Mar 28, 2018 Education

VIDEO: Eventing Training Online Presents Stride Control with Yogi Breisner

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) in partnership with Eventing Training Online, the “Official Online Educational Partner of the USEA,” is proud to provide exclusive educational video content featuring coaching and tips from top instructors from around the world. USEA members also benefit from discounted subscriptions to Eventing Training Online, where they will have access to a complete video library of educational content suitable for beginner riders to professional trainers. Simply enter the code USEAMEMBER at checkout to receive 50% off your Eventing Training Online membership!

Yogi Breisner instructed an ICP clinic session on the importance of stride, especially when jumping fences. He works with riders at the canter to move from a more forward canter to a collected canter, using the seat to encourage the horse to collect. He also challenges riders to ride an absolutely straight line, as if entering the dressage ring on center line and discusses the importance of straightness for success over fences. Finally, first at the trot and then at the canter, Breisner has the riders execute a pattern of poles on the ground with flying changes over the poles when changing direction, focusing on staying completely straight before making a turn. Click here to watch the full video.

About Eventing Training Online is an educational website designed to bring members relevant videos of top instructors working with students during actual lessons and clinics. Instructors are chosen from around the world based on their ability to communicate and their proven records of success. Professional videographers and editors create HD videos that deliver content in a clear and concise manner with new videos and instructors added regularly. Members can search the site to find all relevant videos on specific topics and can even upload video of their own for review and instructional comment. Eventing Training Online enables riders to connect with top experts no matter where they are.


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