Apr 15, 2019

War Horse Event Series Partners with the USEA


The Southern Pines Equine Associates (SPEA) War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan®, held at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, North Carolina, and the United States Eventing Association (USEA) announced today that they have partnered together to bring new competitors and fans into the sport of eventing. Under this new partnership, the Series events will become registered schooling shows of the USEA, and the organizers of the Series will work with the USEA to bring new eventing competitors into the recognized eventing pipeline.

“We have been impressed with the organizing team and the goals of the SPEA War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan®,” said USEA CEO Rob Burk. “For years we have talked about ways to bring new members into U.S. Eventing and how we could bring previously unrecognized events into the Association. We want to communicate to the broader public that eventing starter trials, educational activities, and schooling shows can register with the USEA. Not all eventing competitions need to be recognized and the rules for eventing allow for activities like these to register with the USEA. Partnering with the Series is a great first step in communicating these points.”

The USEA has as many schooling shows, clinics, educational activities, and similar tests register annually as it has recognized competitions at approximately 250. In return for registering with the USEA, those activities are included in the USEA’s Schooling Shows and Clinics liability insurance policy and listed on the USEA’s calendar of educational activities. The USEA is continually working to develop new outreach plans to partner with these schooling shows to better connect the entire eventing community together.

Beyond simply becoming registered USEA schooling shows, the SPEA War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan® will also award a select number of USEA full and supporting memberships to show participants who are not already USEA members. This, along with other outreach efforts by the USEA, will be a first step in bridging the pipeline of new eventers into the sport.

“The Carolina Horse Park is thrilled to have USEA support for the War Horse Event Series. Our objective is to provide an exciting show atmosphere that serves as a training ground for riders of all levels, especially those with less experience or green horses. We want to offer an opportunity for everyone to develop the fundamental skills needed to be competitive at recognized events,” said Carolina Horse Park Program Director Marc Donovan. “Our belief is that unparalleled championship prize packages, increased hospitality, and unique schooling opportunities will attract more people to this fascinating sport.”

Burk added, “We are aware that there are events operating around the U.S. that are unrecognized by the USEA and the United States Equestrian Federation. We also recognize that a number of those schooling shows are well run, and in some cases organized by the same people that organize recognized events. We want to partner with schooling shows which operate safe events that protect our horses and riders and provide a low-stress, enjoyable introduction to the sport. I started competing at schooling shows and I want my own kids to become eventers through the same pipeline. This will give my kids the opportunity to figure out if they love the sport as much as I do. At the same time, I want to trust that these schooling shows will be run with strong safety protocols in place and carry appropriate insurance coverage. I am confident that the schooling shows registered with the USEA like the SPEA War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan® meet that standard.”

To register your eventing test, download the Organizers’ Application for Eventing Tests. Have questions or need more information on registering your activity as an eventing test? Contact Jennifer Hardwick at [email protected] or (703) 779-0440 ext. 3003.

About the Southern Pines Equine Associates (SPEA) War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan®

The Southern Pines Equine Associates War Horse Event Series presented by Adequan® is a unique and highly successful competition offered to the eventing community in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the country. The Series offers dressage, cross-country, and show jumping schooling opportunities the day prior to each competition. The purpose of this format is to encourage the idea of preparing the horse for the show. The Series organizers want every horse and rider to have a positive experience and this arrangement provides all competitors with the opportunity to achieve the best results possible. The Series organizers are committed to helping riders in the eventing community further their education, build strong foundations, and train young horses. The Series is held at the beautiful 250-acre Carolina Horse Park located in Hoke County, North Carolina. The Series has partnered with the charity Military Missions in Action to assist veterans with disabilities, members of the armed forces and their families to raise funds for service families in the Hoke and Moore counties of North Carolina.

About USEA Eventing Tests

USEA Eventing Tests consist of one or more of the three eventing phases – dressage, cross-country, and show jumping – and are designed to introduce the discipline of eventing and to prepare competitors, horses, and officials for USEA recognized horse trials. By registering an eventing test with the USEA, the organizer and/or property will be covered under the USEA’s insurance policy and the USEA will provide a website calendar listing and post any press releases provided by the organizer. Eventing Tests can also be a hybrid version of two phases, like the Young Event Horse format or DX Eventing, and can be held as a standalone event or in conjunction with a recognized horse trials. The cost to register with the USEA is $100 for a single day and $150 for multiple days – this is an affordable option for an eventing test to be insured and promoted. Several examples of eventing tests include Young Event Horse, Future Event Horse, New Event Horse competitions, combined tests, cross-country test, coaching-allowed test, dressage fix-a-test, and Intro or Starter level horse trials.

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