Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Max Corcoran | President, At-Large (2020-2022)

John Bourgoin | Board Member, Area I (2021-2023)

Morgan Rowsell | Board Member, Area II (2020-2022)

Sharon Anthony | Secretary, Area III (2021-2023)

Denise Dailey-Thomas | Board Member, Area IV (2019-2021)

Siobhan O'Brien | Board Member, Area V (2021-2023)

Eric Markell | Vice President of Administration and Finance, Area VI (2019-2021)

Jonathan Elliott | Vice President of Competitions/Organizers Representative, Area VII (2019-2021)

Wayne Quarles | Board Member, Area VIII (2021-2023)

Deeda Randle | Vice President of Area Affairs, Area IX (2019-2021)

Alice Sarno | Board Member, Area X (2020-2022)

Mary Coldren | Vice President of Safety, At-Large (2019-2021)

Brian Murray | Treasurer, At-Large (2020-2022)

Jerry Schurink | Vice President of Education, At-Large (2020-2022)

Lauren Nicholson | Vice President of Active Athletes, At-Large (2021-2023)

Darrin Mollett | Board Member, At-Large (2019-2021)

Dr. Jennifer Miller | Board Member, At-Large (2020-2022)

John Marshall | Board Member, At-Large (2020-2022)

John Staples | Board Member, At-Large (2021-2023)

Past USCTA/USEA Presidents

Philip Hofmann | 1959-1965

Edward Harris | 1966-1968

J. Gibson Semmes | 1969-1970

Neil R. Ayer | 1971-1981

Edward E. (Denny) Emerson | 1982-1984

Major General Jonathan R. Burton | 1985-1987

Walter Straus | 1988-1990

Edward E. (Denny) Emerson | 1991-1992

Mike Huber | 1993-1995

Kingman Penniman | 1996-1998

Loris Henry | 1999-2001

Charles Lloyd, III | 2002-2003

Kingman Penniman | 2004

Kyra King Stuart | 2005-2007

Kevin Baumgardner | 2008-2010

Brian Sabo | 2011-2013

Diane Pitts | 2014-2016

Carol Kozlowski | 2017-2019

Max Corcoran | 2020-2022

Each year every member of the USEA receives a nomination ballot to submit nominees to the Board of Governors and during the Annual Meeting of Members, all members are invited to vote for those individuals nominated to serve. All members receive a proxy to vote for their chosen representatives for those unable to attend the Annual Meeting of Members. The only restriction for Board membership is that they must be USEA members. There are 10 positions representing each Area of the country and 11 at-large positions with no other restrictions.

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