2009 Blue Ribbon Award Recipients


Jennifer Brannigan, CA and Cooper
Jan Byyny, VA and Syd Kent
Jan Byyny, VA and Waterfront
Nate Chambers, VA and Rolling Stone II
Tiana Coudray, CA and Ringwood Magister
Buck Davidson, FL and Ballynoecastle RM
Buck Davidson, FL and My Boy Bobby
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Woodburn
Will Faudree, NC and Pawlow
Leslie Law, FL and Fleeceworks Mystere du Val
Kelly Prather, CA and Ballinakill Glory
Kelly Sult, PA and Hollywood


Shanon Baker, MA and Black Sox Shiraz
Emily M. Beshear, VA and Here's To You
Julie A. Boyer, CA and Rumor Hazit
Jennifer Brannigan, CA and Cambalda
Hannah Sue Burnett, VA and St. Barths
Nate Chambers, VA and Rolling Stone II
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Kestrel Key
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Troy
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and The Robber Baron
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Tsunami III
Nicholas Cwick, GA and Simply Priceless
Buck Davidson, FL and L.A. Albert
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Wild Tiger
Forrest El-Effendi, TX and Applause
Pam Fisher, CO and Sea Lion II
Lillian Heard, VA and Share Option
Chrissy Hollnagel, WI and Harlan's Flight
Rebecca Howard, NC and Roquefort
Skyeler Icke, VA and Tika
Callie Judy, MO and Call On Me
Alison Kelly-Coates, NC and Irish Cavalier
Lucy Lippon, AZ and Don't Step Back
Brittany Lunney, CO and Cool Dancer
Boyd Martin, PA and Shatzi W
Tracy McRae, VA and Merrimac
Leigh Mesher, WA and Mar De Amor
Melissa Miller, OH and Detail Specialist
Heather Morris, TX and First Mark
Heather Morris, TX and Slate River
Meghan O'Donoghue, IL and Pirate
Kelly Pugh, CA and Copycat Chloe
Alexandra Slusher, CA and Last Call
Tamra Smith, CA and Bubbles at Bricky
Erin Sylvester, PA and Armani IV
Kelli Temple, VA and Veelion
Kelli Temple, VA and Axel Rose
Sharon L. White, WV and Rafferty's Rules
Michael R. Winter, GBR and Unsteelable
Julie M. Wolfert, KS and Wondaree Merlin
Rachel Zoller, KY and Only Kings


Rowdie Adams, TX and Buzzby
Janet Andrews, FL and Snap Shot
Janet Andrews, FL and Cosmic Diamond
Laine E. Ashker, VA and Seajack
Larissa Barilar, MD and Tonka Toyz
Jennifer L. Bazan, IL and It's Otto
Tessa Beckett, WA and Sound Prospect
Elizabeth Bierman, NJ and Cash Mir
Laurel Bond, KS and Legend V
Kelsey O. Boos, MI and Maybe
Jessica Bortner-Harris, NC and Win the War
Frederic Bouland, AZ and The Aviator
Jennifer Brannigan, CA and Cambalda
Sarah E. Bratton, MD and Aztec Gold
Teresa Brookins, SC and Negrito
Ellie A. Brown, NM and Duncullen
Jessica Brumfield, PA and River Radiance
Kyle Carter, FL and Final Watch
Tiffany L. Catledge, VA and Allforit
Stephanie I. Cauffman, PA and Touch of the Blarney
Kaitlynn Chambers, CO and Enchanted
Elizabeth M. Chaves, CT and Taylor Made VIII
Rebecca Coffin-Vickery, NY and Wizekrak
Charlotte Collis, MA and Samson VIII
Lindsay Connors, CA and Ballingowan Pizazz
Megan J. Correia-Bittner, MA and Anyway
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Slush Fund
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Kestrel Key
Sarah H. Cousins, PA and Yukon Denali
Erica Davis, MD and The Shaq Attack
Mara D. Dean, VA and Chequers Macon
Maggie L. Deatrick, TX and Divine Comedy
Sara K. Dierks, VA and Delta Ditto
Sara K. Dierks, VA and Puzzle It Out
Kirstie L. Dillon, SC and Innisfree
Kirstie L. Dillon, SC and Tasmans Devil
Lucy J. Disston, PA and A Horse Of Course
Linda Dreher, NC and Remington
Justine Dutton, PA and Ramona Quimby
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Tickle Me
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Vidalia
Rachel Dwyer, CA and Filou
Caroline Fenkel, PA and Dubya D Forty
Lydia Ferber, PA and Sam Hooligan
Jacob Fletcher, AR and Falcon Splash
Erin B. Freedman, VA and Viola
Victoria Frey, OH and Alongaboutdaybreak
Alexandra Funk, ID and Candy
Marcea Funk, FL and Pancho Villa
Jamie S. Furtado, MD and Come Out and Play
Leslie I. Garner, GA and Cash Performer
Paige J. Garson, ME and Combalache
Teresa Harcourt, CA and Bonza Twist of Fate
Natalie C. Hargis, KY and Roman Holiday
Alexander Hauptmann, PA and Tri-Seine
Libby Head, GA and Sir Rockstar
Mardi Herman, MD and Zoe VIII
Tatiana Herrero Bernstein, MI and Calabogey Bay
Kelli Hicks, CO and Moxie II
Sue Hines, OH and Corporate Crash
Becky L. Holder, GA and Call Me Ollie
Brett Huard, MI and Thickets Ticket
Nicole Jones-Taylor, CO and Top Secret
Alice M. Joy, VT and Destination Unknown
Callie Judy, MO and Sportsfield Rafiki
Lauren B. Kieffer, VA and Bally Whatnot
Kassidy Kirchner, IN and Umi
Megan M. Lanzarone, KY and The Grasshopper
Leslie Law, FL and Langarth Phillippa
Leslie Law, FL and Amarna
Jamie Lawrence, CA and Coolnamara
Elizabeth Lepine, MA and Errigal Gold
Amber Levine, CA and Nantucket Red
Wendy O. Lewis, NJ and Haifa Bay (First of November)
Nina Ligon, VA and Chai Thai
Nina Ligon, VA and He's A Star
Kristy Limon, TX and Excel II
Tiffani J. Loudon-Meetze, SC and Lo Fino
Elinor MacPhail, OH and Woodstock II
Boyd Martin, PA and Minotaure du Passoir
Boyd Martin, PA and Shatzi W
Caroline Martin, PA and Classic Touch
Kurt A Martin, VA and Sir Jearly
Colleen L. McBride, OH and Capitol Hill
Colleen M. McKitrick, VA and Connor II
Darrin J. Mollett, VA and The Barrister
Danica Moore, VA and Utah B
Meghan Moore, KS and Tucker's Blackstone
Heather Navarrete, CT and Noble Endeavor II
Hilary B. Niemann, CA and Pele II
Meghan O'Donoghue, IL and Pirate
Karen L. O'Neal, OR and True Avenue
Kaylie O'Neil, IN and Out of the Blue
Jennifer O'Neill, KY and That'll Do II
Laura A. Orlowski, OH and Ventura
Alexa Orr, OR and Osito
Lynne Partridge, TX and El Cid
Doug Payne, NJ and Running Order
Lisa Peecook, CA and Chummin
Beth Perkins, NC and Sal Dali
Cindy Phillips, GA and Time To Flare
Jamie Price, IL and Overdraft
Jamie Price, IL and Poker Run
Ryann Quigley, NY and Resolute
Shannon Quigley, NY and Tucker XIV
Dawn Robbins, CA and Arizona Blue
Laura Roberts, VA and Galway's Blazer
Colleen E. Rutledge, MD and Really Rosie
Alyssa Ryan, WA and free joshua
Lexi Scovil, WI and Sky Show
Courtney Sendak, MD and Wil'ya Love Me
Kim Severson, VA and Fantasy Impromptu
Kim Severson, VA and Wiley Post
Chelsey Sevigny, WA and Stormont
Mackenna Shea, WA and Landioso
Devon Smith, AR and Scout's Honor III
Lizzie Snow, OR and Pop Star
Lizzie Snow, OR and Sloopy
Benita Strini, VA and Cameron Creek
Lynn Symansky, VA and Morning Star
Kelli M. Temple, VA and Veelion
Frankie C. Thieriot, CA and Notelo de Rox
Craig Thompson, SC and Rising Spirit
Emily Van Gemeren, CT and Orange
Dorothy Van Gerbig, VT and Tabasco Lad
Noelle Varga, KY and Great Scot
Elisa Wallace, GA and Good for Me
Elisa Wallace, GA and William
Whitney Weston, OR and Royal Heights
Sharon L. White, WV and Russian Roulette II
Arden F. Wildasin, CT and Totally Awesome Bosco
Ryan Wood, PA and Railroad Man Jim
Ryan Wood, PA and Balmoral Mighty Legend


Rowdie Adams, TX and No Money Down
Jennie Ahwesh, PA and Kit' Astrophe
Kenzie Amack, CA and Christopher Robin V
Kara E. Andrew, OH and Joint Venture
Cody L. Armstrong, VA and Yes, Can Do
Annie Aul, AL and Aron
Stephanie Baer, MA and Fame and Frolic
Mary R. Ballew, MD and General MacArthur
Foy Barksdale, NC and Point Clear
Rachel Barnacle, CA and Southern Panache
Robin Barr, FL and Lacy's Best One
Dawn E. Beach, DE and Sudden Eclipse
Alison Bean, MA and Monkey Magic
Kelly Beaver, PA and Legacy
Jenna Begbie, NJ and Ice Nine
Belle Belden, WY and Overdrive Lark
Devon L. Belding, MA and Credence
Frederic Bouland, AZ and Miles
John R. Bourgoin, VT and Royal Quill
Stephen Bradley, VA and In The Fog
Janis R. Brubacher, NH and Chancellor VI
Caitlin K. Bryan, MD and RAVISSANTE
Molly H. Bull, VA and Pantalaimon
Jan Byyny, VA and Wallstraed
Jan Byyny, VA and Why Not
Caitlin Calder, NY and Jolliyat
Stephanie Callihan, AZ and Compelling Chris
Jenny M. Caras, GA and Raku
Kelsey Carlisle, AZ and Mandalay Bay
Tiffany L. Catledge, VA and Chilkat
Wendy Chase, CO and Silent Donut
Laura Chippendale, NJ and Clean As a Whistle
Sue Church, CA and Five O'Clock Somewhere
William S. Coleman III, VA and Valencia VDL
William S. Coleman III, VA and War End
Courtney Cooper, PA and Star Dazzler
Tracey Corey, KY and Super Nova
Holly A. Covey, DE and Rugby II
Debi Crowley, AL and Master Manipulator
Debi Crowley, AL and Vandiver
Eliza Culbertson, SC and Time To Tango
Claire Cummings, MA and Hershey
Nicholas Cwick, GA and Galatic
Caroline Daniel, TX and In Pursuit
Lisa Deberry, TX and Rocky D
Catana Deskins, OH and Skywalker
Gabby Dickerson, NC and Folie a Deux
Olivia Dillon, SC and Chance's Lucky Run
Jennifer M. Don, NY and EyeCatching
Jamie Doolittle, NC and Princess Grayce
Ashlyn Dorsey, CO and Culcairn 14
Ellen C. Doughty, TX and Psychedelic
Ellen C. Doughty, TX and Sir Oberon
Chelsea Du Fresne, MN and Happy Medium II
Jessica M. Duffy, CA and IronVine Balmoral
Sarah Dunkerton, MS and Matapeake
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Young Man
Sydney C. Elliott, LA and Permesso
Julia Ennis, MD and Findhorn
Jessica Erbstoesser, CA and Brego
Kadi Eykamp, NY and Noble
Jamie N. Farah, VA and C.K. Dexter Haven
Robyn Fisher, CA and Clair De Lune SE
Elena Flaharty, CA and Show Girl
Louise Foster, MD and Along Came A Spyder
Katherine Franchini, CA and Cozzell
Erin B. Freedman, VA and Viola
Stephen W. Fulton, MD and FMF's Manila Bay
Devon N. Gaines, KY and Ginger Spice
Lauren Gardipee, TX and Crème De La Crème
Lauren Gardipee, TX and Ozzie B Good
Allison Gaskin, NC and Minuteman
Chris Gianini, WA and Merlin VII
Abigail Gibbon, MD and Prima LGF
Erika Gonzalez, MD and Copper Dancer
Fiona Graham, CA and Isengart
Lesley Grant-Law, FL and Amarna
Ann Grenier, NH and Almost Famous
Annelise Gress, PA and Toro Toro Taxi
Anthony Han, CT and Benny
Katie L. Harrell, NJ and Greenwood
Katie Hasse, VA and Hennessy
Jessica Heidemann, WA and Sylvan Farm's Chatarina
Nancy Henderson, MA and Dandelion Montana Heather
Holly Hepp, NC and Dillon
Danielle Hewitt, SC and Mardi Gras X
Jennifer Hoey, PA and Harrison
Lauren Hoffman, NJ and Beckham
Jonathan H. Holling, FL and Jos Baco
Jonathan H. Holling, FL and Downtown Harrison
Kip J. Holloway, VA and Lord Baltimore
Liza Horan, FL and Olando
Hannah Hubsch, KY and Sunny Weather
Skyeler Icke, VA and Argento
Kaitlyn D. Jansen, NC and Hopewoods Casey Shamrock
Jennifer L. Johnson, MN and Loose Cannon II
Leelee Jones, PA and Jacob Two Two
Elizabeth Kane, IL and Tribal Secret
Anne Kaufman, WV and Pegasus Pure Gold
Kelley Kays-Everett, TX and Fire and Ice
Kelley Kays-Everett, TX and Hero II
Kevin Keane, PA and Eclipse
Sarah G. Kelly, MT and Bad Boy Billy
Lauren B. Kieffer, VA and Take Two
Avery M. Klunick, TX and In It To Win It
Kelly Kohler, CA and Georgio Armani
Carol B. Kozlowski, NY and Fuzzie's Hero
Carol B. Kozlowski, NY and Good Earth Bit O' Honey
Marcia Kulak, FL and Malinga
Martha Lambert, KY and Top Hat
Martha Lambert, KY and Fine With Me
Delphine Largeteau, TX and Picante III
Sara Laux, OH and Glacier Bay
Natalie Lewis, CO and Best Blend
Annika Lipsky, VT and Karoo
Jennifer Lyford, VT and Lewis II
Tera L. MacDonald, IL and LA-TEE-DA
Elinor MacPhail, OH and Parador Mail
Gina E. Malito, OH and Woodlands Silver Dollar
Charlee R. Marinovich, MN and Rapport
Wendy Masemer, VA and Likolina
Melinda Maslin, MD and Midnight Treasure
Kimberly Mayfield, TX and Cruz Control
Colleen L. McBride, OH and Phinneus
Andrew McConnon, MA and Quiet Council
Laura L. McEvoy-Riddle, CA and McGuillicutty
Joseph McKinley, CA and Logan
Maxance McManamy, CA and Project Runway
Melissa McMaster, TX and Flagmount's Sterling Prince
Carrie Meehan, KS and Blue Devil
Elisabeth A. Mehner, CA and Good Day Gali
Katherine S. Mellis, CA and Castle View
Michelle C. Mercier, IL and Prufrock
Nicolette Merle-Smith, VA and M-S Reddy Fox
Leigh Mesher, WA and Rafflasia Z
Mckenzie Miller, CA and Gaelic Blessing
Sarah L. Morton, SC and Maximence
Sophie Mueller, CO and Prospectors Brew
Bethany D. Myers, DE and A Midday Star
David Myers, SC and True Grit
Wisti G. Nelson, CA and Lets Play
Victoria New, TX and Twilight Moment
Samantha Novotny, OR and Copperfield
Nick C. Olijslager, NJ and Inspired
Kristen L. Parris, MD and No Halo Here
Doug Payne, NJ and Charm
Doug Payne, NJ and Crown Talisman
Marilyn Payne, NJ and Safe Harbor
Sallie Perry, SC and The Admiral's Gem
Alyssa Phillips, TX and Sundance Bay
Elizabeth A. Plaut, GA and On Wings Of Glory
Christy Price, VA and Victor
Dawn Robbins, CA and Jeffersonn
Krista Rose, SC and By His Grace
Alistaire Ruggiero, AZ and Another Garrison
Tracie Sathoff, WI and Get It In Gear
Kaylyn A. Schaber, OR and Parkiki Star
Maria L. Schatz, WA and Joe
Courtney Sendak, MD and Paint It Black
Kim Severson, VA and Fantasy Impromptu
Coleen Shaughnessy, MA and Killian Red
Valerie Shepard, CT and Garron
Caitlin B. Silliman, PA and Gabriella Rossellini
Kaylawna Smith, CA and Happy Go Lucky III
Kevin D. Smith, OH and Tintin
Krissy Smith, VA and Globetrotter
Leah P. Snowden, KY and My Ero
Julia C. Spatt, CO and Tazzmania
Victoria Speck, CA and Tenorio
Lindsey C. Staiano, NC and Triumph II
Bonnie J. Stedt, NY and Clancy Himself
Elise Steinberger, KS and First Class Tripp
Erin Strader, MI and JM Yukon Jack
Shelby Strah, MI and Black Tie Affair
Carly Strohmeyer, PA and Sonny Dee Jinsky
Meghan Sullivan, TX and Model Te Zeus
Kelly Sult, PA and Queen of Hearts
Lynn Symansky, VA and Donner
Alexandra Tatham, VA and Astaire To The Future
Holly Taylor, OH and Lil' Albert
Kelli M. Temple, VA and Cyrano
Kelli M. Temple, VA and Vancover
Diane Thompson, MA and Back In Boston Again
Kerry Torrey, NY and Wellfleet
Amy E. Tryon, WA and Victory Dance
Brad Turley, CT and Ratzi
Nancy Verzi, MD and Journey Leader
Katherine Volkers, CT and Koyuna Azgard
Rebecca E. von Schweinitz, SC and Bombay Sapphire II
Susan B. Wainwright, AL and Hunter III
Haylie Walker, FL and Caitlin Too
Michelle Warro, MD and Prince William
Lindsey B. Weaver, CA and Starless Night
Tristen N. Weltner, CA and Learning To Fly
Barbara G. Werther, MD and Stafford Place
Alexandra G. West, KY and Aberdeen IV
Heidi West, OR and Jack O'Lantern
Beth Wheeler, MD and Uncle Fred
Arden Wildasin, CT and Watch Out
Sharon L. White, WV and Russian Roulette II
Sharon L. White, WV and Inspiration
Sharon L. White, WV and Jos Calquen
Theodore L. White, LA and Carolina Knock Out
Marty Whitehouse, KY and Tzarina
Arden F. Wildasin, CT and All The Buzz
Hannah Williams, KS and Aurelia NSF
Alexa Wolf, CA and Kalypso's Page
Hilary Wong-Rieger, Ontario and Lionheart
Ryan Wood, PA and Puncheon Run
Taylor Wood, TX and On Eagle's Wings
Liz Woodfield, NJ and Fable
Mindy J. Wyan, NJ and Taz
Katherine Zapala, MI and The Contender
Tara Ziegler, PA and Babu's Flying Finish


Kristina L. Aaron, TX and Dazzling Lights
Kate Aldrich, VA and True Blue
Mary Atkins Hunt, AL and Nuance
Nicki Atkinson, TX and Maromero
Tara E. Auldridge, TX and Master Miles
Brooke Baker, TX and Much Ado II
Colby C. Balazs, MA and Hard Alee
Cheryl L. Banks, DE and Rush Hour
Rebecca Barber, VA and Craughwell
Kendall Barker, TX and Falcon Flash
Bennett A. Baughman, IN and Sir Stadium
Anne Beech, NC and Merlot IV
Susan Berrill, VT and Precious Z
Ruth Bley, CA and Silver Sage
Pamela N. Blumberg, MD and Kodak
Cindy Bonamarte, WI and Eva
Susan H. Boquist, MA and Class Act
Lisa Borgia, MN and Frodo of the Shire
Marina A. Bortmas, OH and The Illusionist
Frederic Bouland, AZ and Locamotion
Dara C. Brandt, VA and Cardinio
L'elee Brandt, CT and Malarkey IV
Jennifer Brannigan, CA and Chasing Dreams
Michelle Brochu, NH and HUEY
Heidi L. Brueckner, MD and Inquisitive
Evelyn A. Bulkeley, VT and Freya II
Molly H. Bull, VA and Carousel's Killian
Eliza Buskey, NH and Willa
Kathy Cain, UT and Sidecar
Heather L. Capps-Drager, NM and On The Fly
Jenny M. Caras, GA and Promised Day
Aisling F. Carroll, KY and Tux O' Carroll
Diane Carroll-Yacoby, NY and Zimmerman
Nancy Cerniglia, NY and Reinsieg
Andrew Chippendale, VA and Zignal
Lori J. Clark, TX and Res Ipsa Loquitor
Susan L. Clayton, WI and Gibralter
Gillian G. Clissold, VA and Dirtbike
Lynn Coates-Holmes, SC and Maximus V
Lynn Coates-Holmes, SC and Uprising
Rebecca Coffin-Vickery, NY and Devine Intervention
Katherine N. Cole, WA and Aidan III
Katie Criscitiello, CT and Up in Smoke V
Debi Crowley, AL and Vandiver
Amy P. Crownover, TN and Up River
Amanda Csoltko, PA and Big Bad Tattoo
Annie Desmond, CA and Britannica
Celia Donovan, NH and Ashlan
Nicole Doolittle, NC and Copper Delight
Nina Duran, NY and Safe Harbor
Justine Dutton, PA and Jimmy de Pomme
Phillip P. Dutton, PA and Ularinka
Tawn S. Edwards, GA and WHF Luna
Sydney C. Elliott, LA and Permesso
Jackie Ericksen, WA and Brodacious
Kennedy Ezekiel, SC and stepping stone
Shaina J. Faber, MI and Everybody Loves Raymond
Audrey Figari, TX and Charles in Charge
Maria V. Filsinger, MN and Pete
Robyn Fisher, CA and Artesian
Matthew Flynn, NJ and BREAKTHROUGH
Alyssa Ford, MD and Upper Limit
Michelle Frazier, NC and Quid Pro Quo
Savannah Fulton, MD and FMF Lucinda II
Jamie S. Furtado, MD and Marley's Maxamillion
Andrea T. Galbraith, CT and Gogo Fatale
Monica Gallen, NJ and The Scrivener
Susan B. Gehris, VA and Happy Fellow
Abigail Gibbon, MD and Prima LGF
Sarah E. Ginsberg, GA and Lucca
Amy Goodhue, NH and Fernando Po
Stella Goulet, NY and Giselle III
Rebecca Greene, PA and Scooby Who
Catherine Hanagan, MD and Uno
Catherine Hanagan, MD and Jersey
Nicholas Hansen, PA and Grand Cru
Leslie W. Hatcher, GA and Mark the Bearcat
Gigi Herron, CA and Black Magic
Deanna J. Hertrich, WI and St. George
Paige Hewlett, LA and Revelation
Savanna P. Hilles, CO and Arabella
Sue Hines, OH and Andrew Now
Christopher Hitchcock, NC and Rahav
Chrissy Hollnagel, WI and Saki
Liza Horan, FL and Hastening Opal
Liza Horan, FL and Obama
Annie Horrigan, MD and Centaur
Brindley House, TX and Might Be Regal
Mike Huber, TX and See Ruby Falls Again
Marissa Hughes, PA and Ode
Deborah M. Iezzi, KY and Maxfli
Katelyn G. Jackson, PA and Rosenharley Romello
Megan Johnston, IL and Tipperary Clementine
Nicole Jones-Taylor, CO and Bay Wolf
Simone Kann, WV and Arizona's Wildfire
Ashton R. Katz, PA and Foster The Vaughn
Kevin Keane, PA and Eclipse
Kevin Keane, PA and Freedom's Flower
Anna Kjellstrom, KY and Marker
Carol B. Kozlowski, NY and Oreo
Natalie Kuhny, CA and Camberley Z
Mackenzie R. Kurtz, PA and Harry Houdini
Irene D. Lampton, KY and Daisy
Jordan Laney, TX and Legend Has It
Michael Larsen, FL and Kalamata
Leslie Law, FL and Flying Circus
Dayne M. Lee, SC and Full Bloom
Sarah Lorenz, WA and Southern Vintage
Emily A. Mainolfi, CT and Silver Lining
Michele Marrin, CT and Nacho
Connie Marshall, KS and Backdraft
Boyd Martin, PA and Lillian Pink CBF
Catherine A. McCall, TX and One Qtr Ice
Darlene McInnes, CO and Warlord
Robin Mershon, OH and Charlie
Robin Mershon, OH and Undeniable Grace
Carmen M. Mesbergen, CO and Berlioz II
Catherine Meyers, VA and FedEx
Elizabeth Miller, CA and Miss Tattletail
Elizabeth Miller, CA and Miss Tattletail
Linda Millisor, CO and Oh Domino
Susan M. Moessner, MI and Indian Satin
Susan M. Moessner, MI and Satin Art
James W. Moore, VA and Herzwind
Cynthia Moore-West, CO and Zalig
Alison Morgan, AZ and Dow Jones III
Beth Mueller, MD and Rave Review
Kayla Muller, MD and Oakengrove Giselle
David O'Connor, VA and Crackerjack
Patience O'Neal, OR and Picassa
Doug Payne, NJ and Crown Talisman
Ann O. Pevahouse, AR and Just Peachy
Alyssa Phillips, TX and Sundance Bay
Autumn Rae, VA and Raya Del Sol
Roy Raynor, PA and Ballantrae
Jackson C. Regen, TN and Big Gray
Abby B. Rolston, MA and Tank
Julianna C. Sabol, MD and Amberlin
Elizabeth C. Schaffer, NJ and Grafin Gela
Maria L. Schatz, WA and Joe
Doreen Schlicht, NC and Classico
Kim Severson, VA and Mighty Himself
Kim Severson, VA and Tiger Lily V
Stephanie S. Shaw, OK and El Kapitan
Katherine G. Sherras, VT and Oronacah's Melissa
Victoria G. Sherras, VT and Glenormiston Clonmel
Emily R. Sixbey, NY and I Think I Can
Sara E. Smallwood, VA and For Pete's Sake
Brittany Stamp, NH and Devil In Disquise
Susan Sulentic, TX and Just Do It
Kathleen Sullivan, KY and O'Ricardo
Janet M. Taylor, TX and Keno's Beduino
Megan Taylor, ME and Cabana Boy
Nicole Thomas, NC and Top Of the World
Craig Thompson, SC and Elite Sterntaler
Pamela P. Tooker, NY and Celtic Rose
Grace J. Trayser, CA and Cor de Leigh
Megan Uhr, OH and Moyglass
Grace Van Scoyk, MI and Something Spectacular
Carlin B. Vickery, MD, NY and Buzz Lightyear II
Valerie Vizcarrondo, MD and Thriller
Theresa L. Voorhis, OR and Dancing Ever After
Robin Walker, MI and Lubczyk
Lisa Warnock, MD and Constant Sorrow
Lisa Warnock, MD and Hit And Run
Anna Weatherford, CO and Inspired Edition
Mihya S. Weber, TX and Juan Bandito
Tristen N. Weltner, CA and Learning To Fly
Amy White, KS and Vermillion's Hero
Madeleine W. Wickwire, VA and Ripley's Believe it or Not
Dana Wilcox, CA and Amadeus VI
Georgie S. Wilkins, VA and Wilhamina
Clarissa Wilmerding, NJ and Savvy
Anne M. Wilson, SC and Axel
Julie M. Wolfert, KS and Buenos Aires
Katie L. Wooten, FL and Fuerst Independance
Megan Young, VA and Simon


Emily Arches, MD and Private Benjamin
Kate Bailey, NY and Ironhorse Touch of Pride
Charli Beam, IL and Fiesta's Licorice
Sarabeth E. Benusa, PA and Nikki's Neon Flash
Madeline Bletzacker, OH and Cisco III
Victoria L. Borrelli, CO and Ali Ramses Mahal
Jenna Brown, IL and Replika
Caitlin K. Bryan, MD and Woodlands Magic Cavalier
Jane Burkemper, CA and Caught Red Handed
Jan Byyny, VA and Secret Strength
Maria D. Carlone, OH and Ghost
Caitlyn M. Carpenter, TN and Joyous Occasion
Tamara Caruso, NY and Rocket Man
Wendy Chase, CO and River
Michelle Corbeille, MD and Boo Radley
Morgan Covensky, CT and Special Dark
Heather Coyne, PA and Manta's Reward
Gretchen Creesy, NJ and Tigerlily
Esther Dauben, TX and Falconwood's Knight
Caroline Dawson, NC and Sapphire
Madison L. Deaton, KY and Stormy Weather IV
Emily C. Dunn, VA and Atticus
Christiana M. Earle, TX and Billy the Kid VII
Elissa Eggleston, TX and Jordan III
Lindsey Epstein, MA and Eye Witness
Lyn Fagan, NM and Portofino
Jennyann M. Fischer, NJ and Affirmed Perfect
Natalee S. Franz, CO and Shadowsoncanvas
Melanie Gatewood, TX and Bingos Mystery Bandit
Tyler A. Gilbert, FL and Ollie Oop
Elissa Goad, TX and My High Stakes Ante
Molly Gordon, MI and FWF Fire Illusion
Lindsey N. Graulich, GA and Adanac
Ashley F. Guidry, WI and Soho Secret
Cathy Gulick, VA and Malibu Moon Pie
Ellen Guthrie, UT and Ideal Life
Leslie Harrison DVM, CO and Princeton
Christina M. Henderson, NJ and Flying W Farms Princess Tsifara
Heather E. Jans, IL and Rickoshea
Erin H. Jones, CO and Saint Nik
Mary R. Jordan, ME and P. Sparrow Socks
Mikaela Kantorowski, NC and Believe In Dreams
Nikki Karlsson, ME and Charizma
Christi L. Keckley, KY and Hoodu
Allison Kennedy, GA and Formal Attire
Susannah L. Lansdale, IN and Sammy D
Megan M. Lanzarone, KY and Nightfall
Mary A. Lee, MA and Shao Lin Finn
Dianne E. Lemmon, SC and Conference Call
Michelle Levanitis, MA and Justin Time
Jennifer A. Lewis, LA and Breezy Vintage Diamond
Darragh Looney, NY and Starbucks III
Denyse Looney, NY and Real American
Teresa Loughlin, VA and Clover Sky
John F. Marshall, CA and Cutamo
Melissa R. McMaster, TX and artistic epiphany
Kaylin A. Medlin, NC and Watch-Me-Now
Jennifer Meier, TX and Rising Star
Lowelle V. Messner, KY and Tessie's Brite Star
Jennifer A. Miller, AZ and Bedazzled
Sandy Monday, LA and Gunners Grand Sun
Bailey S. Moran, TX and Razzmatazz
Sarah C. Murphy, GA and WHF Zula
Suzanne Musgrave, VA and Argamak
Kelsey Neely, GA and WHF Pharaoh
Karen Norton, CT and Maxem
Allen O'Connor, CO and Magnanimous Moosey
Jorgen Olijslager, NJ and Tally
Jennifer L. Parker, NH and Sweet Intuition
Kelsey L. Parks Smith, MD and Louie
Cameron E. Rouse, VA and Ladybug
Stephanie Sapp, GA and WHF Dublin
Claudia Sarnoff, VA and Catwalk
Rebecca Schmidt, WA and Mister Merit
Cathy Schwartz, SC and Tiki
Julie Straka, WI and Liam
Jody Taylor, TX and Crystal Gold Dust
Kim Tester, CT and Corona
Kate Trieschman, MA and Aille Coretca
Hannah Turnbull, KY and Keegan
Marty Whitehouse, KY and Caper
Olivia L. Willcox, LA and Mos Elegant
Katie Wohl, MA and Bantry Bays Devon
Julie Wolfert, KS and Pyramus
Janine Wood, NY and Ulani
Samantha Wood, TX and Belistar

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