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Jan 16, 2021

Announcing the 2021 USEA Interscholastic Eventing League Calendar

The USEA Interscholastic Eventing League (IEL) 2021 Team Challenge calendar is now available! This new program was announced in October 2020 and so far there have been over 60 teams register and 18 team challenges added to the 2021 calendar.

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Jan 12, 2021 Young Event Horse

Show Off Your Young Event Horse at a 2021 USEA YEH Event

Established in 2004 as an eventing talent search like similar events in Europe, the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Young Event Horse (YEH) Program was designed to identify young horses that possess the talent and disposition to, with proper training, excel at the uppermost levels of the sport.

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Jan 06, 2021 Association News

World Equestrian Brands Renews Sponsorship for Rider of the Year Leaderboard and the Intercollegiate Eventing Championships

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is thrilled to welcome back longtime supporter World Equestrian Brands as the Title Sponsor of the USEA Rider of the Year Leaderboard and a Contributing Sponsor of the 2021 USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Championships.

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Dec 30, 2020 Leaderboard

The Leading Riders of Intercollegiate in 2020

The USEA Intercollegiate Eventing program has steadily gained popularity since its creation in 2014. In 2016, the USEA intercollegiate national leaderboards were introduced and every December, a new set of nationally ranked riders are named.

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Dec 29, 2020 Future Event Horse

Conformation Critique with Chris Ryan: TC Maleficent

“This is a real blood individual,” Chris Ryan first observed of this 3-year-old Thoroughbred filly. “She has a lovely big eye and ear. The eye of the horse can tell so much. Vincent O’ Brian, the legendary racehorse trainer who discovered Northern Dancer, in his biography wrote that he spends a lot of his time at the yearling sales at Kentucky, etc., studying the horse’s eye.”

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Dec 23, 2020 Classic Series

Memories from the Vet Box with Phyllis Dawson

“An experience of a lifetime,” Phyllis Dawson described of her time competing at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. Dawson and her horse Albany II was the highest placed U.S. event rider and finished 10th individually in the Seoul Olympic Games.

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Dec 22, 2020 Interscholastic

Interscholastic Eventing League Teams Share their Excitement for 2021

Within two months, the USEA Interscholastic Eventing League (IEL) has welcomed 67 teams from across the country. These teams are located in almost every USEA Area, and with the growing popularity nationwide, more teams are expected to sign up. The mission of the IEL is to bring together junior riders who are in 7th through 12th grade and provide a supportive community through which students can continue to pursue their riding interests.

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Dec 20, 2020 Education

Starting Your Green Horse Over Fences: Three Introductory Exercises

At the risk of stating the obvious, most of us who event do so because we enjoy jumping. But most of us could stand a bit of improvement, whether in the way we ride, in the way our horse goes, or both. Additionally, most of us will at some point be faced with the task of starting a green horse or re-schooling a horse that has devel­oped problems over fences.

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Dec 17, 2020 Young Event Horse

The Rise and Records of YEH in 2020

While 2020 has been unexpectedly challenging, the USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) program found a silver lining and had several positive outcomes and record-breaking results this past year. With high turnout in both the YEH qualifiers and The Dutta Corp. USEA YEH Championships to the extraordinary achievements of the YEH graduates, it was a good year for the YEH program.

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Dec 08, 2020 Convention

VIDEO: Backing Young Horses with Martin Douzant

This video features Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses explaining his process of backing young horses from start to finish. The video focuses on the backing process of Daedalus WG (Doctor Wendall MF x Blumins Best) a 3-year-old Oldenburg gelding, bred by Eileen Pritchard-Bryan, owned by Will Duhring, and ridden by Meghan O’Donoghue.

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Dec 04, 2020 Future Event Horse

The Leading Horses of FEH: Part Two

Three years after the creation of the USEA Young Event Horse Program (YEH), the USEA Future Event Horse Program (FEH) was born in 2007. Sharing similar goals as YEH, the FEH program evaluates the potential of yearlings, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 4-year-olds to become successful upper level event horses.

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