Nov 02, 2018

Rule Refresher: Rule Changes Effective December 1, 2018

USEA/Jessica Duffy Photo.

The official start of the 2019 competition season is less than a month away, and that means it's time to take a look at the changes to the USEF Rules For Eventing for the upcoming year. The following changes, marked in bold italic text, will take effect on December 1, 2018. All USEA members are expected to be familiar with all USEF General Rules and USEF Rules for Eventing.

USEF Rules for Eventing

EV114 Dress


a. Horse Trials (Beginner Novice through Modified)—protective headgear—predominantly black, brown, or dark blue.

7. JUMPING TEST. Hunting dress or uniform. Protective headgear, with chin harness, designed expressly for equestrian use in accordance with paragraph 1 above. Hat covers other than solid those that are predominantly brown, black, or dark blue are not allowed.

EV115 Saddlery

f. Martingales, bit guards, any kind of gadgets (such as bearing, side, running or balancing reins, etc.), reins with any loops or hand attachments, any kind of boots or leg bandages and any form of blinkers, including earmuffs, earplugs, hoods, nose covers and seat covers are, under penalty of elimination, strictly forbidden. Shoes (with or without cuffs) that are attached with nails or glue, or wraps that do not extend past the hair line of the hoof are permitted. Protective fly hoods made of thin material are permitted. However, these are subject to inspection by the Officials at the end of the test to ensure that nothing prohibited has been added (i.e. special material) or is covered by the fly hoods to protect from sound. The fly hoods should be discreet and should not cover the Horse’s eyes.

EV116 Radios and Cellular Phones

The use of a radio or cellular phone while competing is forbidden, under penalty of disqualification. Any other use while on the competition grounds by competitors, trainers, or members of the competitor’s support group, is subject to restriction by the technical delegate and the president of the ground jury. The competition must provide adequate functional radios for communication for Officials during a competition.

EV164 Three-Star Championships

1. National Developing Rider Championship for the Alexander MacKay Smith Trophy. Awarded to the highest placed competitor in the USEF National Developing Rider Championship who is a U.S. citizen. Open to competitors from the beginning of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 18 who have not completed competed in a CCI4*. The competition shall be an autumn CCI3* designated by the Federation. Competitors and horses shall qualify in accordance with the Federation and FEI rules for a CCI3*

EV177 Additional Officials

4. CONTROLLER. During the Cross-Country or Endurance Tests, there must be a Controller. He will control the dispatch of competitors on the course(s), and will direct emergency action in the event of an accident. The Controller should have extensive knowledge of the sport of eventing.

5. SUPERVISION. Each of the Tests of the competition must be under the supervision of a Steward. He will be responsible to see that there are sufficient personnel, and that they report in a timely fashion. Their briefings and conduct during the competition will be the responsibility of the Technical Delegate. Furthermore, during the Cross-Country or Endurance Tests, there must be a Controller. He will control the dispatch of competitors on the course(s), and will direct emergency action in the event of an accident.

GR1055 Eventing Course Designers

5. Certified Eventing Jumping Course Designer

a. A Certified Eventing Jumping Course Designer is required for any Individual designing Show Jumping at the Intermediate and Advanced levels at Federation Licensed Eventing Competitions.
b. An application is not required to be a Certified Eventing Jumping Course Designer, but the individual must have attended either a continuing education Federation Jumping Course Designer clinic or a clinic given by the Eventing Jumping Course Advisor at least once every three years.

GR1202.1 Competition Managers

1. An individual acting in this capacity is required to be a Senior Active Member of the Federation. In addition, Any individual acting as the Competition Manager of a hunter and/or jumper Open (not restricted to a breed) competition must be a Senior Active member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc. The competition manager of a Federation-licensed/USDF-recognized competition must be a current USDF Participating or Group member in good standing at the time competition recognition is granted and on the date of the competition. Anyone acting in the capacity of Competition Manager at a Federation licensed competition must complete applicable Federation education requirements or Federation approved Affiliate education requirements prior to the start date of the competition.

The best of luck to you in the 2019 competition season!

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