USEA Affiliate Program Mission

1. Offer a safe, fun, fair, affordable environment with an emphasis on education, while fostering a working relationship between organizations serving to strengthen both groups.

2. Our continued mission is to create and promote a vision of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) as a friendly and supportive advocate of the local Eventing Associations.


Join the USEA as an Affiliate Member and receive the following:

A free listing on the USEA Website

  • The website receives over 6.7 million views per year and the average user spends 2 minutes and 15 seconds per visit.
  • Your Eventing Affiliate Association name and contact information will be listed on the USEA website which is another great opportunity to reach potential members.

Promotional spotlight of your association

  • The USEA Media and Communications department welcomes the opportunity to highlight the eventing affiliate and special interest stories you would like to contribute.
    • Submit your articles or promotions to the USEA Media and Communications Manager Meagan DeLisle at [email protected] and USEA Media Communications Coordinator Lindsay Berreth at [email protected]. Information must be received 1 week prior to the desired posting.
  • Acknowledgement of your affiliation with a printed certificate.

A voice on the USEA Board of Governors

  • Representatives from Eventing Affiliate Associations make up the Eventing Affiliate Association Committee. The Membership Development Committee oversees this committee that is represented by the VP of membership, who currently sits on the Board of Governors.
  • A forum for Eventing Affiliate Associations at the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention: Meet with the movers and shakers of eventing at this popular and important meeting held each December. Express your wishes, concerns, and desires in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Use of the USEA logo

  • You may use the USEA logo on your digital programs, e-newsletters, and online fundraising promotions. Additional permission may be given on a case by case basis to utilize the USEA logo on printed materials. The USEA logo may not be manipulated in any way.
  • There are also opportunities to submit articles about your Association to the USEA website.

USEA Insurance Coverage

  • Sponsored educational activities by your association may be eligible for coverage under the USEA’s insurance program.

Additional Member Perks

  • The USEA is represented in 10 different Areas of the country with members spreading across the USA and Internationally.
  • All newsletter editors who are not a member of the USEA receive a complimentary Supporting membership to the USEA.
  • Enjoy additional discounts from our USEA Corporate Partners.
  • Enjoy the Member Rewards Program offering discounts to many vendors.

Subscriptions to the Following:

  • Eventing USA magazine.

Free Online Access for your Affiliate Eventing Community

  • USEA Member Rewards Program
  • USEA Membership informational booklet
  • USEA Eventing TV, media, video and podcasts
  • USEA Educational Activities calendar
  • USEA leaderboard and comprehensive competition records for both rider and horses

Affiliation Between the USEA and the Local Eventing Association

Offer a safe, fun, fair, affordable environment with an emphasis on education, while fostering a working relationship between organizations serving to strengthen both groups.

When a local Eventing Association becomes an Affiliate Member of the USEA, the newly termed “Eventing Affiliate Association” is entitled to the following:

1. A forum for Eventing Affiliate Associations at the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, and representation on a standing committee within the USEA. The Affiliate Coordinator will report to the VP of membership who sits on the USEA Board of Governors.

2. The president of each Eventing Affiliate Association will be the designated representative or may identify another Affiliate Member as the Designated Eventing Affiliate Association Representative. This person must be a current member of the USEA and will represent their Eventing Affiliate Association as the communicator/liaison with the USEA Affiliate Coordinator and the USEA office. The Eventing Affiliate Association and its Designated Eventing Affiliate Association Representative will be listed on the USEA website.

3. Each Eventing newsletter editor will receive a subscription to the USEA’s award winning magazine, Eventing USA. The newsletter editor does not need to be a current USEA member. The USEA will give a complimentary Supporting Membership to all affiliate editors who are not members of the USEA.

4. The USEA logo should be included in all Eventing Affiliate Association sponsored activities and/or fundraising. The USEA will provide the logo in a JPG format for online promotional use. The USEA logo may not be manipulated in any way, and may not be printed without additional permission.

5. Insurance coverage for sponsored activities that are compatible with the USEA insurance program may be purchased through the USEA. Click here to download the application to register your activity. There may be some, or possibly all, activities sponsored by the Eventing Affiliate Association that do not meet this requirement. Insurance coverage is available to the Eventing Affiliate Association for their clinics or programs however, it is not mandatory they use the USEA policy.


    The USEA will make a concentrated effort to promote and recognize our Eventing Affiliate Associations through the USEA website and social media.

    1. The USEA will recognize the Eventing Affiliate Association for its involvement in the sport of eventing. USEA Affiliates are encouraged to provide a short biography of their Eventing Affiliate Association to be published on the USEA Affiliate webpage. Please send your biographies to Jennifer Hardwick at [email protected].

    2. The USEA will recognize Eventing Affiliate Associations with monthly spotlights to be featured on the USEA website and social media. These spotlights will aim to recognize each Eventing Affiliate Association’s mission, backstory, purpose, and any other relevant information. Please send your spotlight to Jennifer Hardwick at [email protected].

    3. The USEA is also happy to promote eventing stories from Eventing Affiliate Associations to generate interest and competitor participation. If your Eventing Affiliate Association has a story to feature on the USEA website and social media, please send to Jennifer Hardwick at [email protected].

    4. The USEA will include a link to the Eventing Affiliate Association’s website on the USEA website.

    5. The USEA will include a logo/ hyperlink to each Eventing Affiliate Association page.

    The Eventing Affiliate Association agrees to the following:
    All memberships run from December 1st through November 30th of each year.

    There are two membership USEA’s Eventing Affiliates Association. This is based on the size of your local eventing association.

    • Less than 100 members = $75.00
        • More than 100 members=$125.00

        1. An organizational structure chartered as a non-profit corporation, or not-for-profit unincorporated association per state law, whose philosophy and purpose are compatible with those of the USEA. A copy of each Eventing Affiliate Association articles/by-laws must be on file with the USEA.

        2. Membership must be open to everyone and not restricted to a single breed, stable, etc.

        3. The USEA membership form must be included in newsletters and programs whenever the USEA logo is used.

        4. The Eventing Affiliate Association must provide the USEA with a current membership list/roster for use by the USEA only. This will be used for promotional mailings and record keeping.

        5. The USEA will offer a Digital Membership to all non- USEA members of the USEA recognized Affiliate.

        Lines of Communication

        The Eventing Affiliate Associations are represented on the Membership Development Committee who reports to the VP of membership who is currently a member of the USEA Board of Governors.

        The line of communication is as follows:

        • Local USEA Affiliated Eventing Association President/Representative
        • USEA Area Representative for Affiliated Eventing Associations
        • USEA Affiliate Coordinator
        • USEA Committee of which the Affiliate Coordinator is a member
        • USEA Board of Governors

        1. Local Eventing Association becomes a USEA Affiliate Eventing Association. In doing so, president of the Eventing Association designates the Eventing Affiliate Association representative. On behalf of their Eventing Association, the representative communicates any concerns, issues, etc. to the USEA Area Representative or directly to the USEA Affiliate Coordinator.

        2. The USEA Affiliate Coordinator interacts directly with the Affiliate representative.

        3. Assisting the USEA Affiliate Coordinator, in addition to the 10 USEA Area Representatives, would be additional members specifically appointed by the Coordinator. These members would be additional resources to the Area Representative and Affiliated Eventing Association Representatives.

        4. One USEA member, identified by the USEA Affiliate Coordinator, would be selected to work directly with a designated USEA staff member for the purpose of assembling and distributing information among the Eventing Affiliated Associations. This would include an idea exchange of successful programs, educational information, etc. Ideally this would serve as a two-way exchange, with both Eventing Associations and the national USEA office promoting activities of interest.

        What Do we ask in return?

        • We request a link to the USEA website from our home page and a link to the USEA member application form.
          • List of your eventing affiliate member roster.
          • A copy of your Association’s by-laws on file as an educational assurance that your Association is open to all and your purpose is compatible with that of the USEA.

          Join as an Affiliate with the USEA today and become a part of this important network of local associations connecting to create a strong voice in the eventing community. You can help local eventers find your association by providing us with your most current contact information.

          Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at [email protected] or (703) 669-9993.

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