Jul 08, 2024

Meet the Olympic Eventing Team

USEA/Lindsay Berreth photos

The Olympic Games kick off this month in Paris, France, and the U.S. Eventing Team has sent three strong horse and rider combinations plus a traveling reserve. We caught up with all four team riders to learn more about them.

Will Coleman and Off The Record.

Will Coleman
Ocala, Florida

Off The Record
Barn Name:
Irish Sport Horse gelding (Arkansas x Drumagoland Bay)
Off The Record Syndicate
Groom: Hailey Burlock (“He’s kind of her pet,” said Coleman. “He will happily sleep at Hailey’s house.”)

“He’s kind of an old curmudgeon at this stage of his career,” said Coleman, who’s ridden him since he was 4. “He’s been around for a long time. He’s actually a really loveable horse. He can have grumpy moments, but for the most part, he’s a really sweet, cuddly horse. Once you get on his back and put him in competition, he has a real grit and fight about him that I think is his most shining quality as an event horse.

“He’s getting a little long in the tooth,” Coleman continued, “but he’s still trying for me, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s given me everything he’s got.”

Quirks: “Not really anymore,” said Coleman, “but as a younger horse, he was a bit of a handful. He’s settled and docile now, like an old, wise sage.”

Surprising Fact: Not much surprises Coleman after his many years with Timmy, though the gelding is reported to eat just about anything.

Favorite Treat:
Anything. No favorites—just anything.

Home Routine: Timmy spends most of his time enjoying the great outdoors. When he’s not turned out in his field, he often meanders in and out of the large pen attached to his stall.

Boyd Martin and Fedarman B.

Boyd Martin
Age: 44
Hometown: Cochranville, Pennsylvania

Fedarman B
Barn Name: Bruno
Age: 14
Breed: Dutch Warmblood gelding (Eurocommerce Washington x Paulien B)
Owners: The Annie Goodwin Syndicate
Groom: Stephanie Simpson

Personality: “He can be pretty quirky, but he’s usually a laid back horse,” said Martin. “He’s very quiet. It’s been a bit of a tricky ride for me, since I’m usually better on the raving lunatics that I have to ride and ride and ride. To get the best dressage and show jumping out of Bruno, you’ve got to leave him a little bit fresh.”

Surprising Fact: “He can be bloody hard to catch,” Martin admits. “It’ll be getting dark and there are six people with buckets of feed in his paddock trying to lure him back to his stable.”

Favorite Treat: “I think he eats about everything,” Martin said. “He’s got a massive fan club, so he’s often a bit pudgy and overweight because I think he gets every treat under the sun.”

Home Routine: Bruno is usually ridden in the morning and then turned out (“Just because it’s a pain trying to catch him,” Martin said with a laugh). He also goes on the treadmill every second day and gets worked about an hour and a half daily.

Caroline Pamukcu and HSH Blake.

Caroline Pamukcu
Age: 29
Hometown: Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

HSH Blake
Barn Name: Blake
Age: 9
Breed: Irish Sport Horse gelding (Tolan R. x Doughiska Lass)
Owners: Mollie Hoff, Sherrie Martin, Caroline and Deniz Pamukcu
Groom: Chloe Teahan

Personality: “He’s honestly a unicorn,” Pamukcu said. “He’s just Mr. Perfect. He’s someone that you would want to bring home to Mom and Dad and introduce to your family because he’s such a gentleman to be around. He has such a lovely personality and is as sweet as can be. We actually call him Princess in the barn because he loves attention.”

Surprising Fact: “He’s one of the easiest horses I’ve ever had to deal with,” Pamukcu said. “He’s the farrier’s favorite, he’s the vet’s favorite—he’s just so pleasant to be around. I think that’s pretty rare for an upper-level horse. Usually, they’re such intense athletes.”

Favorite Treat: It depends on the week. He loves a good carrot, he loves apples, but he loves his Likit granola bar. “He’ll go through a whole one in a day,” Pamukcu said with a laugh. “He’s very good at breaking the rope and pinning the ball down on the ground, and he’ll just devour it. It’s hilarious.”

Home Routine: “He’s honestly the center of attention,” said Pamukcu. “He has the best stall in the barn, and everyone says hello to him. He goes out in the morning with his little mini Molly [whom he shares with Martin’s mount King’s Especiale]. After breakfast, I’ll usually ride him first, and then he goes back outside and enjoys the day. Then he has about a thousand bags of shavings in his stall. He likes to nap in the late afternoon. He has the best routine out of everyone.”

Liz Halliday and Cooley Nutcracker.

Liz Halliday (Traveling Reserve)
Age: 45
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Cooley Nutcracker
Barn Name: Bali
Age: 10
Breed: Irish Sport Horse (Tolan R. x Ballyshan Cleopatra)
Owners: Chris Desino, Rob Desino, Deborah Halliday, Liz Halliday, and Renee Lane
Grooms: Mia Braundel, Jordan Crabo, and Abigail Steger

Personality: “He’s a lovely, gorgeous horse,” said Halliday. “He’s very sweet and very kind, and he tries very hard. But he’s quite a sharp horse—sharp to horses, sharp to people. He’s a little bit spooky, which makes him such a good jumper, but it’s taken a while to get that real partnership where he trusts me, and he’s relaxed. That’s what makes him so good.”

“He’s a phenomenal cross-country horse and an incredible show jumper, and he does a pretty darn good test,” she continued. “When we’re not feeling so fresh!”

Surprising Fact: “I think people don’t know how sharp he is and how much of a sensitive ride he is,” Halliday said. “He looks so lovely when he’s jumping around but he is much sharper than people think. Sometimes people can be surprised if he spooks or flinches at another horse or something, but that’s typical for him. I manage it though—I always try to place him in the right spot so he’s not nervous. It’s gotten a lot better since he trusts me.”

Home Routine: Besides his typical schooling, Bali gallops every fourth day. Halliday also tries to keep it interesting with trot sets. Like the others, he loves his turnout and he goes out at night.

Favorite Treat: For Bali, any treat will do, but especially after work, he requires a cookie.

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