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USEA Young Rider Program

The Young Rider Program is offered through the USEA for riders 25 years of age and younger of all levels of riding. The purpose of the program is to encourage younger members to become involved in the sport of eventing and continue this involvement into their adult lives. The program seeks to promote a love of the sport as well as an appreciation and understanding of the horse while fostering the wonderful relationship that can develop between horse and rider. Further, involvement in this program helps to instill important moral values, such as responsibility and work ethic, as young riders grow into mature adults.

This program is divided into 10 Areas throughout the country, and each Area program is facilitated by a volunteer Young Rider Coordinator. Each coordinator oversees the program for his/her Area and sets up different educational and developmental activities their young riders to attend. Camps, clinics, and seminars are usually offered, often with Olympic athletes and ECP instructors.

Mission of the USEA Young Rider Program

  • To encourage and support the sport of eventing in competitors 25 years of age and younger;
  • To offer support in achieving whatever goals a member aspires to in the sport of eventing;
  • To develop safe skills to maintain a healthy horse for competitive sport;
  • To offer support in the training and development of the horse and rider;
  • To make young riders aware of educational opportunities – coaching, course walks, clinics, camps, etc. – which will grow their horse management and riding skills;
  • To promote good sportsmanship and facilitation of working as a team member;
  • To field teams to compete at the USEF Young Rider Championships;
  • To develop potential members of the U.S. teams; and
  • To develop camaraderie among young riders, thus, hopefully, developing life-long friendships and a commitment to the sport, which will be carried on as volunteers at local events, coaches, trainers, competitors, officials, land owners, and consumers of equine products.

The USEA Young Rider Program supports the youth of eventing by providing unique training, educational, competitive, and social opportunities for its members 25 years of age and younger.

It is understood that advancement through the levels of eventing is rarely a linear path, and that each partnership of horse and rider presents its own unique challenges and circumstances. Therefore, program activities are diverse, designed to develop the riding and horse management skills essential to the safety, health, and welfare of both the horse and rider. The USEA Young Rider Program offers opportunities for promoting the development of camaraderie and volunteerism as fundamental values inherent to the sport. The program promotes sportsmanship and instills moral values such as responsibility and work ethic while giving riders a chance to develop lasting friendships with their peers.

One aspect of the USEA Young Rider Program is to identify and help develop candidates for high performance teams to represent the U.S. in global competitions such as the World Eventing Championships, Nations Cups, Pan American Games and the Olympic Games. No matter the extent of a member’s dreams or goals, the USEA Young Rider Program is here to educate, support, and encourage all Young Rider members as future leaders of our sport.

Each of the ten USEA Areas develop their Young Rider program according to the diversity of their members as well as the needs and resources available to each Area. The Young Rider Coordinators develop their programs to support their members at all levels, from Beginner Novice through the Intermediate level. Area activities may include a variety of team competitions, camps, grants, educational and social activities, providing experiences to encourage a young rider’s life-long engagement and passion for the sport of eventing. Success in competition and the development of members who will sustain the future of eventing are common objectives among the ten USEA Young Rider Area Programs.

In order to sustain the sport’s future, the USEA Young Rider program aims to foster mentoring opportunities for the purpose of encouraging young members to experience the responsibilities that organizers, officials, volunteers, adult amateurs, professionals, land owners, etc. have as the foundation of the sport.

In addition to USEA Young Rider Program activities, there are many opportunities for Young Riders to participate in programs at the national levels.

Currently, national programs include:

See your Area Young Rider website for current Young Rider activities planned for your Area. Contact your Area Young Rider Coordinator here.

To learn more about the program offerings between the USEA and the USEF, click here.

USEF Young Rider Eventing Championships

The year 2020 brought many changes, and it is during this time that the USEF pivoted the Eventing North American Youth Championships to the Adequan®/USEF Eventing Youth Team Challenge. We are extremely grateful to all of the hosts of the Eventing North American Youth Championships over the past 40+ years. The Championships provided invaluable experience, memories and opportunities for all involved. The 2021 Youth Team Challenge concept allowed over 60 athletes from nine areas to compete in team competitions throughout the year. We are appreciative to be able to offer these opportunities to the athletes, but in review of the program the Youth Team Challenge Task Force and Eventing Sport Committee felt that returning to one long -format Championship competition was the best way forward.

2024 Championship date/location: TBA

Coaching Requirements:

YR Championship Coaches for the Areas must be ECP level IV or V certified, and Safe Sport certified.

Questions? Contact Your Area Young Rider Coordinator

For further information regarding the USEF Young Rider Eventing Championships, contact:
USEF: Christina Vaughn at [email protected]
USEA: Kate Lokey at [email protected]

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