Aug 31, 2022

Centerline and Center of Attention on Day One of #AEC2022

Helen Alliston and Ebay. USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo

For Immediate Release - The USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) presented by Nutrena Feeds made its debut appearance at the pristine and picturesque Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana for the 2022 event. With the Swan, Mission, and Salish mountain ranges as the backdrop—not to mention smokeless skies, which are a gift for this time of year—the championships have truly found ideal nesting quarters for competitors, despite the great distance some have traveled. The competition kicked off Wednesday, August 31 with all sections of the Bates USEA Preliminary Championships, the USEA Modified Championship, the USEA Intermediate Championship, and the $60,000 Adequan® USEA Advanced Final contesting the dressage phase.

$60,000 Adequan® USEA Advanced Final

Helen Alliston and the 13 year old Oldenburg named Ebay (Escudo x Contessa) made a lasting first impression as they earned a 25.2 in today’s dressage test, giving them a four point lead (and an five point lead over her husband James Alliston if we’re being playful).

“The quality was really high, I was really happy with that. We weren’t quite as in sync as the last test that we did,” said Alliston. “He is a horse that kind of likes to know the test really well. I find he is more confident if he knows where he is going, so we had a couple little bobbles due to that. He was beautiful as always and moves really well. He is a performer and I can rely on him to behave and try his best, so that is always nice. Overall I was thrilled.”

Tomorrow’s cross-country offers a different kind of test, proving the reasons why Alliston pulled Ebay from the pasture. “The time is going to be tight I think, so it will take some good riding to not make a silly mistake. Going fast always makes the jumps harder. So I will have to be careful that something silly doesn’t happen, but I am going to go quite fast and hopefully have a good round.”

This team sees the start box at 12:50 p.m. on Thursday, September 1.

USEA Open Modified Championship

Madison Langerak and Normandy Kivalo. USEA/ Hope Carlin photo

Madison Langerak riding Kelly Langerak’s 10-year-old chestnut Hungarian Sporthorse Normandy Kivalo (Kalaska De Semilly x Carina) made a grand entrance to kick off the event with a seven point lead from a score of 20.6. Sourced from Hungary and making his way to Langerak as a 5-year-old, Normandy Kivalo hasn’t exactly been the easiest event horse in terms of happy and healthy.

“He’s just kind of a disaster—a walking disaster,” said Langerak, with a sigh and a laugh. “But every year, somehow he makes it out again.” The big chestnut had colic surgery a week prior to what was supposed to be his first two-star event at Rebecca Farm in 2019, and as if that wasn’t enough, he had colic surgery again in 2020 after recovering from a torn tendon—a double whammy. After steadily going Preliminary prior to the medical madness, Langerak decided to take a step back and have fun with him at home, keeping his gut and talent working lightheartedly. “I set my sights on this show because obviously this would mean the most to me, to have a successful weekend here, so I really didn’t do anything this year. I had no plan, and I have no plan after it,” said Langerak. “But I just know the horse so well at this point, and I know how consistent and reliable he is in the dressage phase in particular and that it made it really easy to come out here and perform.”

Langerik enters the start box for cross-country at 2:25 p.m. on Thursday, September 1.

Bates USEA Preliminary Rider Championship

USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo

The 9-year-old bay Percheron-Thoroughbred cross WS Radagast floated to the top of the leaderboard, earning a 28.4 with Haley Dwight piloting.

“Reggie” was deemed “a very boy today” by owner Haley Dwight. Traveling to Rebecca Farm from San Diego can offer challenges when it comes to environment, but Reggie seems to handle this crucial aspect with a predictability that Dwight has come to know and love.

“We got here on Sunday night and he was a bit wild the first day, but he settled in well and he’s actually become a pretty dependable dressage horse so I was really pleased with him,” said Dwight. Purchased as a 6-year-old, the pair have been together for about three years. “He really wants to be a good boy and do the right thing. He’s just a great horse.” Dwight fell in love with his personality and willingness to be instructed and remain an active team member through the high stresses that events can encourage. His worries stem from a place of wanting to please, which is a desirable characteristic for Dwight. And of course, she gives his worries a safe place to land in the number one position.

Power team Dwight and Reggie start their cross-country trip at 9:32 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

Bates USEA Preliminary Horse Championship

USEA/ Hope Carlin photo

Dancing their way through the bright glow of morning, Jordán Linstedt aboard 8-year-old Hanoverian Lovely Lola (LondonTime x Hauptstutbuch) pulled a 24.1 to lead their level by two points. With an impressive winning streak in 2021, Linstedge was confident that the bay beauty would keep clamoring for that leading position, and she was right.

“This year honestly has just been as spectacular as last year,” said Linstedt. “She is hands down the most incredible horse I’ve ever ridden, and the coolest thing about her is our partnership. The two of us know each other so well and she tries so hard, and she’s always fighting for it.” Through LOVAS PARTNERS LLC syndicate, Linstedt has the opportunity to keep piloting her way up through the levels where it clear the Lovely Lola has set her sights.

Linstedt is set to depart on the cross-country course at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, September 1.

Bates USEA Preliminary Amateur Championship

USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo.

Amy Haugen and 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding Ebenholtz (Ehrentusch x Levantine) earned a 22.8 in today’s test, conquering their first phase with eagerness

“We were at Rebecca six weeks ago for The Event at Rebecca Farm and had—not score wise—but had my best test to date and the most fun I’ve ever had so I really wanted to have a repeat and just have fun and show my horse off because he’s amazing and seems to just be getting better” said Haugen. “He felt a little tense—a little hot—but he was so good, and I was kind of kicking myself because I had some mistakes and I came out of the arena thinking I left some points on the table, but I cannot be disappointed with my score.” The quirky gelding is right at home in this social setting, ripping open bags of shavings and taking saddle racks off the walls. Clearly that energy—while sometimes destructive— is being channeled in the right ways with their standings today.

Watch them tackle cross-country at 9:08 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

Bates USEA Jr./YR Preliminary Championship

USEA/ Hope Carlin photo

Reese Blinks and 8 year old Belgian Warmblood I’M Jaguar (Anakin Van Schuttershof x Sanita) secured the lead with a score of 25.0 today, thanks to Reese’s ability to check in with him before they even entered the arena.

“I let him tell me how we’re doing and how bold we can be,” said Blinks. “I see how he’s responding to me and the environment, and as long as he feels good I say, ‘ok bud, you got it!’ and show him the way to go.” With their partnership being just shy of two years old, Blinks admitted that they’ve gone through some growing pains in their communication, which is why she checks in with him along the way so they can stay on the same page. Dressage happens to be their strong suit, portraying a reality that is truly indicative of their connection in this phase.

“It’s always been something we’ve been on the same about,” said Blinks. While they’re still figuring each other out on the jumping side of things, their strong flatwork makes the pieces come together more easily. “He came from a professional so he thought he was very good, and I said, ‘You’re great, but you’re not quite as amazing as you think you are so you have to listen to me, sometimes.’”

That fun conversation in the saddle continues when the pair take on cross-country at 8:46 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

USEA Intermediate Championship

USEA/ Meagan DeLisle photo.

Tommy Greengard riding the 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding Joshua MBF (Foreign Affair x Femacchy MBF) proved their place in the pack with an impressive 25.3 test score. What started out as a COVID purchase in May 2020, has turned into a true eventing treasure.

“He's been a super, super, wonderful, amazing, reliable horse. I can't say enough good things about him,” beamed Greengard. He was super in the ring, and he’s been really competitive all year, so with that comes the expectation for it to be a little bit better.” Claiming to have Joshuay at his highest level of fitness yet, Greengard was overwhelmed with all he’s done in such a short timeframe. And let’s not forget about his winning personality. “He’s a bit aloof with strangers,” said Greengard, admitting that Joshuay prefers a familiar entourage of his team. Today, he had everyone by his side and that clearly made for one happy horse taking the lead.

Cross-country is off to a running start for this team at 11:35 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

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