Gretchen Butts

Jul 26, 2020

Know Your Rules: Help, I Learned the Wrong Dressage Test!

Learn the dressage wrong test? Here is the established protocol. What happens if you start your dressage test and it is the wrong test? Current USEF eventing dressage test ‘A’s track left and test ‘B’s track right, so the judge knows within the first movement that you probably learned the wrong test.

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May 13, 2007 Editorial


You may not have noticed how variable event scheduling has become unless you travel and compete out of your home area. But the topic is really quite interesting to consider. Each eventing area seems to have a culture of its own. Good event organizers find it important to ‘know’ their ‘customers.

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Mar 03, 2007 Safety

Casting Light on Rider Injuries

Pick up any equestrian magazine, review the Table of Contents and almost assuredly, you will find a topic related to injuries of horses....tendons, stifles, backs and so on. But how often do you find something written about rider injuries? Let’s look at this in more detail..

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