Nov 30, 2019

2019 USEA Area Championships Round-Up

By Jessica Duffy - USEA Staff
Ema Klugman and Bendigo, Area II Advanced Champions. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.

Every year, each of the 10 USEA Area programs hosts their own Championships where the best riders have the opportunity to be crowned the Area Champion at their level. Each Area maintains slightly different qualification requirements for their respective Championships, and that information can be found here.

This year’s Area Championship season began with Area III, who hosted their Championships at the Poplar Place Farm June Horse Trials, May 31-June 2. Next came the Area I Championships at Town Hill Farm and the Area IX Championships at The Event at Archer on August 23-25. Aspen Farms held the Area VII Championships on September 6-8, followed by the Area VIII Championships at the Jump Start Horse Trials September 27-29. Area II’s Championships were split between Morven Park on October 4-6 and Loch Moy Farm the following weekend, October 11-13. Fresno County Horse Park hosted the Area VI Championships the weekend after that on October 18-20, and Areas IV and V wrapped up October with their Championships at Windemere Run and Holly Hill on October 26-27. The last Championships of the year were held in Area X at the Southern Arizona Horse Trials, November 23-24.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Area I Championships – Town Hill Farm Horse Trials, August 23-25, 2019

  • Preliminary Rider Champion – Caroline Teich and Kingslayer (Loughehoe Guy x UK), her 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Training Horse Champion – Jocelyn Hawe and her own Cadbury VT (Contango x Odet II), a 9-year-old Oldenburg gelding
  • Training Rider Champion – Lakiesha Varney and Kolor Me Gone (Art Deco x Picturesque), her 12-year-old American Warmblood mare
  • Novice Horse Champion – Marcia Kulak and David Cornell’s All Dassett (A Quidam M x Colonel Lough), a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Novice Rider Champion – Alexandra Webster and Enchanted (Renaissance x Chubby Cheerleader), her 7-year-old Hanoverian mare
  • Beginner Novice Horse Champion – Beth O’Malley and Love Your Rebel Attitude (Lassico x Marlena), her 11-year-old Rheinland Pfalz-Saar mare
  • Beginner Novice Rider Champion – Allison Dunne and her own Flowerhill Sophia (Near Dock x Elmhurst Planet Hollywood), a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare

Click here for Area I Championships complete results.

Area II Championships – Morven Park Horse Trials, October 4-6, 2019

  • Advanced Champion – Ema Klugman and Jeni Klugman’s Bendigo, a 17-year-old Thoroughbred gelding by Refuse to Lose
  • Junior/Young Rider Preliminary Champion – Caitlin O’Roark and Lucky Devil (Just A Devil x Lady Luck), Shannon O’Roark’s 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Preliminary Champion – Mikki Kuchta and James Wildasin’s 18-year-old Hanoverian gelding Calle
  • Junior Training Champion – Brynn Hershbine and Cadenza Aria (Turnofthecentury x Whisper), her 13-year-old Oldenburg mare
  • Training Champion – Katherine Knowles and her own Cillnabradden Ceonna (Creevagh Grey Rebel x Willow Garden), a 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare
  • Junior Novice Champion – Megan Smallwood and Kilronan’s Countess, Sara Miller Leary’s 10-year-old Irish Draught mare
  • Novice Champion – Woods Baughman and Lucia DiBeneteddo’s Lord Calegro (Last Man Standing x Cassie), a 6-year-old Westphalian gelding
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Emily Beshear and her own Calla Lily (Tavistock x Memorial Treasure), a 5-year-old Thoroughbred mare
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Hannah Higgs and Tutuola, her own 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding

Click here for Area II Championships complete results.

Area II Modified Championship – Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm, October 11-13, 2019

  • Modified Champion – Elizabeth Stewart and Innsbruck VDO (Dakar VDL x Tagonetta), a 6-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding

Click here for Area II Modified Championship complete results.

Area III Championships – Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials, May 31-June 2, 2019

Crockett Miller and Mr. Manda, Area III Junior Novice Champions. KTB Creative Photo.
  • Intermediate Champion – Kate Brown and Victor Z (Vittorio x Beatrice), her own 8-year-old Zangersheide gelding
  • Preliminary Champion – Elisa Wallace and Rick Wallace’s 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding Munson Slew (Chestertown Slew x Miami Advice)
  • Junior Training Champion – Lara Roberts and Nimbalina, Candace Bell’s 11-year-old Westphalian mare by Nintender
  • Senior Training Champion – Anne Kearley and Carlingford’s SRS Imperial (Harlequin Du Carel x Cullencastle Imperial), her own 5-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Training Horse Champion – Blake Forston and Quiana AF (Quite Easy x All That Glitters), his own 5-year-old Oldenburg mare
  • Junior Novice Champion – Crockett Miller and Mr. Panda (Abbeyfield Comet x Clooneen Tara Lady), her own 6-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Senior Novice Champion – Megan Harris and her own TBS Declan Pondi (Dexter Leam Pondi x Dandy Sparrow), a 7-year-old Connemara stallion
  • Novice Horse Champion – Claire Robinson and Doonhill Dancer (Currachamore Cashel x April Dawn Lady), a 5-year-old Connemara stallion
  • Junior Beginner Novice Champion – Macie Sykes and Delilah’s Boy, her 9-year-old Connemara gelding
  • Senior Beginner Novice Champion – Anna Bosworth and Galapagos (Graf Top II x Kamet), her 8-year-old Hanoverian gelding
  • Beginner Novice Horse Champion – Lily Barlow and Big Bear’s Cepheus (Cor De Lux x Big Bear’s Esther), Werner Geven’s 5-year-old Connemara gelding

Click here for Area III Championships complete results.

Area IV Championships – Windemere Run Horse Trials, October 26-27, 2019

  • Preliminary Champion – Camryn Holcomb and Quite Breit (Breitling LS x Surelise), her 7-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding
  • Training Champion – Chris Heydon and Is He A She, her own 10-year-old mare of unknown breeding
  • Novice Champion – Denise Dailey-Thomas and her own 11-year-old Canadian Sport Horse gelding Amaretto
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Julie Wolfert and Fiona Daula (Rubinus x Zola Daula), Bridget Mason’s 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare

Click here for Area IV Championships complete results.

Area V Championships – Holly Hill Horse Trials, October 26-27, 2019

Samantha Tinney and Glenbrook Cooley, Area V Preliminary Champions. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.
  • Intermediate Champion – Rebecca Brown and Dassett Choice (Caricelllo x Vilja), her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood
  • Preliminary Champion – Samantha Tinney and Glenbrook Cooley, her 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare
  • Training Champion – Heidi Hewlett Crowell and Dark Star (Eastlands Ashlebrae x Gowla Julia), Paula Binz’s 9-year-old Connemara gelding
  • Novice Champion – Nicole Breaux and That’ll Do The Trick (Phone Trick x Cardonia), her own 14-year-old Thoroughbred mare
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Kalie Beckers and Madoc Mari (Lidgett Meredith x Madoc Gwyneth), her 11-year-old Welsh mare

Click here for Area V Championships complete results.

Area VI Championships – Fresno County Horse Park Horse Trials, October 18-20, 2019

Michelle Capparelli and You Don’t Know Jack, Area VI Training Rider Champions. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.
  • Intermediate Champion – James Alliston and Kelly Maddox’s Lilly (Check In x Contender), a 10-year-old Oldenburg mare
  • Preliminary Rider Champion – Jeanette Gilbert and The Alchemist (Beau Genius x Clause), her own 15-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Junior Training Champion – Rachel Over and her own Of Wind N Sky SF (Virginia Sky x Ovation), a 7-year-old Trakehner mare
  • Training Rider Champion – Michelle Capparelli and You Don’t Know Jack, her own 14-year-old Irish Sport Horse by Glenlara
  • Open Training Champion – Ruth Bley and Spartacus D’L’Herbage, her 13-year-old Selle Francais gelding
  • Junior Novice Champion – Tyler Leary and Made You Look (Bridon Beale Street x Local Motion), her 5-year-old Irish Draught Sport Horse mare
  • Novice Rider Champion – Aimee Stadler and Morgan Banks’s To The Moon and Back (Norfleets Dandy x Cutters Scootin Dial), a 15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding
  • Open Novice Champion – Joseph McKinley and Duke HW (Delatio x Stella Girl), Heather Marchman’s 9-year-old Oldenburg gelding
  • Junior Beginner Novice Champion – Halina Thole and Ludger Thole’s 14-year-old Oldenburg mare Roma (Royal Prinz x Granita)
  • Beginner Novice Rider Champion – Meghan Dayka and her own Fianna (Idocus Crown x Zierra), a 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare
  • Open Beginner Novice Champion – Ashley Shrader and Cliffside Academy Award (Lidgett Merideth x Madoc Artistry Rose), her 11-year-old Welsh Cob gelding

Click here for Area VI Championships complete results.

Area VII Championships – Aspen Farms Horse Trials, September 6-8, 2019

  • Intermediate Champion – Brennan Kappes and Amistoso (Aventino x Fachosa), Willis Kurtz’s 13-year-old Warmblood gelding
  • Preliminary Champion – Cassie Weber and Minnie (Hang On Johnny x Tank), her 8-year-old Irish Draught Sport Horse mare
  • Junior Training Champion – Jadyn Silver and Bro A Bryn Gellan Goch (Trefaes Mabon Victor x Nantgwinau Samantha), her 10-year-old Welsh Cob gelding
  • Training Rider Champion – Carolyn Sufit and her own Kapowsin (Nationhood x What A Cook), an 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Open Training Champion – Karen O’Neal and Annika Asling’s Clooney 14 (Captain Jack x Zauberfee), a 5-year-old Westphalian gelding
  • Junior Novice Champion – Connor Black and Tricia Stewart Black’s Jewel (El Primero x Orthencya), a 5-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare
  • Novice Rider Champion – Anne Marie McSwiggan and her own Cavalier Locked For Joy (Cavalier Jump For Joy x Aunt Gloria), a 13-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Open Novice Champion – Jordan Linstedt and Lovely Lola (LondonTime x Hauptstutbuch Laetizia), her own 5-year-old Hanoverian mare
  • Junior Beginner Novice Champion – Beth Ward and her own Quanta (Emanor x Quaila), a 16-year-old Arabian mare
  • Open Beginner Novice Champion – Tara Tangney and Gone With The Wind, Gretchen Hogan’s 10-year-old Warmblood mare

Click here for Area VII Championships complete results.

Area VIII Championships – Jump Start Horse Trials, September 27-29, 2019

Jane Musselman and Engapore, Area VIII Novice Amateur Champions. KTB Creative Photo.
  • Intermediate Champion – Jackie LeMastus and Indian Mill (Millkom x Charwelton), David Garrett’s 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Junior/Young Rider Preliminary Champion – Lauren Harris and her own Busy Bea, a 12-year-old Hanoverian mare
  • Preliminary Amateur Champion – Shannon Risner and Motor Patrol (Cherokee Run x Hansel’s Girl), her 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Open Preliminary Champion – Dan Kreitl and Horales (Sixtus x Paola-Go), Kay Dixon’s 6-year-old Trakehner gelding
  • Junior Training Champion – Ruth Rosendaul and Kaloosh (Judge Vansteuban x Miss D’Mark), her 13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Training Amateur Champion – Amanda Richard and her own Count Julian (Count The Time x Believen It), a 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Open Training Champion – Elissa Gibbs and Voltaire’s Masterclass, her 5-year-old German Warmblood gelding by Voltaire
  • Junior Novice Champion – Adalee Ladwig and Diego, her 10-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Balta Czar
  • Novice Amateur Champion – Jane Musselman and Engapore (Singapore x Orize), her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding
  • Open Novice Champion – Madeline Bletzacker and Drummer Boy (Don Principe x Winterzauber), her 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding
  • Junior Beginner Novice Champion – Megan Szymczak and Excellence Defined HOF (Standard of Excellence HOF x Ever After Via Top Hat), her 9-year-old Halflinger mare
  • Beginner Novice Amateur Champion – Hannah Reeser and Virginia Reeser’s Ltl Ireland Summer Soldier (October Fox x Abby Darling), a 5-year-old Morgan mare
  • Open Beginner Novice Champion – Corinna Garcia and P.H. Lev Livet (Blessed By Half x Jamaica Skodstrup), Renea Willham’s 5-year-old Knabstrupper mare

Click here for Area VIII Championships complete results.

Area IX Championships – The Event at Archer, August 23-25, 2019

  • Preliminary Champion – Darlene McInnes and her 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding Speed Bump (Pomeroy x Everdream)
  • Training Champion – Victoria Poulton and Starlingh (Flyingh x Le Luna Soulstice), her 9-year-old Canadian Warmblood mare
  • Novice Champion – Kristin Hardy and her 23-year-old Thoroughbred mare Enchanted (Double Cream x Willma)
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Elizabeth Grandos and her own Watch My Class (Watermill Swatch x Hogans Lass), a 6-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding

Click here for Area IX Championships complete results.

Area X Championships – Southern Arizona Horse Trials, November 23-24, 2019

Kayla Surrett and Blue Suede Shoes, Area X Training Champions. USEA/Jessica Duffy Photo.
  • Training Champion – Kayla Surrett and Blue Suede Shoes, Karl Hanson's 11-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Novice Champion – Denise Krause-Spangler and Blue Spruce Farm's Venture's Finale (Devon Deputy x Key Venture), a 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare
  • Beginner Novice Champion – Anastasia Keyser and her own Samson (All Hands On Zip x Feature Me Bigtime), a 16-year-old Appaloosa gelding

Click here for Area X Championships complete results.

Apr 17, 2024 Profile

The VIP Volunteer: Debra Sue Waters

Since the mid-’80s, lifelong horsewoman and professional artist Debra Sue Waters has devoted countless hours to the sport of eventing, and last year topped the rankings of the USEA Volunteer Incentive Program in Area V. Assisting behind the scenes at an event just comes naturally to the Millsap, Texas, resident.

Apr 16, 2024 Education

Tips to Keep Eventing Competition Management Happy

Have you thanked your competition management team lately? Here’s your spring season reminder to do just that! Whether you’ll be debuting in the Starter division or cruising around at Advanced, competition management has a lot of moving parts to manage that will ensure a great experience for you and your horse. Keep your competition management team happy and help support the future of eventing with these quick tips from STRIDER.

Apr 16, 2024 USEA Foundation

MARS Bromont Rising Returns for June 2024

The MARS Bromont Rising U25 scholarship program, administered by the USEA Foundation, is pleased to announce that up to 10 grants of up to $2,500 each will once again be available for talented young riders aged 25 and under, who are aiming to compete in the MARS Bromont (Quebec, Canada) U25CCI divisions in June, 2024. Highlighting this year’s program is the return of three-time German Olympic team member Bettina Hoy, as a guest coach for 2024.

Apr 16, 2024 Young Event Horse

Young Event Horse Graduates Flock in Droves to the Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event

The Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event is just over a week away, and a slew of USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) Program Graduates are slated to make the trip to the Bluegrass State to compete in what is looking like an epic weekend of sport. Between the Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI5*-L and the Cosequin Lexington CCI4*-S divisions, a total of 24 former YEH participants are set to go down centerline in the Rolex Arena next week. With the Paris Olympics quickly approaching, and the event serving as one of the final selection trials for team spots, the entry lists for both divisions are full of star-studded combinations setting their sights on big goals in 2024.

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