USEA Affiliate Eventing Association Mission


1. Increase membership within the USEA from the Affiliated Eventing Association base.
2. Have a working relationship between both organizations serving to strengthen both groups.
3. Create and promote a vision of the USEA as a friendly and supportive advocate of the local Eventing Association.


When a local Eventing Association becomes an affiliate member with the USEA, the newly termed “Affiliate Eventing Association” is the entitled to:

1. A forum for Affiliate Eventing Association at the Annual Meeting and representation on a standing committee within the USEA. The Affiliate Coordinator will be a member of a standing committee, and that committee chairperson shall be represented on the USEA Board, and selected from the current Board of Governors, thus securing a voting representative. The Affiliate Coordinator will be selected from the current USEA membership.

2. The president of each Affiliate Eventing Association will be the designated representative, or may identify another Affiliate member as the Designated Eventing Association Representative .This person must be a current member of the USEA and will represent their Eventing Association as the communicator/liaison with the USEA Affiliate Coordinator, and the USEA office. The Affiliate Eventing Association and its Designated Eventing Association Representative will be listed in an “Affiliate Eventing Association” section of the USEA Omnibus and on the website.

3. Each Affiliate Eventing Association will receive a subscription to Eventing USA, which will be sent to the Eventing Association newsletter editor. The newsletter editor does not need to be a current USEA member.

4. Use of the USEA logo, with the word “Affiliate” after the log should be included in all Eventing Association sponsored activities and/or fundraising. The USEA will provide the logo in a PDF format.

5. Insurance coverage for sponsored activities, which are compatible with the USEA insurance program, may be purchased through the USEA. There may be some, or possibly all, activities sponsored by the Affiliate Eventing Association that do not meet this requirement. Insurance coverage is available to the Eventing Association for their clinics or programs; however it is not mandatory they use the USEA policy.


1. Pay an annual fee to the USEA:
Less than 100 members = $75.00 More than 100 members = $125.00

2. An organizational structure chartered as a non-profit corporation, or not-for-profit unincorporated association per state law, whose philosophy and purpose are compatible with those of the USEA. Safe, fun, fair, affordable, with an emphasis on education. A copy of each Affiliate Eventing Association articles/by-laws must be on file with the USEA.

3. Membership must be open to everyone and not restricted to a single breed, stable, etc.

4. The USEA membership form must be included in newsletters and programs, whenever the USEA Affiliate logo is used. The USEA will provide a logo for this purpose.

5. The Affiliate Eventing Association must provide the USEA with a current membership list/roster for use by the USEA only. This will be used for promotional mailings and record keeping.


The Affiliate Eventing Association Committee will provide full representation to Affiliate Eventing Associations in all Areas of the nation. This will be accomplished through designated Area Eventing Association Representatives who are knowledgeable of the particular needs and concerns of their respective Areas. They are committed to act as a liaison between the USEA Affiliate Eventing Association and the current USEA Board of Governors via the Affiliate Coordinator.


Local USEA Affiliated Eventing Association president/representative
USEA Area Representative for Affiliated Eventing Associations
USEA Affiliate Coordinator
USEA Committee of which the Affiliate Coordinator is a member
USEA Board of governors

1. Local Eventing Association becomes a USEA Affiliate Eventing Association. In doing so, the president of the Eventing Association designates the Affiliate Eventing Association representative. On behalf of their Eventing Association, the representative communicates any concerns, issues, etc., to the USEA Area Representative.

2. The Area Representative interacts with the Affiliate Coordinator, the Area Council, the USEA office, and/or other appropriate members, regarding the nature of the concern or issue.

3. Assisting the Affiliate Coordinator, in addition to the ten USEA Area Representatives, would be additional members specifically appointed by the Coordinator. These members would be additional resources to the Area Representative and Affiliated Eventing Association representatives.

4. One USEA member, identified by the Affiliate Coordinator, would be selected to work directly with a designated USEA office staff member for the purpose of assembling and distributing information among the Affiliated Eventing Associations. This would include an idea exchange of successful programs, educational information, etc. Ideally this would serve as a two-way exchange, with both Eventing Associations and the national office, promoting activities of interest.

Official Corporate Sponsors of the USEA

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Official Supplement Feeding System of the USEA

Official Animal Health Provider of the USEA

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