U.S. Eventing Team History

The first occurrence of eventing in the modern Olympics was in 1912 when Count Clarence von Rosen, Master of the Horse to the King of Sweden, devised the first event. From 1912-1948 teams for all major championships were provided by the U.S. Cavalry and then the United States Equestrian Team (USET) took over the management and selection of teams. The U.S. has been sending teams to compete in three-day eventing in the Olympics, World Championships, and Pan American Games for over 100 years.

1912 Olympics

Stockholm, Sweden
Team Bronze Medal

Lt. Ephraim F. Graham/Connie
Capt. Guy V. Henry/Chiswell
Lt. Ben Lear, Jr/Poppy
Lt. John C. Montgomery/Deceive

1920 Olympics

Antwerp, Belgium
4th Place

Major John Barry/Raven (16th)
Capt. Henry D. Chamberlin/Nigra (6th)
Major Sloan Doak/Deceive
Major William West/Black Boy (7th)

1924 Olympics

Paris, France

Major John Barry/Miss America
Lt. Frank L. Carr/Proctor (8th)
Major Sloan Doak/Pathfinder (individual bronze)
Capt. Vernon L. Padgett/Brown-Boy

1928 Olympics

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lt. Frank L. Carr/Verdum Belle
Major Sloan Doak/Misty Morn
Capt. Charles P. George/Ozella

1932 Olympics

Los Angeles, California
Team Gold Medal

Capt. Edwin Y. Argo/Honolulu Tomboy
Major Harry D. Chamberlin/Pleasant Smiles
Lt. Col. Earl F. Thomson/Jenny Camp (individual silver)

1936 Olympics

Berlin, Germany

Capt. Carl W. Raguse/Trailolka (16th)
Lt. Col. Earl F. Thomson/Jenny Camp (individual silver)
Capt. John Willems/Slippery Sam

1948 Olympics

London, England
Team Gold Medal

Lt. Charles H. Anderson/Reno Palisades
Lt. Col. Frank S. Henry/Swing Low (individual silver)
Lt. Col. Earl F. Thomson/Reno Rhythm

1952 Olympics

Helsinki, Finland
Team Bronze Medal

Charles Hough, Jr./Cassavellanus
Walter Staley, Jr./Craigwood Park
J.E.B. Wofford/Benny Grimes

1955 Pan American Games

Mexico City, Mexico

Frank Duffy/Pasach (8th)
Walter Staley, Jr./Mud Dauber (individual gold)
J.E.B. Wofford/Cassavellanus

1956 Olympics

Melbourne, Australia
Eventing was held in Stockholm, Sweden

Major General Jonathan R. Burton/Huntingfield
Frank H. Duffy/Drop Dead
Walter Staley, Jr./Mud Dauber

1959 Pan American Games

Chicago, Illinois
Team Silver Medal

William Haggard/Bob Minstrel (9th)
Michael Page/Grasshopper (individual gold)
J. Michael Plumb/Markham (individual silver)
Walter Staley, Jr./Sebastian

1960 Olympics

Rome, Italy

David Lurie/Sea Tiger
Michael Page/Grasshopper (17th)
J. Michael Plumb/Markham (15th)
Walter Staley, Jr./Fleet Captain

1963 Pan American Games

São Paulo, Brazil
Team Gold Medal

Kevin Freeman/Reno Pal (individual silver)
William Haggard/Bold Minstrel (6th)
Michael Page/Grasshopper (individual gold)
J. Michael Plumb/Markham

1964 Olympics

Tokyo, Japan
Team Silver Medal

Lana Du Pont/Mr Wister (33rd, first woman to ride in an Olympics)
Kevin Freeman/Gallopade (12th)
Michael Page/Grasshopper (4th)
J. Michael Plumb/Bold Minstrel (15th)

1966 World Championships

Burghley, England

E. Richard Eckhardt/Gallopade
Kevin Freeman/M'Lord Connolly (9th)
J. Michael Plumb/Foster
Brad Smith/Bean Platter

Kevin Freeman/Royal Imp
J. Michael Plumb/Chakola

1967 Pan American Games

Winnipeg, Canada
Team Gold Medal

E. Richard Eckhardt/The Stranger (5th)
Michael Page/Foster (individual bronze)
J. Michael Plumb/Plain Sailing (individual gold)
James C. Wofford/Kilkenny (4th).

1968 Olympics

Mexico City, Mexico
Team Silver Medal

Kevin Freeman/Chalan
Michael Page/Foster (individual bronze)
J. Michael Plumb/Plain Sailing
James C. Wofford/Kilkenny (6th)

1970 World Championships

Punchestown, Ireland

James C. Wofford/Kilkenny (individual bronze)
Mason Phelps, Jr./Rowen (12th)

1971 Pan American Games

Cali, Colombia

The U.S. Team planned to send James C. Wofford and Kilkenny as individuals to the Pan American Games, but decided against it at the last minute due to the epidemic of Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis.

1972 Olympics

Munich, Germany
Team Silver Medal

Bruce Davidson/Plain Sailing (8th)
Kevin Freeman/Good Mixture (5th)
J. Michael Plumb/Free and Easy (20th)
Jimmy Powers/Panchotown (reserve pair)
James C. Wofford/Kilkenny

1974 World Championships

Burghley, England
Team Gold Medal (by 160.53 points!)

Bruce Davidson/Irish Cap (individual gold)
Denny Emerson/Victor Dakin (14th)
J. Michael Plumb/Good Mixture (individual silver)
Don Sachey/Plain Sailing (21st)

Beth Perkins/Furtive (6th)
Caroline Treviranus/Cajun

1975 Pan American Games

Mexico City, Mexico
Team Gold Medal

Tad Coffin/Bally Cor (individual silver)
Bruce Davidson/Golden Griffin (individual silver)
Beth Perkins/Furtive (5th)
Mary Anne Tauskey/Marcus Aurelius (7th)

1976 Olympics

Montreal, Canada
Team Gold Medal

Tad Coffin/Bally Cor (individual gold)
Bruce Davidson/Irish Cap (10th)
J. Michael Plumb/Better and Better (individual silver)
Mary Anne Tauskey/Marcus Aurelius (21st)

1978 World Championships

Lexington, Kentucky
Team Bronze Medal

Tad Coffin/Bally Cor (22nd)
Bruce Davidson/Might Tango (individual gold)
J. Michael Plumb/Laurenson
James C. Wofford/Carawich (10th)

Mary Hazzard/Cavalistic (20th)
Ralph Hill/Sergeant Gilbert (4th)
Mike Huber/Gold Chip (13th)
Story Jenks/ Toughkenamon
Desiree Smith/Foxie
Caroline Treviranus/Comic Relief
Torrance Watkins/Red’s Door (15th)

1980 Alternative Olympics

The 1980 Olympics in Moscow were boycotted by the U.S. because of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Instead, the U.S. competed in a CCIO at Fontainebleau in France.

Mike Huber/Gold Chip
J. Michael Plumb/Laurenson
Torrance Watkins (individual bronze)
James C. Wofford and Carawich (individual silver)

Wash Bishop/Taxi
Karen Stives/The Saint (34th)

1982 World Championships

Luhmühlen, Germany
Team Bronze Medal
(first U.S. team when women outnumbered men)

Nancy Bliss/Cobblestone (17th)
J. Michael Plumb/Blue Stone (31st)
Kim Walnes/The Grey Goose (individual bronze)
Torrance Watkins Fleischmann/Southern Comfort (21st)

Bruce Davidson/J.J. Babu (14th)
Peter Green/Branch Water (8th)
Karen Stives/The Saint (25th)

1984 Olympics

Los Angeles, California
Team Gold Medal

Bruce Davidson/J.J. Babu (14th)
Torrance Fleischmann/Finvarra (4th)
J. Michael Plumb/Blue Stone (10th)
Karen Stives/Ben Arthur (individual silver)

1986 World Championships

Gawler, Australia

Derek di Grazia/Sasquatch
Karen Lende/Lutin V (18th)
Karen Stives/Flying Colors
Torrance Watkins Fleischmann/Finvarra

J. Michael Plumb/Bluestone (8th)
Kim Walnes/The Gray Goose

1987 Pan American Games

Indianapolis, Indiana
Team Gold Medal

Mike Huber/Quartermaster(individual gold)
Nanci Lindroth/Landino (10th)
Emily MacGowan/Jet Set (individual silver)
Packy McGaughan/Tanzer (3rd*)

*rules did not allow for all individual medals to go to the same country

1988 Olympics

Seoul, South Korea

Bruce Davidson/Doctor Peaches (18th)
Phyllis Dawson/Albany II (10th)
Karen Lende/The Optimist
Ann Hardaway Sutton/Tarzan

1990 World Equestrian Games

Stockholm, Sweden
4th Place

Bruce Davidson/Pirate Lion (individual bronze)
Mike Huber/Pedigree Phoenix (18th)
David O’Connor/Wilton Fair (35th)
J. Michael Plumb/Chagall (24th)

Molly Bliss/Hey Charlie (32nd)

1991 Pan American Games

Havana, Cuba
Eventing in Chatsworth, Georgia
(First U.S. team selected by an objective point system based on rankings)

Teresa Hover/Hampton
Jane Sleeper/Take Over
Josh Walther/Off the Cuff (15th)
John Williams/Outback Red

Lisa Dreher/Whiskey River
Abigail Lufkin/Flexible Flyer (individual bronze)
Sara Miller/Table Tales
Elizabeth Refo/Better By Farr (11th)
Todd Trewin/Sandscript (7th)
Rebekah Smith/Paws (5th)
Jil Walton/Fax (6th)

1992 Olympics

Barcelona, Spain
10th Place

Stephen Bradley/Sassy Reason (52nd)
J. Michael Plumb/Adonis (48th)
Todd Trewin/Sandscript
Jil Walton/Patrona (17th)

1994 World Equestrian Games

The Hague, Netherlands

Bruce Davidson/Eagle Lion
Jim Graham/Easter Parade
Karen O'Connor/Biko (11th)
Dorothy Trapp/Molokai (individual silver)

Mike Huber/Hoopoe (31st)
David O'Connor/On A Mission (44th)

1995 Pan American Games

Mar del Plata, Argentina
Team Silver Medal

Bruce Davidson/Heyday (individual gold)
Mara DePuy/Hopper (9th)
Missy Ransehousen/Pacific Lion (5th)
Denise Rath/Galliard

Virginia Jenkins/Rumours in the Air

1996 Olympics

Atlanta, Georgia
Team Silver Medal

Bruce Davidson/Heyday
Jil Henneberg/Nirvana
David O'Connor/Giltedge
Karen O'Connor/Biko

Mara DePuy/Hopper (6th)
Kerry Millikin/Out and About (individual bronze)
David O'Connor/Custom Made (5th)

This was the first Olympics with a new format of separate team and individual competitions.

1998 World Equestrian Games

Rome, Italy
Team Bronze Medal

Bruce Davidson/Heyday (21st)
Kerry Millikin/Out and About (15th)
David O’Connor/Giltedge (6th)
Karen O’Connor/Prince Panache

Cindy Collier/Time Will Tell
Abigail Lufkin/Quest (27th)

1999 Pan American Games

Winnipeg, Canada
Team Gold Medal

Lauren Hart/Wexford (5th)
Abigail Lufkin/Jacob Two Two (individual bronze)
Kerry Millikin/Landlady (6th)
David O’Connor/Giltedge (individual silver)

Buck Davidson/Pajama Game (7th)
Amy Tryon/Poggio II (4th)

2000 Olympics

Sydney, Australia
Team Bronze Medal

Nina Fout/3 Magic Beans
David O’Connor/Giltedge
Karen O’Connor/Prince Panache
Linden Wiesman/Anderoo

Julie Burns Black/Hyde Park Corner (9th)
Robert Costello/Chevalier (8th)
David O'Connor/Custom Made (individual gold)

2002 World Equestrian Games

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Team Gold Medal

David O’Connor/Giltedge (10th)
Kim Severson/Winsome Adante (6th)
Amy Tryon/Poggio II (45th)
John Williams/Carrick (4th)

Darren Chiacchia/R.G.’s Renegade (35th)
Gina Miles/McKinlaigh (25th)

2003 Pan American Games

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Eventing in Elkton, Maryland
Team Gold Medal

Stephen Bradley/Brandenburg’s Joshua (4th)
Jan Byyny Thompson/Shared Dreams (individual bronze)
Robert Costello/Dalliance (7th)
Will Faudree/Antigua (6th)

Nathalie Bouckaert/West Farthing (8th)
Darren Chiacchia/Windfall II (individual gold)
Holly Hepp/Lester Piggott (9th)
Ashley MacVaugh/All’s Fair (5th)
David O’Connor/Courting Danger
Karen O’Connor/Joker’s Wild (individual silver)
Leslie Leigh Smith/High Cotton (12th)
Lynn Symansky/No It Tissant (10th)

2004 Olympics

Athens, Greece
Team Bronze Medal

Darren Chiacchia/Windfall (12th)
Julie Richards/Jacob Two Two (28th)
Kim Severson/Winsome Adante (individual silver)
Amy Tryon/Poggio II (6th)
John Williams/Carrick (27th)

This was the first Olympics held without steeplechase and road and tracks.

2006 World Equestrian Games

Aachen, Germany
4th Place

Will Faudree/Antigua (19th)
Kim Severson/Winsome Adante (17th)
Amy Tryon/Poggio (individual bronze)
Heidi White/Northern Spy (27th)

Jan Byyny/Task Force (45th)
Karen O’Connor/Upstage (42nd)

2007 Pan American Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Team Gold Medal

Stephen Bradley/From (13th)
Phillip Dutton/TruLuck (individual silver)
Gina Miles/McKinlaigh (individual bronze)
Karen O’Connor/Theodore O’Connor (individual gold)

Mara Dean/Nicki Henley
Darren Chiacchia/Better I Do It (4th)

2008 Olympics

Beijing, China
Eventing held in Hong Kong

7th Place

Phillip Dutton/Connaught
Becky Holder/Courageous Comet (42nd)
Gina Miles/McKinlaigh (individual silver)
Karen O’Connor/Mandiba (44th)
Amy Tryon/Poggio II

2010 World Equestrian Games

Lexington, Kentucky
4th Place

Bruce Davidson, Jr./BallynoeCastle RM (42nd)
Phillip Dutton/Woodburn (18th)
Boyd Martin/Neville Bardos (10th)
Karen O’Connor/Mandiba (19th)

Becky Holder/Courageous Comet

2011 Pan American Games

Guadalajara, Mexico
Team Gold Medal

Hannah Sue Burnett/Harbour Pilot (individual silver)
Buck Davidson/Absolute Liberty (individual bronze)
Shannon Lilley/Ballingowan Pizazz (5th)
Michael Pollard/Shoensgreen Hanni (4th)
Lynn Symansky/Donner (6th)

2012 Olympics

London, England
7th Place

William Coleman/Twizzel (37th)
Tiana Coudray/Ringwood Magister (40th)
Phillip Dutton/Mystery Whisper (23rd)
Boyd Martin/Otis Barbotiere
Karen O’Connor/Mr. Medicott (9th)

2014 World Equestrian Games

Normandy, France

Buck Davidson/Ballynoe Castle RM
Phillip Dutton/Trading Aces
Boyd Martin/Shamwari 4 (7th)
Lynn Symansky/Donner (46th)

Kim Severson/Fernhill Fearless (22nd)
Sinead Halpin/Manoir De Carneville (37th)

2015 Pan American Games

Toronto, Canada
Team Gold Medal

Phillip Dutton/Fernhill Fugitive (10th)
Lauren Kieffer/Meadowbrook’s Scarlett (7th)
Marilyn Little/RF Scandalous (individual gold)
Boyd Martin/Pancho Villa (4th)

2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phillip Dutton/Mighty Nice (individual bronze)
Lauren Kieffer/Veronica
Boyd Martin/Blackfoot Mystery (16th)
Clark Montgomery/Loughan Glen

2018 World Equestrian Games

Tryon, North Carolina
8th Place

William Coleman/Tight Lines (66th)
Phillip Dutton/Z (13th)
Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg (56th)
Lynn Symansky/Donner (25th)

Lauren Kieffer/Vermiculus

2019 Pan American Games

Lima, Peru
Team Gold Medal

Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg (individual gold)
Doug Payne/Starr Witness (4th)
Tamra Smith/Mai Baum (17th)
Lynn Symansky/RF Cool Play (individual silver)

2020 Olympics

Tokyo, Japan
6th Place

Doug Payne/Vandiver (16th)
Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg TSF (20th)
Phillip Dutton/Z (21st)

Traveling Reserve: Tamie Smith/Mai Baum

2022 FEI Eventing World Championships

Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy
Team Silver Medal

Will Coleman/Off the Record (7th)
Tamie Smith/Mai Baum (9th)
Lauren Nicholson/Vermiculus (19th)
Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg TSF (20th)

Individual: Ariel Grald/Leamore Master Plan (11th)

2023 Pan American Games

Santiago, Chile
Team Silver Medal

Caroline Pamukcu/HSH Blake (Individual Gold)
Liz Halliday/Miks Master C (7th)
Sydney Elliont/QC Diamantaire (8th)
Sharon White/Claus 63 (10th)

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