Apr 12, 2024

USEA Names Athletes for 2024 EA21 Regional Programs

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce the athletes selected for the 2024 USEA Emerging Athlete U21 Program (EA21). USEA Young Rider program members aged 21 and under are eligible for the program. The purpose of the USEA EA21 Program is to identify and provide consistent quality instruction to the next generation of elite event riders.

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Apr 07, 2024 Membership

Now On Course: More Than Just a Phase for 11-Year-Old Priscilla Pignatelli

Some kids are just born loving horses. Eleven-year-old Priscilla Pignatelli is the perfect example. “Her dad and I used to joke around that she has loved horses since she learned they said neigh,” recalled mother Grace Pignatelli. “We were non-horsey parents, so it took us a while to realize it wasn’t just a phase!”

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Mar 31, 2024 Membership

Now On Course: An Ode to Theo

Growing up in the pony hunters, my parents never wanted to buy a horse. They reasoned: "You'll grow out of them," or "They're too expensive." They made good points, not that I understood that at the time...

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Mar 17, 2024 Membership

Membership Minute: How Lucky I Am to Have My Horse

Sometimes all it takes is a little luck on your side to make your dreams come true. We recently asked our USEA membership to share why they feel so lucky to be partnered with the horses they compete with, and we received over 100 heartwarming stories! We compiled some of our favorites below in celebration of today’s luck-themed holiday.

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Mar 03, 2024 Emerging Athletes U21

11 USEA EA21 National Camp Athletes Share How the EA21 Program is Developing the Next Generation of Riders

The USEA Emerging Athletes U21 (EA21) program was established in 2022 with the aim of creating a pipeline for potential U.S. team riders by identifying and developing young talent and pairing them up with influential educators within the sport of eventing to improve their skills both in and out of the saddle.

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Feb 20, 2024 News

USEF Announces Dates and Location for 2024 and 2025 USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships

The U.S. Equestrian Federation has announced the host location and dates for the 2024 and 2025 USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships (CCI1*, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S). The Maryland International and Horse Trials will host the Championships in Adamstown, Maryland, on July 5-7, 2024, and July 6-8, 2025.

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Feb 08, 2024 Adult Riders

Compete in an Adult Team Challenge in 2024

Are you an Adult Rider interested in setting new competitions goals for 2024? Would you like the opportunity to compete in a team environment and meet new friends with similar life experiences? Consider competing in a USEA Adult Team Challenge this year! Start building team camaraderie and get valuable competition experience at your Area’s Adult Team Challenges and consider setting your sights on the pinnacle competition of the year, the Adult Team Championships (ATC) at the USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC).

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Feb 07, 2024 Emerging Athletes U21

EA21 Spotlight: Braden Speck Finds Strength in His Love of the Sport

Losing a horse can shake a rider to their core and leave them questioning if they have the heart to carry on, but 2024 EA21 National Camp athlete Braden Speck had to learn how to channel all of his love for the sport of eventing after heartbreakingly losing three horses in a row due to uncontrollable circumstances.

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Feb 06, 2024 Convention

Balancing the Bugs in Your Horse’s Microbiome with Nutrena

One of the hottest topics in any equestrian industry is gut health. Attendees of the 2023 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention were treated to a crash course in the equine digestive system led by Doug Leavitt and Alex Brannon with USEA sponsor Nutrena Feeds. Leavitt and Brannon talked in-depth about the role probiotics and calcite can play in gut and immune support in horses and how Nutrena’s newest proprietary blend, Digestive Shield, checks all of the boxes.

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Feb 05, 2024 Emerging Athletes U21

2024 USEA EA21 Applications Are Open!

Applications for the USEA Emerging Athlete U21 Program are now available. The purpose of the USEA Emerging Athletes U21 program (EA21) is to identify and provide consistent quality instruction to the next generation of elite event riders. The aim is to create a pipeline for potential team riders by identifying and developing young talent. The intention is to provide young athletes with access to an added level of horsemanship and riding skills in order to further their training and skill development with greater consistency.

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Jan 25, 2024 Convention

Own An Eventing Barn? You Need to Understand the Equine Liability Act

There are currently 48 states which are covered under the Equine Activity Liability Act. This act, which does not apply in the states of California or Maryland, shifts the burden of the risk involved in equine activities onto the participant. However, as USEA Board of Governor member and attorney Yvonne Ocrant pointed out during her seminar, “Equine Law 101: Understanding & Minimizing Risk of Liability in Equine Activities,” which took place during the 2023 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, there are always exceptions to every rule.

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