Apr 08, 2022

Meet the USEA Areas: Area IV

By Meagan DeLisle - USEA Staff
USEA/Rob Burk Photo.

Get to know each United States Eventing Association (USEA) Area a little better in this new series, Meet the Areas! This month’s feature is USEA Area IV which is made up of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Four Area IV riders dominated their divisions at the 2022 USEA American Eventing Championships and several five-star riders such as Jim Wofford, Meghan O’Donoghue, Leah Lang-Gluscic, Allison Springer, Emily Hamel, Lauren Kieffer, and Jennie Brannigan all got their start in Area IV. Learn more about Area IV below.

Area IV Fun Facts

Area IV spans across almost 1,000 miles from the border of Area IV at Guleph, Kansas to its northern point at International Falls, Minnesota. That requires almost 15 hours of continuous driving to go from one point to another!

Boyd Martin’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic mount Tsetserleg TSF was also bred and born in Area IV in Columbia, Missouri at Tim and Cheryl Holekamp’s New Spring Farm.

The Wayne DuPage Horse Trials in Wayne, Illinois (eventually renamed the Maui Jim Horse Trials) was a destination event that ran up to the three-star level. One year it even served as an Olympic selection trial for the Canadian team in addition to hosting the USEA American Eventing Championships from 2006 to 2008.

Area IV Championships

OTTER CREEK FALL H.T., September 16-18, 2022

Levels available: Preliminary, Training, Novice, and Beginner Novice

Placing to Qualify: 1st through 5th at one event.

Qualifying Period: 9/21/2021 – 9/21/2022

Any Area with Caveat: Must compete in at least one Area IV horse trial during the qualifying period.

Only open to residents or declared residents of Area IV.

Area IV ICP Certified Eventing Instructors

Dierks, Eric (Level III) Certified in 2003
Address:935 172nd Avenue | Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182
Phone: (703)297-2329 (Day)

Hall, Brad (Level III) Certified in 2008
Address:2693 S River Rd | Galena, Illinois 61036
Phone: (815)541-5524 (Day) | (815)541-5524 (Cell)

Howlett Rousseau, Jennifer (Level III) Certified in 2010
Address:127 N Buckley Rd | Barrington, Illinois 60010
Phone: (847)501-0190 (Day) | (847)501-0190 (Cell)
Online: www.lespritequestrian.com

Staples, John (Level III) Certified in 2005
Address:7400 East 53rd St North | Kechi, Kansas 67067
Phone: (316)371-3903 (Day) | (316)371-3903 (Cell)

Berkowitz, Sarah (Level II) Certified in 2009
Address:4116 Mercier St | Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone: (208)316-1212 (Day)

Jennings, Anne (Level II) Certified in 2005
Address:P.O. Box 80271 | Saukville, Wisconsin 53080
Phone: (262)375-2964 (Day)

Lund, Liz (Level II) Certified in 2018
Address:810 Copeland Road | Independence, Minnesota 55359
Phone: (952)210-9448 (Day)

Morauw, Bernard (Level II) Certified in 2004
Address:5N770 Pearson Dr. | Wayne, Illinois 60184
Phone: (630)802-5518 (Day) | (630)802-5518 (Cell)

Pavilanis, Ingrid (Level II) Certified in 2013
Address:1749 W Wellington Ave | Chicago, Illinois 60657
Phone: (312)218-7884 (Day)

Fernandez, Scot (Level II - Provisional) Certified in 2011
Address:13026 NE 187th St | Holt, Missouri 64048
Phone: (816)686-7800 (Day)

VanderWoude, Clare (Level II - Provisional) Certified in 2010
Address:3119 Limekiln Street | Madison, Wisconsin 53719
Phone: (608)220-9451 (Day) | (608)220-9451 (Cell)
Online: TeamVeventing.com

Kalsem, Michele (Level I - Training) Certified in 2008
Address:30320 535th Avenue | Huxley, Iowa 50124
Phone: (515)450-0764 (Day) | (515)450-0764 (Cell)

Kettell, Brigitte (Level I - Training) Certified in 2010
Address:808 Sunset Rd | Wheaton, Illinois 60187
Phone: (630)732-3525 (Day)

Stockhausen, Camie (Level I - Training) Certified in 2008
Address:57560 Highway 210 | Cambridge, Iowa 50046
Phone: (515)231-9875 (Day) | (515)231-9875 (Cell)

Walker, Clare (Level I - Training) Certified in 2017
Address:21629 Fairmount Rd. Walnut Farm | Leavenworth, Kansas 66048
Phone: (913)727-2322 (Day) | (913)775-2310 (Cell)

Wiseman, Cynthia (Level I - Novice) Certified in 2008
Address:330 East Battlefield Suite B | Springfield, Missouri 65807
Phone: (417)880-4567 (Day) | (417)880-4567 (Cell)

Upcoming Competitions

May 7 | Catalpa Corner May Madness Horse Trials | Starter, BN, N, T, M | Iowa

May 20-22 | Otter Creek Spring H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT, P, IP | Wisconsin

May 28-29 | Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trial | CT-Starter, Starter, CT-BN, BN, N, T, P | Missouri

June 5 | Carriage House Farm Combined Test | Starter, CT-BN, CT-N, CT-T, CT-P, CT-I | Minnesota

June 11-12 | Queeny Park H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, M | Missouri

June 18 | Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT | Wisconsin

June 23-26 | Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, P | Illinois

July 9 | Woodloch Stable Young Event Horse Qualifier | FEH-2, FEH-3, FEH-4, FEH- YEAR, NEH, YEH-4, YEH-5 | Minnesota

July 23 | Silverwood Farm Summer H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT | Wisconsin

August 6 | Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trials | Starter, BN, N, T, P | Iowa

August 12-14 | Otter Creek Summer H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT, P, IP, I | Wisconsin

September 3 | Silverwood Farm Fall H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT | Wisconsin

September 16-18 | Otter Creek Fall H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, PT, P, TP, I | Wisconsin

September 30-October 2 | Sundance Farm H.T. | Starter, BN, N, T, P | Wisconsin

October 7-9 | Heritage Park H.T. - Pending USEF Approval | Starter, BN, N, T, PT, P, IP | Kansas

October 21-23 | Windermere Run H.T. - Pending USEF Approval | Starter, BN, N, T, M, P | Missouri

Area Representatives

Area Chair

Jill Wagenknecht
(314) 608-4244

Board of Governors Area Representatives

Cynthia Wiseman
(417) 880-4567

John Staples
(316) 371-3903

Area Treasurer

Beth Stoker
(785) 766-4563

Adult Rider Coordinator

Julie Simmons
(804) 754-5263

Young Rider Coordinators

Cynthia Wiseman
(417) 880-4567

Meaghan Marinovich
(612) 382-0094

Organizer Representative

Kelly Mahloch
(920) 893-0134

Affiliate Eventing Association Representative

Erica Hoffman
(630) 587-9434

Communications Director

Clare VanderWoude
(608) 220-9451

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