibly 4*
9Very good prospect for 3 & 4*
10Very good potential for 3 & 4*

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