Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Area, Name, Term -- Position

At-Large, Carol Kozlowski, 2017-2019 -- President

Area I, John Bourgoin, 2018-2020 -- Board Member

Area II, Morgan Rowsell, 2017-2019 -- Board Member

Area III, Sharon Anthony, 2018-2020 -- Board Member

Area IV, Denise Dailey-Thomas, 2019-2021 -- Board Member

Area V, Debra Dealcuaz, 2018-2020 -- Vice President of Area Affairs

Area VI, Eric Markell, 2019-2021 -- Board Member

Area VII, Jonathan Elliott, 2019-2021 –- Vice President of Competitions/Organizers Representative

Area VIII, Morley Thompson, Jr., 2018-2020 -- Treasurer/Vice President of Administration and Finance

Area IX, Deeda Randle, 2019-2021 -- Board Member

Area X, Alice Sarno, 2017-2019 -- Board Member

At-Large, Janis Linnan, 2017-2019 -- Board Member

At-Large, Mary Coldren, 2019-2021 -- Vice President of Safety

At-Large, Harold Eichell, 2018-2020 -- Secretary

At-Large, Darrin Mollett, 2019-2021 -- Board Member

At-Large, Jerry Schurink, 2017-2019 -- Vice President of Education

At-Large, Max Corcoran, 2017-2019 -- President-Elect

At-Large, Dr. Jennifer Miller, 2017-2019 -- Board Member

At-Large, Doug Payne, 2018-2020 -- Vice President of Active Athletes

At-Large, Dawn Robbins, 2019-2021 -- Vice President of Membership and Program Development

At-Large, John Staples, 2018-2020 -- Board Member

Official Corporate Sponsors of the USEA

Official Outerwear of the USEA

Official Supplement Feeding System of the USEA

Official Animal Health Provider of the USEA

Official Forage of the USEA

Official Riding Helmet of the USEA

Official Feed of the USEA

Official Saddle of the USEA

Official Joint Therapy Treatment of the USEA

Official Equine Insurance of the USEA