Association Reminders

Competing? Make sure you and your horse and properly registered – visit USEA Online Services, email us, or call us at (703) 779-0440 (ext. 1) to renew your membership. USEA mandates that all riders must have a valid membership with the USEA. Horses must also be registered, and you may choose to have a full or limited registration.

You can make an amateur declaration at any time during the year. Not sure if you qualify as an amateur or professional? Email [email protected].

Transfer of USEA Horse Account: A $25 fee will apply. The USEA no longer requires the submission of bills of sale for horses registered with the Association. Additionally, the USEA will no longer track horse ownership. Any information on horse ownership provided to the USEA by the Horse Account holder will be used solely for promotional purposes as a benefit to the USEA Horse Account holder, however the USEA cannot acknowledge nor prove horse ownership. When a transfer of a USEA Horse Account has been initiated an email will be generated to the previous account holder on file with the USEA. The primary, or -syndicate representative, account holder will be notified. When acknowledgement has been received -the transfer of the Horse Account will be completed. Please note: Only one (1) Horse Account per horse. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed and will be merged under the original account. No refunds will be issued for duplicate horse registrations. For questions, please contact the USEA office at [email protected] or 703-779-0440 x 1.

If corrections or additions need to be made to your horse's record, please contact the USEA Member Services department at (703) 779-0440 (ext. 1) or email [email protected]. Please include your name and USEA ID, the horse’s name and USEA ID, and details of the changes to be made.

Please be sure to enter your horse in competition under their USEA registered name to ensure correct record keeping and leaderboard tracking. If you would like to change your horse’s registered name, you can do so through your USEA Online Services account or you can call or email us. A $25.00 name change fee still applies.

The USEA is now providing a digital Membership Card. You can access your digital Membership Card through your USEA Online Services account.

Please make sure your contact information, including address, phone number, and email address, is accurate with the USEA! You can update this info through your USEA Online Services account.

NEW DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP: Open to ALL Volunteers who have tirelessly showed their loyalty to the sport of eventing. By volunteering 10 or more hours through the EventingVolunteers. com. The Digital Membership will be awarded to those well-deserved participants on a yearly basis. The Digital Membership will offer qualifying participants several benefits. Digital Members will have full access to the USEA’s online resources, including the Member Rewards Program and digital issues of the award-winning Eventing USA magazine, subscription to all USEA eNewsletters, and access to online competition and educational videos. Digital members will also have voting rights with the association and the ability to make their voice heard in advocacy for the sport of eventing. Participation in USEA Educational Activities, like clinics, seminars and camps, is another perk that Digital Members will be encouraged to take advantage of, as they provide a great opportunity to increase your knowledge base and meet new people that share your love for the sport. If you are interested in volunteering to start accumulating 10 hours of service towards your upcoming Digital Membership, visit for a full listing of participating events.

USEA Member Rewards Program offers unique cost savings from a variety of businesses exclusively for USEA members. Click here for more information and to learn what you can save big on!

Please do not open any emails purporting to be from the USEA that appear suspicious. For more information about how to report spam or phishing emails to the USEA, please view our Spam & Phishing Policy FAQs.

USEA office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Need to contact the USEA office? Call us at (703) 779-0440, email us at [email protected], or fax us at (703) 779-0550 (ext. 1).

Safeguard Eventing's Future by Supporting the USEA

The USEA Foundation is charged with building reserves for the long-term security of the USEA and the sport of eventing. These reserves provide the means for the USEA to continue to provide programs and services should a crisis occur. In addition, interest from the investment of those funds will be used to enhance the USEA’s many educational programs and to add beneficial new programs as needed. The USEA Foundation has become a significant force in the development and administration of grants aiding our members to achieve their goals, as well as to fund critical safety and equine medical studies.

In pursuing these objectives, the USEA Foundation will never lose sight of its enduring core purpose to support the goals of the USEA, preserve and protect the future of eventing in the United States, and enrich the sport for every one of us today and for future generations of eventing enthusiasts. Support the USEA Foundation with a donation today.

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