May 30, 2012

Two Horses, Two Three-Days: Part 5

Katie and Trip tackle the Jersey Fresh CCI2* course. Leslie Mintz/USEA Photo.

Last time I checked in, I was in a flurry of packing for Jersey Fresh. At this point you've probably seen the results. And you're probably thinking that I might be a little disappointed in them. But really, I couldn't be more proud of Trip (aka Mr. Indiscretion).

Jersey was Trip's first "big time" event, there were banners flapping around every corner and spectators everywhere on cross country, and he never once lost his focus. It's such a cool feeling to know that the horse that you picked out at the racetrack has turned into a big time horse. Trip has taken a bit longer to bring along than some of my other horses, so it's extra sweet when all the hard work starts to pay off.
But back to the competition! We were on the road a little after our planned 5am departure. At the big three-day events you have "in-barn" inspections where the vets take a look at your horse to get a baseline report on their respiration, heart rate, etc. This is also the time where you can explain any bumps that the vets might find on your horse's legs. Thankfully, Trip has very little to poke at, so that was a stress-free experience for us. We also made it through the jog with flying colors ... also stress-free. Two boxes checked off for the day, so Trip got to settle into his stall for the rest of the afternoon.
The next day was probably what I was most worried about ... dressage! As I mentioned earlier, Trip took everything in stride, and he was placed 14th after dressage. My former dressage coach, Allison Kavey of New York, was kind enough to come warm me up for the test.
Trip then got to have a day off on Friday, so I hacked him twice and just let him relax in preparation for his favorite day ... cross-country! Again, I can't begin to express just how proud of this horse I am. Except for the coffin (more on that in a minute), he absolutely rocked around his first CCI2*. You can see in the photos that he leaves plenty of room between him and the jumps. Maybe Trip does want to be an Advanced horse!?
So ... the only bummer of the day was the coffin. Trip is notoriously spooky about ditches, and he backed off a bit too much over the 'A' element and actually unseated me. I was determined not to fall off though! I clung to his neck, but in order for me to stay on, Trip came to a stop at the 'B' element (the ditch). What a bummer! But I'm partially thankful because, if he had gone on to jump the ditch, I would have certainly popped off. So good boy Trip for keeping me on!
At the end of cross-country, Trip recovered beautifully. There was lots of icing and walking, but he looked great when we tucked him in for the night. The next morning, he again looked great and passed the jog without a second glance.
Now there was just one stadium round between us and Trip's first CCI2* finish. Trip put on his big boy pants and tried his hardest to leave the jumps up. He did tick two off the cups, but I'm not too worried about it.
So now Trip is on a mini-vacation while we plan the rest of the year. We know that our homework will concentrate on dressage. And Trip will probably jump every ditch in Area II between now and Fair Hill International CCI2* this October!
Special thanks to my incredible boyfriend Andrei for grooming all weekend. He was especially useful on Saturday afternoon when I was suffering from a debilitating migraine. Trip and Andrei got along great, and I can only imagine what their conversations were about!
As for Texas, she's back to feeling physically well, but it seems that our fall at Sporting Days shook her up a bit more than we realized. So I'm going to spend a bit of time rebuilding her confidence. She's a game little mare, so I'm sure that we'll be back on track shortly. I still believe that she's a future star, so this extra time spend now in our "step back" will be well worth it when she springs ahead again!
Jun 17, 2021 Sponsor

The Jockey Club Returns to Sponsor AEC, YEH, and FEH

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is delighted to announce the renewed partnership with The Jockey Club as a Silver Level Sponsor of the 2021 USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) presented by Nutrena Feeds. The Jockey Club will award Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) prizes in all AEC divisions that include a cooler, ribbon, and prize money for every T.I.P. Champion and T.I.P. Reserve Champion. This year’s AEC will be held on August 31- September 5 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Jun 17, 2021 Future Event Horse

Get Qualified For The FEH Championships!

The qualifying competitions for the USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) Championships have been taking place across the country all winter and spring, but there is still plenty of time this summer to qualify for the Championships in the fall. With more than a dozen qualifiers still left on the FEH calendar, owners and breeders should take advantage of the available opportunities.

Jun 16, 2021 Interscholastic

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Organize an IEL Team Challenge

The new USEA Interscholastic Eventing League (IEL) is in its first year, and the 2021 calendar has an impressive total of 47 events hosting an IEL team challenge. With many IEL members aiming to compete in events that only host a team challenge, an organizer needs to be fully prepared for what to expect.

Jun 15, 2021 Grants

Rebecca Broussard International and National Developing Riders' Grants

2021 will be the last year the Rebecca Broussard International and National Developing Riders’ Grants will be offered. The committee would like to thank Jerome Broussard and the entire Broussard family for supporting these valuable grants for so many years.

Interviews for this year’s International and National Developing Rider’s Grants will be held at The Event at Rebecca Farm and will be limited to riders entered in both the CCI4*-L and the CCI4*-S. For those riders entered, please sign up for your interview at the show office upon arrival. Interviews will take place Tuesday through Thursday before your dressage tests.

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