Mar 12, 2022

Meet the USEA Areas: Area III

By Meagan DeLisle - USEA Staff
Carissa Lynn Photography Photo.

Get to know each United States Eventing Association (USEA) Area a little better in this new series, Meet the Areas! This month’s feature is USEA Area III which is made up of Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Area III is home to many local and USEA celebrities such as the current USEA President Max Corcoran! Doug Payne’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic mount Vandiver was also bred and born in Area III in the state of Alabama. Learn more about Area III below.

Area III Fun Facts

Did you know that Area III was the birthplace of eventing in the United States? The first-ever non-military event, the Southeast's Initial One Day Event, was held in Nashville, Tennessee in June 1952 at the Percy Warner Park and was put on by USEA Eventing Hall of Fame members General Jonathan R. Burton and Margaret Lindsley Warden.

The oldest continuously running recognized horse trials in the country also calls Area III its home. The Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials will reach its 70th year of competition in October of 2022.

Because of the warm climate in most regions of Area III, it is a snowbirding eventers paradise! Hundreds of eventers from all over flock to Aiken, South Carolina, or Ocala, Florida from December through March to escape the winter season and enjoy some sunshine. Because of this climate, events truly do run year-round in Area III, giving competitors an opportunity to get their show miles in all year long. Area III has had a competitor from every state in the contiguous United States, as well as international competitors as well. Area III members like to think it’s because they offer warm weather and eventing with a dash of southern hospitality.

Area III Championships:

Open Intermediate (OI-CH), Preliminary (OP-CH), Modified (OM-CH), Training (TR-CH & TH-CH), Novice (NR-CH & NH-CH) and Beginner Novice (BNR & BNH)


Placing to Qualify: BN thru Preliminary: 1st thru 5th at one event with no cross-country jump penalties. Intermediate: Completion of a minimum of 2 events, intermediate HT or 3*, with no cross- country penalties.

Qualifying Period: 6/9/2021 – 6/7/2022 in any Area.

In Any Area: BN, N, T, M, P, I

Open to members of other Areas but non-residents must qualify within Area III.

For a detailed account of Area III Championship policies and specifications go to

Area III ICP Certified Eventing Instructors:

Graham, Jim (Level IV) Certified in 2005
Address:7901 County Rd. 61 | Florence, Alabama 35634
Phone: (256)436-1747 (Day) | (256)436-1747 (Cell)

Gray, Peter (Level IV) Certified in 2009
Address:7765 NW 118 Ct. | Ocala, Florida 34482
Phone: (352)425-6302 (Day) | (352)425-6302 (Cell)

Holling, Jonathan (Level IV) Certified in 2008
Address:13104 W. Highway 328 | Ocala, Florida 34482
Phone: (352)875-8622 (Day) | (352)875-8622 (Cell)

Hoos, William (Level IV) Certified in 2007
Address:1678 Old Hillsboro Rd | Franklin, Tennessee 37069
Phone: (615)945-8303 (Day) | (615)945-8303 (Cell)

Law, Leslie (Level IV) Certified in 2012
Address:9570 NW 63rd Street | Ocala, Florida 34482
Phone: (352)216-8464 (Day)

Meyer, Joe (Level IV) Certified in 2012
Address:1580 NE 120th Street | Anthony, Florida 32617
Phone: (352)615-5907 (Day) | (352)615-5907 (Cell)

Richards, Julie (Level IV) Certified in 2009
Address:16 Dogwood Rd | Newnan, Georgia 30263
Phone: (404)401-5600 (Day)

Johnson , Ashley (Level III) Certified in 2009
Address:7744 NW 90th Ave University of Florida Team Coach | Ocala, Florida 34482
Phone: (610)212-0294 (Day) | (610)212-0294 (Cell)

Jones Forsberg, Cathy (Level III) Certified in 2006
Address: PO Box 115 | Alachua, Florida 32616-0155
Phone: (630)308-6114 (Day) | (630)308-6114 (Cell)

Lamb, Richard (Level III) Certified in 2008
Address:937 Oleander Drive, SE | Aiken, South Carolina 29801
Phone: (828)817-1163 (Day) | (828)817-1163 (Cell)

Payne, Doug (Level III) Certified in 2008
Address:1050 Clear Creek Court | Aiken, South Carolina 29803
Phone: (908)399-9112 (Day)

Ward, Lellie (Level III) Certified in 2009
Address:4069 Wagener Rd | Aiken, South Carolina 29805
Phone: (803)640-4918 (Day) | (803)640-4918 (Cell)

Buffington, Sally (Level II) Certified in 2005
Address:1700 Plantation Road | Madison, Georgia 30650
Phone: (210)421-1534 (Day) | (210)421-1534 (Cell)
Online: http://[email protected]

Clarke, Jeanie (Level II) Certified in 2009
Address:4850 NE 97th Street Rd. | Anthony, Florida 32617
Phone: (508)314-5161 (Day)

Ezzard, Brittany (Level II) Certified in 2018
Address:5881 Madison Hwy | Greensboro, Georgia 30642
Phone: (229)938-1854 (Day) | (229)938-1854 (Cell)

Kaufman, Anne (Level II) Certified in 2011
Address:1879 SW 107th Place | Ocala, Florida 34476
Phone: (304)215-2406 (Day) | (304)215-2406 (Cell)

Nichols, Amy (Level II) Certified in 2008
Address:1116 Southern Acres | Anderson, South Carolina 29625
Phone: (864)933-3529 (Day) | (864)933-3529 (Cell)

Simmons, Joan (Level II) Certified in 2003
Address:10685 W Hwy 326 Kingsfield Farm | Ocala, Florida 34482
Phone: (412)860-9287 (Day) | (412)860-9287 (Cell)

Summerlin, Fran (Level II) Certified in 2009
Address:550 Lakeview Street | Steele, Alabama 35987
Phone: (850)485-1546 (Day)

Theisen, Kelly (Level II) Certified in 2009
Address:260 Still Field Lane | Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Anthony, Sharon (Level I - Training) Certified in 2010
Address:10601 S. Lick Creek Rd. | Primm Springs, Tennessee 38476
Phone: (931)670-0794 (Day) | (615)943-1444 (Cell)

Gilson, Lee Ann (Level I - Training) Certified in 2017
Address:880 Cedar Creek Rd NW | Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Phone: (678)873-8785 (Day)

Harris, Elizabeth (Level I - Training) Certified in 2005
Address:4340 Double Springs Road | Monroe, Georgia 30656
Phone: (678)871-9838 (Day) | (678)871-9838 (Cell)

Murfey, Janet (Level I - Training) Certified in 2009
Address:904 Dasher Circle | Aiken, South Carolina 29803\
Phone: (603)986-2494 (Day) | (603)986-2494 (Cell)

Bell, Candace Elizabeth (Level I - Novice) Certified in 2009
Address:80 Newnan Lakes Blvd, Apt 102 | Newnan, Georgia 30263
Phone: (256)436-4032 (Day) | (256)436-4032 (Cell)

Fair, Jennifer (Level I - Novice) Certified in 2009
Address:820 E Grumline Road | Hodges, South Carolina 29653
Phone: (435)659-6510 (Day) | (435)659-6510 (Cell)

Upcoming Competitions:

March 17-20 | Ocala Winter II H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, AI, A | Florida

March 18-20 | Pine Top Sprint H.T. | BN, N, TN, T, M, P, I | Georgia

March 25-27 | March Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks | Starter, BN, N, T, P | Florida

March 27 | Full Gallop Farm March II H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, P | South Carolina

April 1-3 | Rocking Horse Spring H.T. | BN, N, T, PT, P, IP, I | Florida

April 1-3 | Stable View Spring 2/3/4* | T, M, P, I, A, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-S | South Carolina

April 8-10 | Chattahoochee Hills International | BN, N, T, M, P, I A, CCI1*-S, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-S | Georgia

April 14-17 | Ocala International Festival of Eventing | N, T, M, P, I, CT-A, CCI1*-L, CCI2*-L, CCI3*-L | Florida

April 16-17 | FENCE H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, P | South Carolina

April 22-24 | River Glen Spring H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, M, P, IP, I | Tennessee

April 23 | Sporting Days Farm April H.T. III | Starter, BN, N, T, PT, P | South Carolina

April 30-May 1 | Stable View Spring H.T. - Pending USEF Approval | Starter, BN, N, T, M, P | South Carolina

May 7-8 | Poplar Place May H.T. | Intro, Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, M, P, IP, I | Georgia

May 14-15 | Majestic Oaks Ocala H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, P | Florida

May 21-22 | Chattahoochee Hills H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, A | Georgia

June 4-5 | Ocala Summer H.T. I | BN, N, T, M, P, IP | Florida

June 4-5 | Poplar Place June H.T. | Intro, Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, M, P, IP, I | Georgia

June 11-12 | River Glen June H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, M, P, IP, I | Tennessee

June 19 | Full Gallop Farm June H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, P | South Carolina

June 24-26 | Stable View Summer H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, A | South Carolina

July 1-3 | Chattahoochee Hills H.T. | YEH-4, YEH-5, BN, N, T, M, P, I | Georgia

August 5-7 | River Glen Summer H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, M, P, IP, I, CCI2*-S, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S | Tennessee

August 20-21 | Ocala Summer H.T. II | BN, N, T, M, P, IP, I, AI | Florida

August 20-21 | Full Gallop Farm August HT | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, P | South Carolina

September 3-4 | Chattahoochee Hills H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, A, CCI1*-L, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S | Georgia

September 23-24 | Stable View Oktoberfest 2/3/4* and H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-S | South Carolina

October 1 | Barnstaple South Fall H.T. - Pending USEF Approval | Starter, BN, N, T, M, P | Florida

October 8 | Middle Tennesee Pony Club H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T | Tennessee

October 8-9 | Ocala Fall Horse Trials - Pending USEF Approval | BN, N, T, M, P, I CT-A, A | Florida

October 15-16 | Poplar Place Farm October H.T. | Intro, Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, M, P, IP, I | Georgia

October 21-23 | The Event at TerraNova | Starter, BN, N, T, P, I CCI1*-S, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-S | Florida

October 22-23 | Tryon Riding & Hunt Club “Morris the Horse” Trials | Starter, BN, N, T, PT | South Carolina

October 29-30 | Chattahoochee Hills H.T. | BN, N, T, M, P, I, A | Georgia

November 5-6 | Rocking Horse Fall H.T. | BN, N, T, PT, P, I | Florida

November 6 | Full Gallop Farm November H.T. | Starter, BN, N, TN, T, PT, P | South Carolina

November 11-13 | River Glen Fall H.T. | BN, N, TN, T, PT, M, P, IP, I | Tennessee

November 12-13 | Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks | BN, N, T, P | Florida

November 26-27 | Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. | BN, N, TN, T, PT, M, P | Georgia

Area Representatives:

Area Chair

Rick Dunkerton

(601) 498-3330

Board of Governors Area Representatives

Sharon Anthony

(615) 943-1444

Rusty Lowe

(205) 965-1162

Yvonne Ocrant

(847) 420-1613

Area Treasurer

Diana Lewis

(678) 372-6370

Adult Rider Coordinators

Cindy Phillips

(770) 307-7240

[email protected]

Adult Rider Representative

Kristen Ayers

(303) 304-7021

Young Rider Coordinator

Lee Ann Gilson

(678) 873-8785

Active Rider Representative

Sara Kozumplik Murphy

(703) 930-3409

Organizer Representative

Emily Holmes

(352) 307-6699

Jan 27, 2023 ATC

Introducing the New Modified Rider Division at the 2023 AEC

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce the addition of the Modified Rider division beginning at the 2023 USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC), presented by Nutrena Feeds. The USEA AEC will move back to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky August 29–September 3, 2023.

Jan 26, 2023 Young Event Horse

Get a Taste of Eventing with the New Event Horse Program

Are you interested in competing in the sport of eventing but aren’t quite sure how to get started? Do you have a horse that is looking for a new career? Consider participating in a USEA New Event Horse (NEH) competition in 2023! The USEA NEH Program was created to be an introduction to the sport of eventing for both horse and rider, and the 2023 NEH Calendar is now available here.

Jan 25, 2023 Profile

Dondante Steps Into The Spotlight with 2022 Standlee USEA Horse of the Year Title

Will Coleman had a huge 2022 with his string of horses, including a team silver medal at the FEI World Eventing Championship in Italy on Off The Record and top four-star placings with Chin Tonic HS, but it was Dondante whose consistency paid off to earn the Standlee Premium Western Forage USEA Horse of the Year title.

Jan 24, 2023 Volunteers

The VIP Volunteer: Julie Murray

Julie Murray has loved horses since she could breathe, so when her daughters showed an interest in Pony Club and then eventing, she was thrilled to go along for the ride.

Murray started volunteering at the Fallbrook Pony Club near her home in Fallbrook, California, serving as an intermediate district commissioner.

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