Sep 21, 2021

The Thoroughbreds of the #AEC2021

By Claire Kelley - USEA Staff
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Over 211 Thoroughbreds traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park to compete at the 2021 USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) presented by Nutrena Feeds on August 31 – September 5. There were four T.I.P. registered horses competing in the $60,000 Adequan USEA Advanced Final, four in the Intermediate Championship, 20 in the Bates Preliminary divisions, 11 in the Vetoquinol Modified Championship, 51 in the Training divisions, 64 in the Novice divisions, and 57 in the Beginner Novice divisions.

With Thoroughbreds competing at every level and in every division, the top two T.I.P. registered Thoroughbreds in every division were recognized by The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.). The Jockey Club created T.I.P. to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding. Kristin Werner, senior counsel of The Jockey Club, awarded a T.I.P. Champion and T.I.P Reserve Champion in every AEC division. All T.I.P. winners of the 2021 AEC are listed below.

$60,000 Adequan USEA Advanced Final T.I.P. Awards

Out of the four T.I.P. registered horses that competed in the $60,000 Adequan USEA Advanced Final, Tight Lines was the T.I.P. Champion. Tight Lines is a 14-year-old French Thoroughbred gelding owned by the Conair Syndicate and ridden by William Coleman. The T.I.P. Reserve Champion was Karli Wright’s 10-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Sorocaima (Rock Hard Ten x Sankobasi) who was ridden by Buck Davidson.

Will Coleman and Tight Lines. USEA/ Taylor Pence photo.
  • T.I.P. Champion: Tight Lines ridden by William Coleman, 47.5
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Sorocaima ridden by Buck Davidson, 56.2

Intermediate T.I.P. Awards

The T.I.P. Champion of the Intermediate Championship was Breakin’ all the Rules (Due Date x Lisa) a 7-year-old Thoroughbred mare bred by Lora Pitre and ridden and owned by Ellen Doughty-Hume. Breakin’ all the Rules is also a graduate of both the USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) and USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) Programs. The T.I.P. Reserve Champion was Rick Wallace’s Munson Slew (Chestertown Slew x Miami Advice) a 10-year-old Thoroughbred gelding bred by Sharon Duncan and ridden by Elisa Wallace.

Ellen Doughty-Hume & Breakin' All the Rules. USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo.
  • T.I.P. Champion: Breakin’ all the Rules ridden by Ellen Doughty-Hume, 44.3
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Munson Slew ridden by Elisa Wallace, 49.6

Preliminary T.I.P. Awards

One of the highest placed Thoroughbreds at the Preliminary level was Silmarillon (Joey Franco x Lil Mo Rhythm) an 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding ridden and owned by Lisa Borgia. Silmarillon was the T.I.P. Champion and overall Reserve Champion in the Bates Preliminary Amateur division as he finished on his dressage score of 27.4.

“Overall, he has been phenomenal this weekend from his dressage test Tuesday in the pouring rain to his performance today,” said Borgia after her double clear show jumping round.

Silmarillion ridden by Lisa Borgia. USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo.

Bates Preliminary Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: Silmarillion ridden by Lisa Borgia, 27.4
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Keysoe ridden by Kimberly Keeton, 37.5

Bates Preliminary Horse

  • T.I.P. Champion: Booming Bodhran ridden by Briggs Surratt, 34.0
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Rocky Top City ridden by Jessica Shultz, 36.9

Bates Junior/Young Rider Preliminary

  • T.I.P. Champion: Double Dare ridden by Ella Kay Lane, 34.3
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Chapter Two ridden by Rebecca Roth, 34.6

Bates Preliminary Rider

  • T.I.P. Champion: Snowflake Lane ridden by Rebecca Hunt, 37.2
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Lorax ridden by Brenna McGuire, 46.5
Rebecca Hunt and Snowflake Lane. USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo.

Another top placing Thoroughbred at the Preliminary level was the 9-year-old Thoroughbred mare Snowflake Lane (Dunkirk x Correoso) as she was the T.I.P. Champion and finished third overall in the Bates Preliminary Rider division with rider/owner Rebecca Hunt.

“I got my mare straight off-the-track as a 3-year-old and it has really been a journey since she is 9 years old now. She is very special to me,” said Hunt.

Vetoquinol Modified T.I.P. Awards

Namibia, who raced under the name Katchup Tiz won $6,165 on the track, was a two-time champion at the 2021 AEC. Piloted by owner Julie Wolfert, Namibia (Tizway x Kitty Tracks) a 5-year-old Thoroughbred gelding was the T.I.P. Champion and the overall champion of the inaugural Vetoquinol USEA Modified Championship.

Namibia ridden by Julie Wolfert. KTB Creative Group photo.

“He really stepped up to the plate today and despite the fact that he did get a little influenced by the environment, I felt like he was listening well and almost grew wings out there,” said Wolfert after their winning weekend.

  • T.I.P. Champion: Namibia ridden by Julie Wolfert, 25.2
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Finntastic! Ridden by Heidi Grimm Powell, 30.6

Training T.I.P. Awards

The lowest scoring Thoroughbred at the Training level was Fine With Me an 18-year-old Thoroughbred gelding (With Approval x Alycheer) owned by Tate Northrop and ridden by Anabelle Friend. Friend and Fine With Me finished on their dressage score of 30.6 to earn the T.I.P. Champion title and place seventh overall in the highly competitive Junior Training Championship division.

Annabelle Friend and Fine With Me. KTB Creative Group photo.

Junior Training

  • T.I.P. Champion: Fine With Me ridden by Anabelle Friend, 30.6
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Cape Kimberly ridden by Breeana Robinette, 31.1

Training Horse

  • T.I.P. Champion: LNJ Encyclopedia ridden by Ashley Trier, 31.3
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Chasen a Star ridden by Kristine Burgess, 31.8

Training Rider

  • T.I.P. Champion: Mr.Puff Higgens Jr. ridden by Carroll Courtenay, 31.6
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Checkmate ridden by Marisa Shulman, 31.9

Training Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: Byrnwyck West ridden by Tracey Corey, 32.3
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Wisencrazi ridden by Kirsten Hiles, 33.4

Novice T.I.P. Awards

One of the highest placed Thoroughbreds at the Novice level was Mr. Lickety ridden by Eloise Plante from Area I. The USEA Junior Novice Championship had 49 starters and the 11-year-old Thoroughbred gelding (Powerscourt x Sugah Sugah) finished third overall.

“I was pretty nervous because we haven’t been able to do as many events this year as we normally would,” Plante explained. “It is a huge environment and where I’m from we definitely don’t have anything like this, but it actually was such a fun experience,” said Plante after her show jumping round in the Rolex stadium.

Mr. Lickety ridden by Eloise Plante. KTB Creative Group photo.

Novice Rider

  • T.I.P. Champion: Whiskey Road ridden by Hayley Barbato, 28.0
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Sock Monkey ridden by Katarzyna Jachymczyk, 29.6

Novice Master Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: Texas Riddle ridden by Julie Augustine, 28.1
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Mischief Managed ridden by Tiffany Smith, 29.8

Junior Novice

  • T.I.P. Champion: Mr. Lickety ridden by Eloise Plante, 28.7
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Very Tasteful ridden by Addison Kasley, 31.1

Novice Horse

  • T.I.P. Champion: Cosmic Quest ridden by Chelsey Sawtell, 34.2
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Boom and Bust ridden by Heather Lindroth, 34.6

Junior Novice 15 and Under

  • T.I.P. Champion: Read All Over ridden by Audri Hoos, 34.3
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Walle's World ridden by Isabella Craft, 37.5

Novice Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: All Aboard ridden by Katherine Windham, 35.1
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Rhythm & Blues ridden by Ashley Brush, 35.1
Hayley Barbato and Whiskey Road. KTB Creative Group photo.

Beginner Novice T.I.P. Awards

“He is just my best friend and dream horse. No matter what phase we are in, he just goes to work when he gets in there,” said Leigh Wood of Dollar Mountain who was the T.I.P. Champion as well as the overall champion of the Beginner Novice Rider Championship division.

Wood found her 16-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Dollar Mountain (Forestry x Formal Tango) after a long search for her next partner. Dollar Mountain, aka ‘Parker’ had raced up until his 7-year-old year and had only been restarted for under a year when she bought him.

Dollar Mountain ridden by Leigh Wood. KTB Creative Group photo.

Junior Beginner Novice

  • T.I.P. Champion: The Perfect Find ridden by Annika Foley, 23.9
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Ipso Facto ridden by Annie Graham, 30.1

Beginner Novice Rider

  • T.I.P. Champion: Dollar Mountain ridden by Leigh Wood, 27.1
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Sheldon ridden by Anna Hendey, 29.8

Beginner Novice Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: Galway Girl ridden by Emily Nichols, 29.5
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Agent M ridden by Jodie Potts, 33.4

Beginner Novice Horse

  • T.I.P. Champion: A Proper Villain ridden by Rebecca Lee, 30.5
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Country Risk ridden by Michele Sult, 31.4

Junior Beginner Novice 14 and Under

  • T.I.P. Champion: The Perfect Storm MK ridden by Abigail Walker, 34.1
  • · T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Ron Juan ridden by Scout Knull, 34.4

Beginner Novice Master Amateur

  • T.I.P. Champion: Senator Lee ridden by Emily Slaven, 37.0
  • T.I.P. Reserve Champion: Bounty Hunter ridden by Jane Mortensen, 42.8
The Perfect Find ridden by Annika Foley. USEA/ KTB Creative Group photo.

Click here to register a Thoroughbred through the T.I.P. program. Click here to look up a T.I.P. number. Make sure the show organizer is aware of a horse’s T.I.P. number before the start of every competition.

The USEA would like to congratulate all the Thoroughbreds of the 2021 AEC!

About the USEA American Eventing Championships presented by Nutrena Feeds

The USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) presented by Nutrena Feeds is the pinnacle of the sport for the national levels. Held annually, the best junior, adult amateur, and professional competitors gather to vie for national championship titles at every level from Beginner Novice to Advanced. This ultimate test of horse and rider draws hundreds of horses and riders from around the country to compete for fabulous prizes, a piece of the substantial prize money, and the chance to be named the National Champion at their respective levels. With over 1,000 entries the 2021 AEC was the largest eventing competition in North American history. The 2022 AEC will take place August 30-September 4, 2022 at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana.  Click here to learn more about the USEA American Eventing Championships.

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