Mar 22, 2020

ICP Spotlight: Area II

Phillip Dutton. USEA/Jessica Duffy Photo.

For over 20 years the USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) has been educating all levels of eventing instructors to confirm their knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, upon which they will continue to build throughout their teaching lifetime. The USEA is now shining the spotlight each month on some of the 300 ICP Certified Instructors. Click here to learn more about the USEA Instructors’ Certification Program.

Phillip Dutton

ICP Level IV
Pennsylvania & South Carolina
[email protected]
(610) 869-7700

Specialty: I have a cross-section of students – amateurs/professionals – all wanting to ride and train correctly.

Philosophy: I like to treat each horse and rider individually, focusing on what’s needed and always trying to train correctly with no gimmicks or short cuts. Always aiming to get each horse and rider to their potential.

Jan Byyny. Mike McNally Photo.

Jan Byyny

ICP Level IV
Primarily Area II but teaches at clinics all over the country
[email protected]
(540) 729-3977

Specialty: I love to help any level and any age. My favorite thing about teaching is trying to convey the basics in a way that everyone gets something out of it. I enjoy being part of the progression of a horse and rider as they gain confidence and knowledge. And I love, myself, to be a student of the sport.

Philosophy: I’ve developed a number of riders to the five-star level and I would say I’ve been able to specialize in directing people to become developing and listed riders. I’m proud that I’ve been a part of a number of riders’ careers to where they’re able to start their own business and be successful.

Fun Fact: Everyone in my family is a teacher of some sort and if I didn’t teach riding, I’d probably be a ski instructor.

Bobby Meyerhoff. USEA/Jessica Duffy Photo.

Bobby Meyerhoff

ICP Level IV
Statesville, North Carolina & Ocala, Florida
[email protected]

(925) 899-3214

Specialty: I specialize in helping riders understand the weakness of their riding and “how to” improve to graduate to the next level.

Philosophy: Training is about teaching horses and riders to be able to perform tasks that they can’t and/or don’t understand. The importance of the understanding can not be stressed enough.

Fun Fact: The ICP program has helped me tremendously become the rider and coach I am today.

Geraldine Lindsay. Lexi Chernish Photo.

Geraldine Lindsay

ICP Level II
Central Virginia
[email protected]
(434) 960-6067

Specialty: Having run the British Horse Society-approved training facility Cedar Crest Farm Equestrian Center in New York for the past 20 years, coaching riders from across the U.S. and beyond in all the traditional disciplines, I am an educated and insightful teacher of riders of all ages and abilities in the structured European tradition. Through a professional career dedicated to quality instruction I am able to analyze and explain when a rider encounters a problem, encourage and give confidence to nervous riders, and help competent riders move to the next level on the basis of a solid foundation.

Philosophy: The USEA Instructors' Certification Program encapsulates the requirement for structured and progressive training, as laid out in the classical directives, to meet the needs and demands of the modern sport of eventing, especially where new riders coming to the discipline are concerned. My philosophy is that by sharing my knowledge of correct training I can enhance the competitive success of horses and riders, as well as placing an emphasis on safety and the soundness and longevity of our equine partners. I am passionate about teaching students the benefits of riding with an independent and balanced seat which allows their horses to use themselves athletically; and about showing how correct, patient, and consistent training produces successful outcomes as displayed by the top riders in the world who adhere to these principles. I also believe lessons have to be fun!

Fun Fact: I started my career working for the British Bloodstock Agency in Newmarket, the headquarters of horse-racing in the U.K., before moving to Scotland to join Capt. Mark Phillips and his team running a multitude of equestrian events at the Gleneagles Equestrian Center. I emigrated to the U.S. in 1994 on a charter flight with 42 horses – my ISH mare in one hand and my suitcase in the other!

Mary Schwentker. Photo courtesy of Mary Schwentker.

Mary Schwentker

ICP Level II
Middletown, VA
[email protected]

(540) 533-1927

Specialty: Upbeat positive lessons, clinics, and coaching for all levels. Upper level preps for national Pony Club certifications.

Philosophy: A rider’s confidence is built through a strong, effective balanced position. It’s the coach’s responsibility to create an encouraging, safe space for the rider to attempt and practice new skills. Eventing is a tough sport, we celebrate all of the small victories on the way to the student’s bigger goals.

Fun Fact: I live with one husband, two teenage boys, and four dogs. It’s a bit rowdy to say the least. Before I made horses my full time occupation, I was a neuroscientist - yikes!

Britt Moyer. Shannon Brinkman Photo.

Britt Moyer

ICP Level II-Provisional
Butler, Maryland & Aiken, South Carolina
[email protected]

(360) 520-0748

Specialty: I have worked with many lower level riders introducing them to the sport of eventing. I love to get riders started with solid basics from the ground up that carry them on to whatever discipline suits them.

Philosophy: Treat each horse and rider as an individual and build from the positive things they do. Having fun is the key!

Fun Fact: I have evented on up and down both coasts having grown up in Area VII.

Andy Jane Armstrong. GRC Photography Photo.

Andy Jane Armstrong

ICP Level I-Training
Bascule Farm in Poolesville, Maryland
[email protected]

(937) 216-3342

Specialty: I specialize in building strong, independent, and thoughtful horsewomen from the group up, including developing confident, willing partnerships.

Philosophy: My philosophy includes instilling confidence in both horse and rider with consistent, accurate, and positive experiences both on the ground and in the saddle. By finding the best way to communicate with each individual, anything is possible!

Fun Fact: I won Loch Moy Farm’s Instructor Recognition Program in 2018 for demonstrating desirable qualities in a coach and accruing the most highly placed students in all MDHT events in 2018.

Katherine Rizzo. Amy Kasley Photo.

Katherine O. Rizzo

ICP Level I-Training
Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania
[email protected]

(301) 904-4048

Specialty: My specialty is in training young riders, mainly through the United States Pony Club, as well as adult amateurs. I also specialize in retraining off-the-track Thoroughbreds into new careers and enjoy working with young horses.

Philosophy: My teaching philosophy revolves around perfecting the basics in order to achieve higher goals. One cannot skip steps in riding without discovering the holes in their skills later on in their careers. This applies to both riders and horses.

Fun Fact: Besides competing in eventing, dressage, and jumpers, I love foxhunting and have run a few timber races too.

Jun 15, 2024 Eventing News

Aspen Farms Kicks Off with Inaugural CCI4*-S

Aspen Farms Horse Trials started with a full day of dressage competition on Friday under fair skies. More than 300 competitors from throughout Area VII and beyond are competing this weekend, and five horse/rider combinations entered Aspen Farms' inaugural CCI4*-S—the first ever offered in the state of Washington.

Jun 15, 2024 Young Event Horse

Second Class of YEH New Judge Education Program Now Open for Expressions of Interest

The United States Eventing Association, Inc. (USEA) is excited to announce that applications for the second class of the USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) New Judge Education Program are now open. Qualifying candidates, which are no longer required to hold a USEF judge’s license as of 2023, are encouraged to sign up to participate in the YEH New Judge Education Program to receive certification to judge the Jumping and Galloping phases of Young Event Horse competitions.

Jun 14, 2024 Eventing News

Eventing Breaks Joins As 2024 USEA Member Rewards Partner

The United States Eventing Association, Inc. (USEA) is happy to have Eventing Breaks as a 2024 Member Rewards Partner. Eventing Breaks offers equestrian enthusiasts trips away to some of the top international events around the globe. Packages encompass ticketing, accommodation, travel, and access to rider meet-and-greets, course walks, and previews.

Jun 14, 2024 Interscholastic

Check in with the Team Challenge Champions of the USEA Interscholastic Eventing League

2024 has already been a pivotal year for the USEA Interscholastic Eventing League (IEL) with the introduction of the USEA IEL Championship, which saw 42 competitors join forces to create 12 teams that went head-to-head at Stable View in Aiken, South Carolina, early last month.

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