Dec 12, 2021

USEA Board of Governors Meeting Wraps Up Convention

By Leslie Mintz - USEA Staff

After three days of committee meetings and open forums, the USEA Board of Governors reconvened to discuss action items from a multitude of committees. With the adjournment of the meeting, the 2021 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention was officially concluded.

USEA President Max Corcoran opened the meeting by saying, “I feel like it was a really productive few days, the committee members got to meet, the awards dinner was fantastic, and I thought Dr. Mark Revenaugh’s keynote was fantastic. I am pretty excited to carry on this momentum and try to stay focused and keep going on all of these fantastic plans and thoughts.”

USEA Director of Membership and Meeting Planner Jennifer Hardwick reported that 225 members attended the convention in Albuquerque this year. In 2022 the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention will be in Savannah, Georgia from December 7-11 so mark your calendar!

First up on the action items was from John Bourgoin speaking on behalf of the Young Riders Committee and Emerging Athletes Task Force. Bourgoin shared that David O’Connor presented a proposal to the Young Rider Coordinators and Emerging Athletes Task Force about the structure of the new Emerging Athletes Program. While a rough draft is still being formed it would emphasize education and horsemanship and the Young Rider Coordinators had a positive reaction to it. Bourgoin also reported that the bids are still open for the 2022 Young Rider Eventing Championships and the USEF is working with a few venue options. The Young Rider Committee would also like to update the Young Rider Code of Conduct which hasn’t been revised since 2008 and a motion was made and passed to do so.

Lou Leslie reported on behalf of the Adult Riders Committee that Adult Team Challenges will be held in every Area in 2022 with the Adult Team Championships occurring at the USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) at Rebecca Farm. In a change from past years, the ATC Teams will be required to be set by closing day.

In her new role as Vice President of Competitions, Sharyn Antico presented 14 calendar modifications on behalf of the Calendar, Competitions, and Rules Committee (CCRC). The Board of Governors supported the recommendations of the CCRC and approved the following calendar modifications:

  1. Catalpa Corner, May 7 in Iowa City, Iowa: New License – Addition to the calendar.
    Levels: M,T,N,BN.
  2. Woodland Stallion Station, May 14 in Woodland, Calif.: New License – License application received after the 240-day timeline.
    Levels: P,T,N,BN.
  3. Hunt Club, May 21-22 in Berryville, Va.: Comparable date change. 2021 date May 15.
    Levels: P,M,T,N.
  4. Genesee Valley Hunt, July 9-10 in Geneseo, N.Y.: Comparable date change. 2021 date July 17-18.
    Levels: M,T,N,BN.
  5. River Glen, August 5-7 in New Market, Tenn.: Adding Modified.
    Levels: CCI3/2/1S,I,P,M,T,N,BN.
  6. Olney, August 7 in Joppa, Md.: Comparable date change. 2021 date, August 1.
    Levels: M,T,N,BN.
  7. GMHA, September 10-11 in South Woodstock, Vt: Comparable date change and adding Modified. 2021 date, September 18-19.
  8. Tryon, September 17-18 in Mill Spring, N.C.: Comparable date change. 2021 date, September 10-12.
    Levels: A,I,P,M,T,N,BN.
  9. Poplar Place, October 15-16 in Hamilton, Ga.: Comparable date change. 2021 date, October 9-10.
    Levels: P,M,T,N,BN
  10. Ocala, October 8-9 in Ocala, Fla.: Comparable date change. 2021 date, October 16-17.
    Levels: A,I,P,M,T,N,BN.
  11. Horse Park of New Jersey, June 25-26 in Allentown, N.J.: Date change from June 19-20.
    Levels: A,I,P,M,T,N,BN.
  12. Barnstaple South in Ocala Fla.: Date change from May 21-22 to May 27-28. Levels; P,M,T,N,BN.

The Board did not approve the following requests:

  1. Stable View, May 14-15 in Aiken, S.C.: New License and comparable date change. 2021 date, April 24.
    Levels: P,M,T,N,BN.
  2. Barnstaple South in Ocala, Fla. date change from January 8-9 to February 23.
    Levels: P,M,T,N,BN.

The Organizers Committee also asked the Board to endorse a policy of no USEF Presidential Modifications to any licenses within 150 days of the event (excluding extenuating circumstances such as weather or disease).

Morgan Rowsell spoke on behalf of the Course Designers/Builders Committee and explained that much of their meeting was spent discussing the staking of jumps as three jumps flipped over in competition this year. The Committee will be updating the Cross-Country Course Design Guidelines to include information about staking.

VP of Active Athletes Lauren Nicholson shared about the ERaofNA’s plans to work in stages to develop the grooms/horsemanship program. The first step will be to host workshops every two weeks in Ocala, Aiken, and Southern California this winter and will also offer a virtual option. Topics will include grooming, horsemanship, and also life skills (business, insurance, etc.)

USEA Staff member Claire Kelley updated that the Intercollegiate Eventing Championships will be held at Chattahoochee Hills in 2022 and asked for the Board to support a motion to extend the eligibility of 2021 seniors for an additional year as some were unable to participate due to COVID-19. The Board passed the motion and seniors who graduated in 2021 will be allowed to participate in the graduate division of the 2022 Intercollegiate Championships.

A motion was made to form an IT Advisory Task Force to assist the USEA’s IT department with the variety of projects it is working on.

Dr. Jennifer Miller, the Chair of the Equine Safety and Welfare Subcommittee, asked for a motion to support the subcommittee conducting an epidemiological study of horse falls using Equiratings data. The motion passed.

The USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) Committee asked for several motions to be passed relating to YEH competitions. The following were all supported by the Board:

  • Add language to the YEH Guidelines that fence #4 should be a two stride
  • Three refusals at one fence or four total on course will be elimination at both qualifiers and Championships. At qualifiers, judges may allow riders to continue for education, but still receiving an Elimination on record.
  • It will be a technical elimination if a horse misses a jump on course at championships. At qualifiers, all jumps must be jumped or it is a technical elimination. If a rider misses a fence, the judge may blow the whistle and allow them to go jump the missed jump with no penalty.

A motion was made and passed to form an AEC Task Force to look into changing the qualifications for the 2023 AEC.

The final motion was to allow the Classic Series Task Force to offer a yearly high point prize for all divisions of Classic Three-Day Events.

Questions about the USEA Board of Governors or a committee’s actions? Contact your Area’s Board of Governor representative or committee member.

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