USEA Staff Directory

Mailing Address | United States Eventing Association 525 Old Waterford Rd, NW Leesburg, VA 20176

Phone Number | (703) 779-0440

Fax Number | (703) 779-0550

Email | [email protected]

Rob Burk | Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
x3017 | (703) 779-9895

Jennifer Hardwick | Senior Director of Membership Services/Meeting Planner
[email protected]
x3003 | (703) 669-9993

Nancy Knight | Senior Director of Education
[email protected]
x3007 | (703) 669-9997

Robert Winter | Senior Director of IT
[email protected]
x3001 | (703) 669-9991

Kate Lokey | Senior Director of Programs, Marketing, and Partnerships
[email protected]
x3020 | (703) 779-9897

Hannah Seagle | Director of Competitions
[email protected]
x3008 | (703) 669-9998

Meagan DeLisle | Director of Media and Communications
[email protected]

x3021 | (703) 779-9898

Wendy Weinstein | Administration and Finance Senior Manager
[email protected]
x3006 | (703) 669-9996

Seethalakshmi Seetharaman | Software Architect
[email protected]
x3016 | (703) 779-9892

Jason Caldwell | Information Systems Manager
[email protected]
x3002 | (703) 669-9992

Cindy Clingman | Membership Services Manager
[email protected]

x3012 | (703) 779-9890

Kaleigh Collett | Marketing and Advertising Manager
[email protected]

x3019 | (703) 669-9994

Margaret Marcus | Event Technology Operations Manager
[email protected]

x3018 | (703) 779-9889

Lisa Rowe | Administration and Finance Manager
[email protected]
x3010 | (703) 779-9894

Lindsay Berreth | Media and Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
x3032 | (703) 727-0679

Jasmine Byrd | Executive Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
x3014 | (703) 779-9896

Sam Johnston | Programs and Inventory Coordinator
[email protected]
x3015 | (703) 779-0440

Who Do I Contact?

USEA Membership, Horse Registration, Online Services, Donations: Contact the Member Services Department 703-779-0440 x 1 for assistance

Competition Rules, Results, Qualifications, Leaderboard, Event Registration, Calendar Questions: Hannah Seagle ext. 3008

Clinics, Camps, Schooling Shows, Annual Meeting, Affiliates, USEA Membership, Horse Registration, Online Services: Jennifer Hardwick ext. 3003

Rider List Verification, Rider Certificates, Medal Program, USEA Membership, Horse Registration, Online Services: Cindy Clingman ext. 3012

Xentry, Online Services, ShowConnect: Margaret Marcus ext. 3018

Event Supplies, Merchandise: Sam Johnston ext. 3020

Donations, Board of Governors/Executive Committee, Safety: Rob Burk ext. 3017

Sponsorship/Partnerships: Kate Lokey ext. 3020

Young Event Horse Program, Future Event Horse Program, New Event Horse Program, American Eventing Championships, Adult Riders, Young Riders, Young Rider Mentorship, Emerging Athletes 21, Classic Series, Eventing Riders Association of North America, Grooms Program: Kate Lokey ext. 3020

Advertising, Intercollegiate Eventing, Interscholastic Eventing, Volunteer Incentive Program: Kaleigh Collett ext. 3019

Instructors Certification Program, Training Program for Eventing Officials, Continuing Education: Nancy Knight ext. 3007

General media inquiries, Eventing USA Magazine,, social media: Meagan DeLisle ext. 3021

Online News, eNewsletters: Lindsay Berreth ext. 3032

Accounts Receivable: Wendy Weinstein ext. 3006 or Lisa Rowe ext. 3010

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