Dec 05, 2022

USEA Podcast #323: Making the Eventing Dream Come True with Dan Kreitl

Adult rider Dan Kreitl recently claimed his first FEI win in The Dutta Corp./USEF CCI 4*-L Eventing National Championship, but his eventing story traces way back to his Dressage roots in high school. USEA podcast host Nicole Brown sat down with Kreitl to talk business, family, and, of course, eventing with the Muncie, Indiana native.
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Jun 24, 2019 Profile

Reflections From Major General Jonathan R. Burton

Tune into this special episode of the USEA Podcast for an exclusive interview with Major General Jonathan R. Burton.
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Feb 14, 2022 Profile

USEA Podcast #303: Eventing Power Couples Take on the Big Valentine's Quiz

We are celebrating Valentine's Day with a special episode in partnership with the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast! The podcast is pitting eventing power couples from around the world against each other in The Big Valentine's Quiz. Who will win? Doug and Jessica Payne from the U.S. and Canada, Jesse and Georgie Campbell from New Zealand and the UK, or Giovanni Ugolotti and Kathryn Robinson from Italy and Canada? Listen to hear their love stories, try to answer questions about their partner, and test their eventing trivia. Subscribe to the USEA Official Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PodBean, or Stitcher, or click below to listen in!
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Feb 28, 2022 Profile

USEA Podcast #304: Meet the Ruler of Cross-Country Reliability

USEA Official Podcast Host Nicole Brown catches up with Ryan Wood who has been crowned the king of cross-country consistency. In 2018 Wood had 114 cross-country runs and all 114 were clear. In 2018 he was 123 clears from 126 runs, in 2020 it was 76 from 77, and last year Wood made it a perfect 77/77.
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Mar 14, 2022 Profile

USEA Podcast #305: Be The Person That You Needed

This week's guest Mellisa Warden is used to tackling challenges head-on. The Intermediate level eventer had to make her equestrian dreams a reality through unrelenting determination and perseverance before taking on a new task: becoming a licensed Technical Delegate. Little did Warden know that she would be facing one of her biggest obstacles to date after a freak accident on vacation resulted in the amputation of one of her legs.
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May 09, 2022 Profile

Bonus Episode: When Nicole Met Tamie

"I thought to myself, I have no option but to succeed." The words of one of the most inspirational and hard-working riders in eventing. In this bonus podcast episode, USEA Podcast host Nicole Brown caught up with the US leading Lady Rider of 2021, Tamie Smith, to talk through the challenges she has faced at the start of her career, how it has shaped her as a person and her future eventing plans.
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Aug 01, 2022 Profile

USEA Podcast Episode #315: When Nicole Became the Interviewee

Things are a bit different for this week's USEA Podcast. Nicole Brown takes off her hosting hat and hands it over to USEA member Allie Penland who quizzes Nicole on all things eventing. From how Nicole got her start in working within the sport, to where she sees the sport going in the future, and what differences she sees in the sport between the U.S. and abroad, and more. Nicole shares all in this one-of-a-kind episode that you won't want to miss! 
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Sep 12, 2022 Profile

Bonus Episode: When Nicole Met Doug

"To me... to be successful, and this is any in venture, early on in your career you have to sort out how to differentiate yourself," - Doug Payne. In this bonus podcast episode, USEA Podcast host Nicole Brown caught up with top-level eventer Doug Payne to talk about his legendary partner Vandiver, the Tokyo Olympics, his journey into the top of the sport, and much more.
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Nov 07, 2022 Profile

USEA Podcast #321: Reliving the Le Lion Experience

USEA Podcast host Nicole Brown sits down with Wilton Fair Grant and Holekamp/Turner Grant recipient Caroline Martin to chat about her six month stint competing in Europe all leading up to the pinnacle of her European trip- contesting the highly regarded FEI World Breeding Championships at La Mondial du Lion in Le Lion d’Angers, France. 
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