Eventing Riders Association of North America (ERAofNA)


The mission is to assimilate and leverage the collective voice of North America’s riders, equine professionals and amateurs alike, and owners, in pursuit of enhancing and growing the sport of eventing in North America. Under the USEA umbrella, the purpose of the group is to develop and provide educational information for the membership, to facilitate communications between riders and the broader eventing community, including officials, course designers, organizers and all competitors and to assist in the further development, growth, visibility, welfare and safety of the sport.


In the Fall of 2020, the USEA was notified that the Event Riders Association of North America (ERAofNA) would be dissolving as a standalone entity as it was no longer viable. USEA President Max Corcoran and CEO Rob Burk met and discussed with ERAofNA President Shannon Lilley, Executive Director Helen Murray, and other members of their board the concept of absorbing many of the functions of ERAofNA into the USEA and its programs. It was universally agreed that this was a strong option. During the December 2020 meeting of the USEA Board of Governors, the Board determined that it was in the best interest of the Association to absorb many of the functions of the ERAofNA, and to combine those activities as programs under the USEA Professional Horseman’s Council (PHC) and adopt the name of ERAofNA.


  • Shannon Lilley – Committee Chair
  • Lauren Nicholson – Committee Member, USEA Board of Governors Representative for ERAofNA, and VP of Active Athletes
  • Zachary Brandt - Committee Member
  • Matt Brown – Committee Member
  • Mary Coldren – Committee Member, additional USEA Board of Governors Representative for ERAofNA
  • Max Corcoran - Committee Member
  • Marcia Kulak – Committee Member
  • Bobby Meyerhoff – Committee Member
  • Joe Meyer - Committee Member
  • Rick Wallace – Committee Member
  • Allison Springer – Committee Member

Additional Support:

  • Helen Murray – Advisor
  • Kate Lokey - USEA Staff Liaison

Inquiries should be directed to ERAofNA Committee Chair, Shannon Lilley at [email protected]

Rider Representative Program at USEA events:

The Eventing Riders Association of North America Rider Rep program has been developed to create an open dialogue between competitors, grooms, owners and all eventing enthusiasts with eventing organizations, competition organizers and officials. If any questions, concerns or situations for feedback arise at a competition, please feel free to reach out and discuss with any ERAofNA Rider Rep, listed below. Additionally, if you would like to discuss the sport of eventing as a whole please reach out to an ERAofNA rider rep at events they are present.

DateEventRider Reps
Feb 4-5Three Lakes 1Lauren NicholsonJoe Meyer
Feb 9-12Rocking Horse 2Lauren NicholsonShannon LilleyBobby MeyerhoffRick WallaceJoe Meyer
Feb 10-12Pine Top 1Matt BrownAllison Springer
Feb 16-19Ocala 1Lauren NicholsonShannon LilleyZach BrandtJoe Meyer
Feb 18-19Jumping BranchMatt BrownAllison Springer
Feb 24-26Pine Top 2Matt BrownAllison Springer
Feb 25-26Three Lakes 2Lauren NicholsonJoe Meyer
March 3-5Rocking Horse 3Lauren NicholsonShannon LilleyBobby MeyerhoffZach BrandtJoe Meyer
March 3-5Sporting DaysMatt BrownAllison Springer
March 11-12Chatt HillsLauren NicholsonShannon LilleyBobby Meyerhoff?Matt Brown?Zach BrandtJoe Meyer
March 15-20Carolina InternationalRick WallaceAllison Springer
March 16-19Ocala 2Lauren NicholsonZach BrandtJoe Meyer
March 17-19Pine Top 3Matt Brown
March 31- Apr 2TerraNovaLauren NicholsonShannon LilleyBobby MeyerhoffZach BrandtRick WallaceJoe Meyer
Apr 7-9Rocking Horse SpringZach Brandt
Apr 7-9StableviewLauren NicholsonShannon LilleyMatt Brown
Apr 15Unionville HTMatt Brown?
Apr 21-23Fair Hill Matt BrownAllison Springer
Apr 21-23Ocala InternationalZach BrandtRick Wallace
Apr 26-30LRK3DELauren NicholsonShannon LilleyZach BrandtRick WallaceJoe Meyer
Apr 29-30Horse Park of NJMatt Brown
May 10-14Tryon InternationalRick WallaceAllison Springer
May 25-28Shenandoah HTAllison Springer

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