Apr 16, 2024

Tips to Keep Eventing Competition Management Happy

Have you thanked your competition management team lately? Here’s your spring season reminder to do just that! Whether you’ll be debuting in the Starter division or cruising around at Advanced, competition management has a lot of moving parts to manage that will ensure a great experience for you and your horse. Keep your competition management team happy and help support the future of eventing with these quick tips from STRIDER.

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Mar 12, 2024 Education

Make the Most of Your Spring Outings: 5 Tips for Eventing Success

We’re just about one week away from the official start of spring. For many eventers, signs of spring mean it’s time to venture off the farm for cross-country schooling, educational activities, and/or schooling shows. These outings are invaluable as they enable horses and riders to practice their skills in a supportive environment and foster a positive experience. The team at STRIDER is here with five tips to help you make the most of your spring outings.

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Feb 14, 2024 Education

An Ideal Match: Connecting with Your Next Eventing Coach

There are a number of motivations for seeking out a new instructor to meet your eventing goals. Whether you are just learning the sport, seeking some additional help in a particular phase, relocating, or you’ve just parted ways with your longtime teacher, connecting with a new coach can feel like a daunting task.

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Jan 23, 2024 Education

Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Winter Riding Season

As opportunities in eventing are heating up throughout all points south, many riders are currently staring down what may feel like a long few months of confinement to an indoor arena. The team at STRIDER has some tips and tools to keep you and your horse out of the winter doldrums (even if a southern migration isn’t an option this year).

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Dec 05, 2023 Education

Digital Resources to Maximize Education & Access for the Eventing Community

To accompany the 2023 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, USEA Educational Partner STRIDER has prepared Digital Resources to Maximize Education & Access for the Eventing Community. In keeping with the USEA’s mission to expand the sport of eventing, this webinar outlines ways in which digital tools can be leveraged to increase access and education across equestrian opportunities. As part of STRIDER’s popular Professional Development Webinar Series, this presentation aims to provide a quick overview of best practices and digital tools used across the equestrian industry to boost growth.

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Dec 02, 2023 Education

Four Ways to Prep for Your 2024 Eventing Season

With the holiday spirit in full swing and the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the 2024 eventing season. From paperwork to packing, there’s quite a bit to do before you’re ready to get out there and enjoy the season with your horse. Check out these tips from the team at STRIDER, and get your 2024 season kicked off in the most organized way possible.

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Nov 30, 2023 Sponsor

STRIDER Returns as an Official Educational Partner of the USEA for 2024

The United States Eventing Association, Inc. (USEA) is happy to announce that STRIDER will return as an “Official Educational Partner” of the USEA for 2024. As the operator of one of the leading platforms for equestrian bookings, STRIDER is dedicated to supporting access and community growth across equestrian experiences, regardless of discipline, breed, level or location.

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Nov 14, 2023 Education

Three Ways to Save Time on Short Days

Spooky season is upon us. While your horse may be haunted by the ghosts lurking in the corner of the indoor, you’re probably feeling more worried about late autumn’s decreased daylight hours. Those shorter days can make work seem just a bit more daunting if you’re operating an equestrian business.

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Oct 04, 2023 Education

Schooling for Success: 5 Tips for Your Next Practice Outing

September 23 marked the Autumnal Equinox and official start of fall, and across many USEA Areas the fall eventing season is in full swing. In addition to the many recognized opportunities available, your fall season is likely to also be packed with schooling outings. Whether you and your horse are headed out with your trainer and a group to cross-country school, or you’ve entered a schooling show to fine tune your skills, we’ve compiled some ways to make the most of your practice outings this season.

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Sep 15, 2023 Education

3 Ways to Improve Your Eventing Business’s Financial Flow

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,” says leadership expert and author Simon Sinek. As the equestrian industry is a passion-driven one, there is perhaps no quote better suited to eventing professionals. Driven by love for the horse and for the sport, finances can seem more of a necessary evil than a motivating factor for business owners and operators in the equestrian space.

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Jul 27, 2023 Eventing News

Get the Word Out: Top Digital Tools to Market Your Eventing Business

The summer eventing season is in full swing, and while that means many trainers are focused on the goals for their horses and clients, it’s also a great time to consider tools to boost business growth. Whether the objective for this season is to expand your customer base, increase profits, or develop a specific area of business, digital marketing tools are here to help. An umbrella term for any type of online marketing effort, digital marketing comes in a variety of forms—and there are many to sift through!

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