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Jul 20, 2020

USEA Podcast #262: #FrangibleNow

In the latest episode of the USEA Podcast, Nicole Brown talks with USEA CEO Rob Burk and Jon Holling, Chair of the Cross-Country Safety Subcommittee, to get an update on the Frangible Technology Fund and the impact that it has had on the sport so far.

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Aug 05, 2020 Eventing News

Launch of USEF Helmet Safety Fund to Support Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

US Equestrian is pleased to announce the kick-off of the USEF Helmet Research Safety Fund, a fundraising effort to further the safety of equestrian athletes across all breeds and disciplines. The fund will support further research into U.S. helmet safety standards and the creation of an equestrian-specific rating system, providing riders insight into how helmet models compare when looking at safety and protection.

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Jul 19, 2020 Safety

Key Steps to Safe Cross-Country Riding, Part Four: Overcoming Fear and Changing a Negative Attitude

Why do we not talk more about fear when fear is a common emotion in cross-country riders? There is probably no sane person who is totally fearless and everyone has his or her limits. Even a Grand Prix race car driver, who is brave enough to average 150 miles per hour around a circuit, may well frighten himself trying to improve his time by just half a second. Fear is a basic human mechanism to place limits on what we do.

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Jul 12, 2020 Safety

Key Steps to Safe Cross-Country Riding, Part Three: Stride Length Variables, The Three Ons, and The Golden Safety Position

Modern cross-country courses have an emphasis on related combinations, often including one or two ‘skinny’ fences. It is therefore vital to understand how the stride length is affected by different factors so that you can make the distances work for you and reduce the room for error and risk. It is also vital to develop a ‘second nature’ safety position.

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Jul 05, 2020 Safety

Key Steps to Safe Cross-Country Riding, Part Two: Horse and Rider Contract and Going Faster

Any riding exercise is about the art of the possible. This is especially true with jumping exercises, when a step too far will compromise safety. Exercises and a method should be developed progressively that build confidence and competence for both horse and rider, and in particular also allows room for error.

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Jun 28, 2020 Safety

Key Steps to Safe Cross-Country Riding, Part One: Holistic Training and Fifth Leg Training

Cross-country riding is often associated with steeplechasing but there are fundamental differences between the two sports. Firstly, you do it by yourself, not in the company of other horses, which encourages more level headed, less excited responses from your horse. Secondly, you should not go at your maximum speed in horse trials. Therefore the horses will be working well within themselves and this reduces the risks substantially.

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Mar 13, 2020 Safety

Safety Concepts for Every Ride: Simulations for Reducing Cross-Country Rotational Falls

For more than two decades, the sport of eventing worldwide has focused policy, research, and design innovation to increase understanding and reduce the occurrence and consequence of horse and rider injury. Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) statistics from 2002 show nearly 75 percent reduction of any rider injury.

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Mar 05, 2020 Association News

USEA Podcast: Rob Burk Speaks to Nicole Brown

Following on from the weekend's tragic loss, USEA CEO Rob Burk speaks to Nicole Brown.

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MIM Invades The West Coast

The Inavale Horse Trials have embraced the latest frangible/deformable technology and included a new gate fence that utilizes the MIM New Era safety system. The new obstacle will be fence number 18 on the Preliminary course running this Saturday (pictured right). The hardware was provided by Mats Bjornetun on a previous trip to the States to aid in the education of the use of his safety system.

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Jun 09, 2011 Eventing News

Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day June 11th Shaping Up To Be Big

Organized by the popular Helmet Awareness Campaign Riders4Helmets, International Helmet Awareness Day to be held Saturday June 11th, has attracted widespread support. Riders4Helmets has teamed up with leading helmet manufacturers to offer discounts on helmets to equestrians via participating retailers globally on this date. Over 420 retailers in the US, Canada, UK and Australia have already signed up, with the number continuing to increase.

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Jun 02, 2011 Editorial

Accidents Happen, Be Prepared

My name is Megan Dougherty and I am an 18-year-old from Parker Colorado. On October 30, 2010 I was attending a riding clinic when my horse came up to a jump and abruptly stopped. The momentum threw me forward and I moved my head to the left causing my neck to come down on my horse’s neck, I then rolled off his neck and sat on the ground slightly dazed. I got back on and proceeded to jump two more jumps before returning to the group in the center of the arena where I slid off my horse.

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