Apr 12, 2023

USEA Names Athletes for 2023 EA21 Regional Programs

USEA/ Lily Stidham photo

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce the athletes selected for the 2023 USEA Emerging Athlete U21 Program (EA21). This year's program received nearly 200 applications, proving to be a very competitive program in 2023.USEA Young Rider program members aged 21 and under are eligible for the program. The purpose of the EA21 program is to identify and provide consistent quality instruction to the next generation of elite event riders. The aim is to create a pipeline for potential team riders by identifying and developing young talent. The intention is to provide young athletes with access to an added level of horsemanship and riding skills to further their training and skill development with greater consistency.

Participants in the USEA Emerging Athlete U21 Program will have the opportunity to work with USEA Eventing Coaches Program (ECP) coaches that have been selected for each regional clinic by the EA21 Task Force, and the EA21 Director of Coaching, David O’Connor. O’Connor will coach the national camp in the winter, which will be comprised of Young Riders selected from the regional clinic athletes.

Once again, O’Connor will mentor the ECP coaches selected for the regional clinics, and will develop a curriculum that leads to the national camp in January of 2024. The 2023 EA21 regional clinic venues, dates, and coaches are listed below, along with the athletes selected for each clinic:

*Athletes are listed in alphabetical order per clinic, and the wait lists appear in the order the athletes will be accepted should openings occur at each clinic.

Central Clinic | Holly Hill Farm (Benton, LA) | Saturday-Sunday, June 10-11, 2023:

Coached by Bec Braitling

  • Vienna Allport
  • Hadley Bruce
  • Camryn Chung
  • Daly Duarte
  • Sierra Fishell
  • Megan Hopkins
  • Katherine Hyndman
  • Quidley Kellerman
  • Scarlett Peinado
  • Camdyn Rahe
  • Camila Saenz
  • Kelsey Seidel

WAITLIST 1. Sylvia Byars

WAITLIST 2. AnniePearl Stroud

WAITLIST 3: Addison Craig

East Coast I Clinic | Morven Park International Equestrian Center (Leesburg, VA) | Tuesday-Wednesday, June 27-28, 2023:

Coached by Shannon Lilley

  • Emeline Gilbert
  • Samantha Homeyer
  • Audrey Ogan
  • Caitlin O’Roark
  • Chloe Paddack
  • Maia Ramberg
  • Jordan Riske
  • Ruth Rosendaul
  • Rebecca Roth
  • Ayden Schain
  • Braden Speck
  • Annabelle Sprague

WAITLIST 1. Jordan Crabo

WAITLIST 2. Noah Stanlaske

WAITLIST 3. Carlin Keefe

East Coast II Clinic | Stable View Farm (Aiken, S.C.) | Tuesday-Wednesday, July 25-26, 2023:

Coached by Emily Beshear

  • Madison Blodgett
  • Sara Ertl
  • Katarina Midgley
  • Kiersten Miller
  • Ainslee Myers
  • Tate Northrop
  • Alina Patterson
  • Dylan Philipps
  • Lainey Phillips
  • Breeanna Robinette
  • Kate Servais
  • Mackenzie VanEffen

WAITLIST 1. Carly Stiller

WAITLIST 2. Annabelle Friend

WAITLIST 3. Crockett Miller

West Coast I Clinic | Twin Rivers Ranch (Paso Robles, CA) | Tuesday-Wednesday, June 27-28, 2023:

Coached by Rebecca Brown

  • Amanda Boyce
  • Lauren Crabtree
  • Julia Beauchamp Crandon
  • Molly Duda
  • Jillian Mader
  • Keira McKeon
  • Finley Powell
  • Gabriella Ringer
  • Sarah Ross
  • Elsa Warble
  • Anna Weston Smith
  • Raney Wolfers

WAITLIST 1. Mackenzie Davison

WAITLIST 2. Lizzie Lynch

WAITLIST 3. Adelaide Rudkin

West Coast || Clinic | Aspen Farms (Yelm, WA) | Tuesday-Wednesday, July 11-12, 2023:

Coached by Rebecca Brown

  • Natalie Barlow
  • Kayla Dumler
  • Lindsay Essex
  • Madelyn Floyd
  • Lizzie Hoff
  • Alexis Larson
  • Alexa Marandas
  • Maeson Messmer
  • Harper Padgett
  • Kaylee Petticord
  • Mylo Ritson
  • Kendal Smith

WAITLIST 1. Caterina Ritson

WAITLIST 2. Olivia Keye

WAITLIST 3: Simone Clark

The USEA will cover the regional clinic cost and stabling fees for all accepted applicants. Applicants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging costs. Athletes will be contacted by the USEA and on-site Young Rider Coordinators with more information and scheduling.

The USEA would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the USEA EA21 program: Kerrits, Ride iQ, Sidelines Magazine, WeRideTogether

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