YEH Organizer Guidelines

Updated January 2023

USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) competitions can be offered on the same date as a USEA Recognized Event or may be offered as standalone competitions. Entries may be light at a standalone competition, especially if the concept is new to the area. To improve the bottom line, organizers may add other activities, such as cross-country schooling, a derby, a combined test, a schooling dressage show, a schooling event, or any other combination of educational or competitive opportunities likely to attract additional entries.

Use this step-by-step outline to plan your YEH competition. For further questions, concerns, or to obtain proper paperwork
and documents related to YEH, please contact Kate Lokey at the USEA at [email protected] or (703) 779-9897.

Additional Judge requirements/suggestions and other guidelines for YEH competitions can be found in the YEH Rules and

Set Your Dates

Get started by contacting Kate Lokey at USEA (contact information listed above) to request the dates for your YEH competition. She will send the YEH Competition Application to you.

  • Your date must be approved by both the USEA and your Area Chairman at least two weeks before the competition so it is important that you submit your application to USEA in a timely manner
  • Upon approval by USEA and your Area Chairman, your YEH competition will be included in USEA’s online calendar.

Hire Judges

YEH competitions need a minimum of two judges to run efficiently if the dressage and jumping phases are being run concurrently. A YEH judge must officiate in the jumping phase. An additional judge may be used for the dressage phase. The additional judge must be either a USEF Dressage Judge, USEF Eventing Judge or a YEH Judge.

Providing that the official has the appropriate licenses, if the YEH qualifying competition is being held at the same time as a USEA/USEF Horse Trial, the official can be asked to officiate in both competitions, time permitting.


The following staffing is needed for a YEH competition

  • Scribe for each judge.
  • Ring steward for each judge.
  • Jump crew for the jumping/galloping phase.
  • One or two scorers depending on the timing of each phase and the number of entries.
  • Announcer (optional, but can be very helpful, and is recommended).


In all cases, dressage will be run first, followed by jumping. Allow about 8 minutes for each test. If one judge is used for the YEH Qualifying Competition, the jumping test will follow at the completion of the dressage test.

However, it is more likely that two judges will be used (one of which will be the YEH judge), i.e. one for the dressage test, one for the jumping test. In this case, organizers should allow a minimum of 45 minutes between dressage and jumping tests for each horse to allow enough time for riders to change equipment and warm up for the jumping/galloping phase. In addition, the overall schedule must allow time for the YEH Judge to evaluate and approve the Jump course before the competition begins.

Entry Forms

The entry fee is up to each organizer. Note that in addition to what you as the organizer charge per entry, USEA charges a $20 starter fee for each YEH entry.

  • All horses must have a USEA number to be able to compete in a YEH qualifying competition.
  • Riders must be current USEA members
  • Entry forms must be completely filled out to be accepted, including
    • If known, the horse’s breed, sire, dam, and dam’s sire.
    • If the horse’s breeding is unknown, that must be indicated on the entry form.

List of Entries

If possible, provide a list of each horse with its rider, owner, breeder, plus the horse’s pedigree to those who attending the competition. In addition, it is helpful to note if a horse is for sale.

Bridle Numbers

Bridle numbers must be worn by the horse at all times when being ridden or exercised.

Dressage Arena

A large (20 X 60 meters) dressage arena is preferable for YEH competitions because the additional space allows a clearer demonstration of the quality of the horses’ gaits. However, a small arena (20 X 40 meters) is permitted.

Scoresheets & Dressage Tests

  • Score sheets and dressage tests are available from the USEA at no charge to organizers.
  • Copies of scoresheets should be provided to the following:
    • One copy to the rider or owner.
    • One copy is sent to USEA.
    • One copy should be kept by the organizer.
  • A master score sheet for results is also available from USEA.
    • The optimum score for each phase should be included, to make the results easier for observers to evaluate.

Competition Results

YEH results must be sent electronically to USEA within 48 hours after the YEH qualifying competition. In addition, copies of the scoresheets must be provided to the USEA within 48 hours after the completion of the YEH qualifying competition. Copies of the scoresheets can be submitted electronically by emailing digital copies or iPhone scans of the scoresheets to the USEA, or the hard copies of the scoresheets can be mailed to: United States Eventing Association, Attention: Programs Department, 525 Old Waterford Rd., NW, Leesburg, VA 20176.


Ribbons for 1st through 6th place and a prize or trophy for the winning horse in each age group are suggested. Competitions are encouraged to offer individual awards, such as for the Highest Scoring Thoroughbred or other specific breed or can create your own awards that are meaningful in your area (honoring a local horse or breeder, for example, or a prize for the highest scoring horse bred in your state). In the case of a tie, the horse with the higher jumping score will receive the higher placing.


The organizer may compete YEH horses at their own competition to obtain Championship qualifications, but an Assistant Organizer must be appointed and be responsible for the competition while the Organizer is competing.

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