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Sporting Day Farm Horse Trials I (Feb 2016) Omnibus Listing

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USEA Event ID: 16138
Sporting Day Farm Horse Trials I | Aiken, SC (AREA III)

Event Date: Feb 07, 2016

Open Date: Dec 22 Close Date: Jan 19

Aiken is North of Augusta, GA & South of Columbia, SC.
From South-exit I-20 at exit 18 & take 19 south (right) to second light left on Hwy 118 (Rutland Dr) cross Hwy 302 and go left on Hwy 78.
From North-exit I-20 at exit 22 & take Rte 1 South about 5mi go left on Hwy 118 (Rutland Dr) cross Hwy 302 and go left on Hwy 78.  
Note: From Town center About 1 mile from town center Hwy 78 exits to the right (was a fork in the road) From the West SDF is on the left 2.5mi from Montmorenci Fire Co. From the East SDF is on the right 1.3mi past Oakwood Elementary School.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:IP,P,PH,P-JY,PR
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,TH,T-JY,TR,N,NH,N-JY,NR,BN,BNH,BN-JY,BNR

Tentative Schedule:

Friday:  Noon - Stabling opens.
3:00 pm Cross-country course open for walking. 
4:30-6:00 pm Welcome Reception Sponsored by Triple Crown Feeds.
Sun: 8:00 am Dressage; 
9:30 am Show Jumping; 9:45 am Cross-country.

Starting Times:
Will be posted February 3, after 6 pm at:
Event Officials

TD:  Major John Clay, "r", (AL)

President of Ground Jury:  Nancy Guyotte "r", (NH)   

Dressage Judges:  Deri Jeffers, "r", (VA); Amanda Miller-Atkins,"r",  (NC); Valerie Swygert, "r", (SC)
SJ Judge: Kyle Smith, "r", (OH)
CD:X-C: John Staples, "r", (KS); Greg Schlappi, 'r' (SC)  SJ:  Sarah Connell-Sprigg,"r", (MD)
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Sporting Days Farm HT I
Attn: Mary Coldren
3549 Charleston Hwy.
Aiken, SC 29801
(803) 649 7075; All faxes (803) 648-0701.
(302) 547-0695 or 610 613 2010 or 803 645 8135 during event.
Email: [email protected]

Draw checks to SDFHT I.

Organizer:  Joannah Hall Glass, (803) 648-0100. Co-Organizer:  Anne Dearborn, (803) 522-0067.
Secretary:  Mary Coldren, (803) 649-7075. Asst Secy:  Sue Huff,  ( 803) 648-0100.


Sporting Days Farm uses for entries and scoring + live Scoring.
Draw checks to SDFHT I or Sporting Days Farm H.T. I Entry:
EARLY ENTRY DISCOUNT: Postmarked Prior to January 6th, 2016: P: $205.00; T: $195.00; N: $185.00; BN: $175.00; CT: $60.00.

Entries Postmarked January 6th through Closing: P: $230.00; T: $220.00; N: $210.00; BN: $200.00; CT: $80.00.

Notes: If space allows Post Entries will be accepted with the $50.00 Late Charge added to the regular entry fee.
Stabling: $125.00 - includes 3 nights; Extra day: $25.00.
Muck Deposit: $35.00 separate check. Aiken County Pony Club offering Stall Stripping for a $25 Donation. Please contact Rebecca Guitierrez @ 803-646-0462 to make arrangements.
Camping: $45.00 hook-up (limited electric available); $25.00 primitive.  


Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee. Include legible and current email address on entry. All correspondence from secretary will be via email. Double entries: Not accepted. BN competitors who are not USEA members must include a $25 non-member fee with entry. All horses competing at the Beginner Novice level must be registered with at least a Restricted status. If oversubscribed with entries postmarked on Opening Day, multiple rides may be limited - please indicate order of preference. 

If entering electronically; payment, signature page and Coggins must be postmarked within 5 days of entering. If not, the entry will be assigned a postmark date at the time it is complete and payment is received. Riders and owners at Preliminary must send current copies of all USEF membership cards, or a $30 USEF Show Pass Fee will be charged.

ANY entry postmarked after Closing Date will be considered a late entry and the $50 Late fee applies.  Additionally, any electronic or faxed entry made prior to Closing Date must be COMPLETE within 5 days after Closing or will be also considered a late entry and charged the $50 Late fee. Late fee policy will be strictly adhered to!
Scratches/Changes must be in writing via mail, fax, email only.

CHANGES made up to CD will be charged a $30 fee. CHANGES made after CD will be charged a $50 fee. NO changes, only substitutions allowed after January 31st. Change of horse or rider requires a new entry to be faxed or e-mailed.  If space allows and post entries are accepted they will be charged an additional $50 late fee. Neg. Coggins required for all horses within 12 months and must accompany entry.

Check website & contact immediately if in wrong division, etc. Do not wait until times are posted, check status after you enter.


Completed entries postmarked 12/22/15 through 1/5/16  and scratched by 1/19/16 receives full refund.

Completed entries postmarked 1/6/16 through 1/19/16 and scratched by 1/19/16 receives full refund minus $25.  

Scratches after 1/19/16 receives Entry/stabling-Less $25 ONLY if in writing and the place can be filled from wait list.

Competition cancellation - Possible partial refund.

USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
Competitor Information

Trophy & 8 ribbons. $15 fee for mailing prizes.
Offered this event; The Demi Tasse Perpetual Trophy Junior Training.
                            Up to $600 in prize money available to the top 3 placings of Adult Riders in Preliminary Rider Division(s). 
                            Up to $600 in prize money available to the top 3 placings of Adult Riders in Training Rider Division(s).
Winning riders must arrange a time to report to awards presentation area for Press photos in order to receive prizes and money.

$125 on grounds (limited permanent stalls - book early); Friday 12 pm to Tuesday 8 am; $25/day after that. Stall doors & one bag of shavings provided. PRE-ORDER any additional bedding or any hay needed from sec'y by January 23rd. If additional bedding/hay is not pre-ordered, it will NOT be available for purchase. Feed/Hay/Bedding, Aiken County Farm Supply (803) 649-2987, Aiken Saddlery (803) 649-6583 or Johnsons Farm & Garden (803) 266-7333 or see Sec'y. Off grounds less expensive Perm stalls available; further info: Send separate $35 clean stall deposit check payable to SDFHT, to be destroyed if stall deemed stripped clean. Veterinarians: Aiken Equine, (803) 648-0430. Farriers: Matt Cogan (650) 283-2500, Jared DeRosier (803)979-1877: #'s also posted at Sec'y office.
For Discount mention Sporting Days HT at the following Host Hotels: The Hotel Aiken, 7 mi., (803) 648-4265, (877) 817-6690; Holiday Inn Express-8 mi. (803) 648-0999; Country Inn & Suites, 3270 Whiskey Road, Aiken 803 649 4265, 8.3mi; Annie's B&B-2 mi. (803) 649-6836. Further info from Aiken Chamber of Commerce, (803) 648-0405. Camping: Camper hook-ups Limited, book early, $45. Plenty of primitive, $25.
Test & arena sizes:  IP-2014 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P/PT-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T-2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N-2014 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. BN 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-Sm.  Arenas: Sand.
IP/P-2500 m @ 520 mpm. PT/T-2000 m @ 420 mpm. N-1800 m @ 350 mpm. BN-1600 m @ 320 mpm. All courses: P-Average, with options. T/N/BN Average, for horses with some experience at this level. Banks, ditches & water at all levels. Cross-country course closed January 31st through the event; otherwise, only open during scheduled schooling times and by appointment with a minimum of 5 horses.
Other Information:
Cross Country Schooling on Monday, Feb 8th 10am to 3pm, weather and footing dependent. Information will be on the website Please also check the message at (803) 649-7075 for up to date XC schooling information.
Food on grounds.
Dogs must be leashed. Please note updates and changes to USEF rules, including all dogs MUST remain on leash and in control as per GR1301. If captured, $50 freedom fine to Aiken County SPCA.
Cross-country course closed January 31st through the event; otherwise only open during scheduled schooling times and by appointment with a minimum of 5 horses.
Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Saturday: 4:30pm to 6:30pm Welcome Reception in Palmetto Pavilion free to competitors, officials & volunteers. 
For information on Preferred "On Course & Ringside" parking, Vendor and Sponsorship opportunities contact: Ginny Allen  (803)270-4960 or Joannah Glass (610) 613-2010

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