Jan 15, 2022

Event Organizers Recognized on 2021 USEA Organizers Appreciation Honor Roll of Names

By Meagan DeLisle - USEA Staff

The key to eventing’s success lies heavily in the organizers who put on our events. The USEA is proud to recognize each year the organizers who have made contributions to the sport through their organizational efforts. For 2021, the USEA Organizers Appreciation Honor Roll of Names honors nearly 200 organizers for five to 25+ years of service. The Blue Ribbon is awarded to those organizers with five to nine years of service, the Bronze Medal recognizes organizers with 10-14 years of service, organizers who have contributed 15-19 years of service are awarded the Silver Medal, those with 20-24 years of service will receive the Gold Medal, and a select few with 25 years or more of service as organizers are bestowed the title of Platinum Medal organizers.

No matter how many years these organizers have dedicated to hosting safe, quality, and fun events all around the country, each one is just as important. This year, however, three new recipients have earned Platinum Medal status: Bob and Tracy Hewlett who organize the events at Holly Hill Farm, and Shelley Page who currently organizes the events at the Tryon International Equestrian Center and previously organized at Rocking Horse (formerly known as Sharpton Stables).

For Tracy Hewlett, the driving force behind continuing the Holly Hill Farm Horse Trials for a quarter of a century is being able to watch the interest in eventing grow in her area of northwest Louisiana, as well as see improvements being made to the farm. “When we moved here 40 years ago there were hardly any English riders and no eventing going on within a couple of hundred miles,” Hewlett shared. “As we started pulling logs out of the woods and digging ditches and water obstacles to school, our boarders took right to it. Our first little schooling show quickly evolved into what we have today at Holly Hill.”

One accumulates many memories in 25 years of event organization, but Hewlett recalls one event vividly when the horse trials fell during the same time that her mares were preparing to foal. “The technical delegate was staying at the house with us and one of the first nights she was there we were getting ready for bed when the Foal Alert went off, recalled Hewlett. “She asked what that alarm was and we told her that there was a mare in labor in the backyard. As we hustled to get out there she joined right in and had the foal in her lap a few minutes later!”

Putting on an event is a labor of love, something that both Bob and Tracy Hewlett are well aware of at this point. For newer organizers just getting their toes wet, she offers one piece of advice: “You have to realize that no matter how well prepared you are, things are never going to go perfectly and that all the officials understand that. You just have to stay calm and try your best.”

Of course, in addition to the wonderful long-time organizers, we need to recognize those individuals who have taken a deep dive into the world of event organization and are working to keep the growth of our sport in the United States on an upward trend. For 2021, there were seven new names added to the Blue Ribbon list for organizers with five to10 years of service. Organizers added to the Blue Ribbon rankings include Andy Bowles, Christel Carlson, Max Corcoran, Darrin Mollett, Randy Pielemier, John Staples, and Tracy Zack.

Sarah Broussard is the newest addition to the Bronze Medal listing, while Alice Andrews and Mary Lowry achieved Silver Medal status in 2021. The final new additions to the Organizers Appreciation Honor Roll of Names are William Graves and Lena Warner who upgraded to Gold Medal Status.

Join us in congratulating all of the past and present Organizers Appreciation Honor Roll recipients listed below:


The USEA is proud to pay tribute to the event organizers of today and in perpetuity, for their hard work, dedication, and continued service to the sport of eventing.


Blue Ribbon – 5 to 9 years of service:

  • Sharyn Antico
  • Sallie Ausley
  • Trish Bashaw
  • Connie Baxter
  • Susie Beale
  • Tre Book
  • Donna Bottner
  • Ann Bower
  • Andy Bowles
  • Susan Brigham
  • Michele & David Buford
  • Christel Carlson
  • Vanessa Coleman
  • Max Corcoran
  • Margaret Cowan
  • Teresa Craig
  • David Crystal
  • Meika Decher
  • Dana Diemer
  • Abbey Dondanville
  • Marc Donovan
  • Adri Doyal
  • Linda Dreher
  • Christine Dyson
  • Patricia Fenwick
  • Maureen Ferris
  • Erik Fleming
  • Karen & Stephen Fulton
  • Ann George
  • Don Gerlach
  • Janet Gunn
  • Marvin Harwood
  • Erika Hawkes Hendricks
  • Billie Hill
  • Molly Hutchins
  • David Jeffery
  • Nancy Jones
  • Erin Keehen
  • Dynah Korhummel
  • John & Sue Kreutzer
  • Kim Lampert
  • Melissa Le Roy
  • Hugh Lochore
  • Sally Lockhart
  • Pat Magner
  • Kelly Mahloch
  • John Marshall
  • Jeanne Merrill
  • Darrin Mollett
  • Margie Molloy
  • Tara Myers
  • Sylvia Ochs
  • Robbie Peterson
  • Randy Pielemeier
  • Louisa Pierson
  • Michelle Ptak
  • Van & Claudia Rea
  • Nancy Roth
  • Jean Rosenfield
  • Jeffray Ryding
  • Bunnie Sexton
  • Brook Schweiss-Mead
  • Sue & Buck Smithson
  • Sarah Stanton
  • John Staples
  • John Thurman
  • Judi Tobias
  • Jill Wagenknecht
  • Dulce Wassil
  • Terri & Mike Williams
  • Sheryl & Eric Williams
  • Tracy Zack
  • Lee Ann Zobbe

Bronze Medal – 10 to 14 years of service:

  • Lara Anderson
  • Connie Baxter
  • Andrea Binkley
  • Sarah Broussard
  • Kathy Brunson
  • Linda Bushnell
  • Rick Caldwell
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Jane Cory
  • Sarah Dalton-Morris
  • Raymond Denis
  • Robert Dennison
  • Sondra Edwards
  • Jonathan Elliott
  • Lisa Froehlig
  • Martie Healy
  • Mary Hendricks
  • Jocelyn Hill Dickson
  • Carolyn Hoffos
  • Julea Hovey
  • Pam Johnson
  • Beverly & Nelson Jones
  • Christina Keim
  • Carolyn Mackintosh
  • Dru Malavase
  • Brian McElheny
  • Tom & Sandy Mercier
  • Jennifer Merrick-Brooks
  • Jackie Merwin
  • Howard Nelson
  • Jan Nestrud
  • Ron Preston
  • Penny Ross
  • Shelley Ryan
  • Ruth Sawin
  • Elizabaeth Schuster
  • Sue & Buck Smithson
  • Gary & Donna Stegman
  • Ritch Temple
  • Emmett Turner
  • Olivia Van Melle Kamp
  • Richard Walkup
  • M. Stanley Wiggs
  • Cindy Wilson
  • Kim Voller
  • Julie Zapapas

Silver Medal – 15 to 19 years of service:

  • Alice Andrews
  • Jane Barron
  • Laura Beaver
  • Don Bauer
  • Helmut & Diana Boehme
  • Jan Byyny
  • Anni Grandia
  • Tim Griest
  • Alicia Henderson
  • Lucinda Henderson
  • Laurie Hudson
  • Fernanda Kellogg
  • Mary Lowry
  • Lynn Mahoney
  • Howard Nelson
  • Mina Payne Williams
  • Pat Richardson
  • Robyn Risso
  • Mary Ann Scott
  • Ken Sexton
  • Beth Stoker
  • Kyra Stuart
  • Larry Tobias
  • Tammy Turner
  • Melinda Weatherford
  • Lefreda Williams
  • Bob & Kay Willmarth

Gold Medal – 20 to 24 years of service:

  • Cindy Burge
  • John Camlin
  • Elizabeth Chilcott
  • Dave Emmons
  • Denis Glaccum
  • Bill Graves
  • Sarah Greer
  • Kate Gress
  • Joyce Hampton
  • Halina Hapworth
  • Coleen Hersson
  • Peg Hull
  • Margie Hutchison
  • Anne Hustad
  • Robert Kellerhouse
  • Sam Lindsey
  • Luigi & Caroline Meneghelli
  • Gillian Perry
  • Linda Reynolds
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Christie Tull
  • Lellie Ward
  • Lena Warner
  • Maggie Wright

Platinum Medal – 25 plus years of service:

  • Paul Adams & Family
  • Jane Atkinson
  • Janet Briggs
  • Rebecca Broussard
  • Bill Burton
  • Gretchen & Robert Butts
  • Linda Chatfield
  • John Cory & Family
  • Fran & Tom Cross
  • Jack Ernst
  • Mary Fike
  • Ann Getchell
  • Margaret Good
  • Joannah Hall Glass
  • Randee & Tammy Hallman
  • Susan & Blake Harris
  • Christine Hayworth
  • Bob & Tracy Hewlett
  • Ami Howard
  • Sally Hinkle Russell
  • JJ Johnson
  • Pamela Johnson
  • Joan Keegan
  • Ann Kitchel
  • Dan Kowalewski
  • Mary Lu Lampton
  • Katie Lindsay
  • Susan Robinson Farmer
  • Shelley Page
  • Brian & Penny Ross
  • Alice Sarno
  • Philip Sawin
  • Dave & Jackie Smith
  • Libby Stokes
  • Dr. Chauncey & Pat Thuss
  • Margaret Lindsley Warden
  • Glenn & Janet Wilson
Oct 05, 2022 Competitions

Fast Facts: 2022 Morven Park International

And just like that, it is time for the Morven Park International! The prestigious event will take place Thursday, October 6, and run through Sunday, October 10 in Leesburg, Virginia. This is the event’s second year offering the CCI4*-L division, in addition to their CCI4*-S, CCI3*-S, and CCI2*-S divisions. That’s not all! The historic grounds at Morven Park will also host national divisions at the Novice, Training, and Preliminary levels.

Oct 04, 2022 Education

Jim Wofford Delivers His Fun and Education Formula at Woodside Clinic

Specifics of the "Fun & Education Formula" were provided to all at the Jim Wofford Clinic held on August 20 & 21 at the Horse Park in Woodside, northern California. Eager riders, auditors, and volunteers gathered for a much anticipated two-day clinic with the master bright and early Saturday morning.

Oct 04, 2022 Hall of Fame

Connections of Great Event Horse Eagle Lion Offered Invitation to USEA Eventing Hall of Fame

This year a new class will be joining the 47 eventing legends currently in the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Eventing Hall of Fame. Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor awarded within the sport of eventing in the United States. Those invited to join the USEA's Eventing Hall of Fame have truly made a difference in the sport of eventing. Hall of Fame members have included past Association presidents, volunteers, riders, founders, course designers, officials, organizers, horses, horse owners, and coaches.

Oct 03, 2022 Convention

Announcing the Keynote Speaker for the 2022 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention: Dr. Sue Dyson

Have you ever wondered why your horse isn’t performing at their best? Get ready to learn about the many facets that can contribute to lameness and poor performance in sport horses from equine orthopedics expert, Dr. Sue Dyson! The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce that Dr. Dyson will be the keynote speaker at the 2022 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention in Savannah, GA this December 7-11.

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