Adult Riders

Adult Rider Program


The USEA Adult Rider Program is for all adults, aged 22 years and older, professional or amateur. It is about including adults across all skill and experience levels, in a supportive program that promotes education, communication, recognition and just plain fun.

The goal of the Adult Rider program is to increase adult rider participation in eventing by providing education, recognition, and offering communication and camaraderie.


  • Design and provide educational programs for adults.
  • Increase & encourage volunteer envolvment and education.
  • Increase the number of adult rider participants in eventing.
  • Support the Area Adult Rider programs.
  • Address issues relating to the Adult Team Challenge.
  • Increase awareness of adult education funding opportunities.
  • Compile cook book recipes to be sold by the Area Adult Rider committees for fundraising purposes.
  • Supporting the American Eventing Championships through riding or volunteering.


  • Select sites for Adult Team Challenge.
  • Expand Adult Team Competition by 15%.
  • Ensure that every program in the country offers adult riders an educational program.

Adult Rider Committee Chairman: Cindy DePorter

Adult Rider programs are in each of the 10 Areas around the country. Want to join your Area's Adult Rider's program? Sign up at the same time you renew your USEA membership or by filling out this form.

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