Veterinary Guidelines For Classic Series Events

Arrival Day

In Barns:

Horses are checked over by Veterinary Delegate, T, P’s & R’s and look over legs and body for any pre-existing conditions

Vet starts documentation on TPR’s and makes notes about any pre-existing conditions and general overall condition of the horse.


Each horse is presented to the Veterinary Delegate, Technical Delegate and the President of the Ground Jury for First Horse Inspection

Vet shares pertinent information with the Ground Jury. If another Vet is available for the hold then they would talk to the rider about the horse and get some history. IF there is only one vet then a knowledgeable horse person can go to the vet hold with the rider and gather information on the horse.

Day 1: Possibly Jog (if not done on first day) and Dressage

Day 2: Endurance Day

Ten Minute Box:

Veterinary Delegate stays in Vet box for duration of X-C, each horse come into Vet box and jog prior to being released from Ten Minute Box

The Vet is then available to assist any horse in recovery box if needed.

Vet and usually three vet assistants (preferably vet techs) and three volunteers will be needed to keep time and track of the horses.

Vet and a member of the Ground Jury watch the horses trot into the Ten Minute Box.

Vet/Techs: do TPR and this is recorded on the vet sheets.

Horses are checked at six minutes and then if all vitals have come down then they are released to the individual keeping the time on the horse. At two minutes the timekeeper advises the rider so that they can be put up on the horse and then at ten minutes the rider is released to the start of XC.

Once the riders come back off xc they come into a Vet Box for the horse to be cooled down and determined if they can leave for their stalls.

Day 3


Each horse is presented to Veterinary Delegate, Technical Delegate and the President of the Ground Jury for Third Horse Inspection

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