The USEA offers many grants which are administered through the USEA Foundation. All of the grants and scholarships are designed to assist event riders reach their goals. The grants provide funds to be used for coaching, training, and participating in competitions aimed at advancing the skills of both horse and rider.

Wilton Fair Fund Grants

The Wilton Fair Fund allows up to $100,000 in grants to be given each year for a variety of educational opportunities for riders 29 and under who have not yet ridden for a senior team.

Rebecca Broussard Developing Riders Grant

Available to riders at the CIC3* and above who have not yet represented the USA in an official team competition. Travel grantsgiven to multiple applicants to offset the cost of traveling to the Event at Rebecca Farm. The National Developing Rider Grant awards $10,0000 to one rider atConvention, and the International Developing Rider Grant awards $50,000 to one rider at Convention.

The Essex Horse Trials Grant

The Essex Horse Trials Grant is available to a Developing Rider aged 25 and under who is competing successfully at the CIC3* and above and who is working towards representing the U.S. in international team competition. The grant is intended to assist the recipient develop the essential horsemanship skills required for a successful transition from the Young Rider ranks to the Senior Rider ranks. The grant may be used for expenses related to equestrian education, coaching, training, and competing.

Amy Tryon Young Riders' Grant

The Amy Tryon Young Rider's Grant was established in 2015 with contributions from the friends and family of the Olympic eventer, Amy Tryon. This fund was created to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring event riders who participate in the USEA Young Riders' Program and who have aspirations of achieving the highest international level of the sport of Eventing. The goal of the grant is to provide riders with limited financial resources the support they require to prepare for, and compete in, international three-day events. The USEA Young Riders' Program member must display a work ethic that exemplifies the traits necessary to achieve the highest level of international competition that was personified by the character of Amy Tryon. The grant may be used for coaching, specialized training, entry fees, living costs for horse and rider, and for travel. The funds for this grant have been made available by contributions made to the USEA Foundation. The grant is available to riders through the year of their 25th birthday. Riders who have represented the United States on a senior international team are ineligible.

Seema Sonnad Junior Riders' Grant

The Seema Sonnad Junior Rider’s Grant is for riders 14-18 years of age who are competing successfully at the preliminary and FEI 1* level and who are working towards representing his or her Area at the NAJYRC CIC2* team competition in the following year. The grant is intended to assist the recipient in developing the essential horsemanship skills required for a successful transition from the Junior Rider ranks to the Young Rider CIC2* level. The grant may be used for expenses related to equestrian education, coaching, training, and competing.

Worth The Trust Educational Scholarship

These scholarships, one for Adult Amateurs and one for Young Adults, aim to reward up-and-coming amateur eventers by helping to fund training opportunities like clinics, working student positions and private or group instruction. The $3,000 Amateur Young Adult Scholarship is available for riders between the ages of 16 and 25, while the $2,000 Adult Amateur Scholarship is available for eventers 26 and up. Learning to officiate or working with a course designer, Technical Delegate, judge, veterinarian, etc. are also appropriate uses of the scholarship, with the approval of the scholarship panel. Applicants must be members of the USEA as well as their local eventing club or association, and contribute at least six hours of volunteer work to a national or local charitable organization, any minority/disadvantaged group, a local eventing association or horse trials, etc.

Worth The Trust Sports Psychology Scholarship

The Worth the Trust Sports Psychology Scholarships are awarded yearly to one Adult Amateur, age 26 and up and one Young Adult Amateur, age 16-25. The recipient of the Adult Amateur Scholarship will receive $500 while the Young Adult Amateur Scholarship recipient will receive $700. Applicants must be current members in good standing with the USEA.

Le Samurai Fund - Area Adult Amateur Education Grants

The Le Samurai Fund was established by Rebecca Broussard and Amy Tryon in memory of the great four-star horse Le Samurai. The USEA Foundation has allocated a total of $10,000 annually from the Le Samurai Fund for adult amateur education programs that are USEA Area activities. Grants from the fund are in addition to Area allotments and can be used for the same adult amateur education programs. The Area Chair should fill out one application form per year and have the principal organizer sign it and send it to the USEA. Grants will be allocated on a “first come” basis. Upon approval, the funds will be forwarded to the Area Treasurer. The maximum grant request is $1,000 per annum

The Roger Haller Scholarship for the Education of Eventing Officials

The USEA has established two educational scholarships in memory of the late Roger Haller. Designed to provide financial assistance to those licensed officials who are working towards promotion to the "R" license, the "S" license or the FEI licenses. The Scholarship may be used to offset the costs involved in gaining the necessary education and practical experience required to attain promotion. The sport is in urgent need of well-trained and committed officials who can serve at the highest international levels of the sport. No one was more aware of this need than Roger Haller and this was why he dedicated much of his time to the development of the USEA's educational programs. Officials seeking promotion may apply for the scholarship by completing the application form here.

Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant

The Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant is offered each year by each USEA Area’s Adult Rider Program to one (or more) of its Area’s instructors who meets the grant’s qualification standards and is selected as a recipient. These qualification standards include merit as an instructor, service to the sport, potential to provide future benefit to the sport, and demonstration of compatibility with the educational goals of ICP and intention to be assessed for ICP certification. This grant money will help pay the fee for each recipient’s participation in an Assessment for ICP certification.

This grant program honors Cindy Burge, who was a spirited leader of eventing in the Northwest and one of the first instructors to be certified by ICP. With her instructing and competing and her organization of the Deep Creek Horse Trials outside of Spokane, Washington, Cindy benefited eventers every day with her knowledge and experience, her riding ability, and her organizational talent and hard work.

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