Appreciation Awards

USEA Appreciation Awards

Governor's Cups

Governor's Cups are presented in recognition of volunteers whose services have contributed significantly to the sport.

Wofford Cup

The Wofford Cup is presented by Jim Wofford to an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the sport.

Cornerstone Instructors Awards

The Cornerstone Instructors Award honors the lower level instructor who has inspired riders in the sport of eventing with their encouragement and long-term dedication teaching basic horsemanship skills.

Groom of the Year Award

The purpose of the Groom of the Year award is to recognize the vital role played by the grooms who works countless hours behind-the-scenes to make sure their charges are healthy, happy, and poised for success.

Neil Ayer Course Designers' Award

The Neil Ayer Course Designers' Award is presented to a cross-country course designer in recognition of their innovation and vision.

Posthole Digger Award

The Posthole Digger Award is presented to a builder who has exhibited exceptional ability and dedication to the sport through their work.

Ironmaster Trophy

The Ironmaster Trophy is presented to the individual that exemplifies fortitude and courage. Open to anyone associated with the sport: volunteer, spectator, official, trainer, competitor, groom, or grounds-keeper.

Concour Complet Trophy

The Concour Complet Trophy is awarded to an individual who performs an extraordinary act of courage.

Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy

The Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy recognizes the role of event organizers and their commitment to the sport.

Vintage Cup

The Vintage Cup is awarded to members 60 years of age and over who are competing at any level in recognized USEA competitions and who show good sportsmanship.

President's Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented by the USEA President to members who have committed a lifetime worth of service to the Association. Their work may be behind the scenes, or as a leader on the forefront but ultimately their efforts have a major positive impact on the sport.

As You Like It Above and Beyond Award

The As You Like It Above and Beyond award is presented in recognition of an owner who has supported their horses and, by extension, the riders of their horses, and has enabled them to have not only the best care but have also provided competitive opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Additionally, the winner must have offered support "above and beyond" that described above which has benefitted the sport of eventing.

Courtney C. Reeves Memorial Trophy

The Courtney C. Reeves Memorial Trophy is awarded to the young individual who exemplifies sportsmanship, the spirit of the sport, and who gives back to the sport.

Instructors' Certification Program Sue Hershey Award

The Sue Hershey Award honors an ICP certified instructor who exemplifies the values, commitment, and character of the ICP program and who has inspired students in the sport of eventing, with their instruction, encouragement, and long-term dedication to teaching correct horsemanship and stable management skills. Sue Hershey dedicated over 20 years to the development and continued progression of the Instructors' Certification Program.

USEA Century Ride Award

The USEA Century Ride Achievement Award recognizes horse and rider pairs whose combined ages total 100 years or more. The horse and rider must complete an event at any level of competition, there is no minimum score requirement.

An application must be completed to receive award. USEA staff members will check horse and rider eligibility and completion records prior to mailing awards.

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