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Spokane Sport Horse Farm 2nd Annual Spring H.T. (May 2017) Omnibus Listing

ATTENTION FEH and YEH  classes will be held Thursday  May 11. New for 2017 will be the full Intermediate course and the test offering AI. Additional permanent type stabling planned as well 
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USEA Event ID: 16469
Spokane Sport Horse Farm 2nd Annual Spring H.T. | Spokane, WA (AREA VII)

Event Date: May 11-14, 2017

Open Date: Mar 28 Close Date: Apr 25


Address: 10710 S Sherman Road, Spokane, WA 99224. 
Directions:  From I-90 take exit 279, Hwy 195 South Colfax-Pullman (Pullman Hwy) go 2 miles south on 195 thru flashing lights, under railroad overpass.  Turn Right onto NEW Cheney-Spokane Rd. BYPASS exit.  Wind around two (2) curves, start up hill (stay to right at Y).  After Cemetery (.9 mi.) turn left on Sherman Rd, go up hill (1 mi. stay to right at Y), turn right (.8 mi.) into marked driveway.  Indoor arena is visible from the road on the right.  Please follow parking directions, do not block fire lanes, and please try to snuggle up to your neighbors. 


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:AI,I,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:FEH-2,FEH-3,FEH-4,FEH-YEAR,Intro,YEH-4,YEH-5

Tentative Schedule:

Thurs: Schooling available in most arenas; cross country course open to walk-3 pm FEH and YEH classes probably after 1200  
Thur: Schooling dressage show. First test $35 additional or repeat $15 each; ribbon to fifth. May be cancelled for insufficient interest. Other arenas open to ride in, contact organizer for more info and to sign up for schooling dressage show.  Seperate sign up on website late sign ups may be accommodated, ridden out of any test order and not eligible for prizes. Judge to be L graduate as minimum 
Fri: Dressage (all divisions).
Sat: Cross-country (all divisions).
Sun: Show Jumping (all divisions).
Entries will be limited due to limited stabling (300 or less)  Plan to enter early! Permanent stabling is limited although we plan to add additional in 2017. 

Starting Times:

Starting Times:
Available by May 10 on EventEntries: Times are subject to change. Final times will be on the rider packets.  Please use the website times as a general reference. Show jumping will be in descending division order (A/I first) and in descending order of standing.times for show jumping will be posted sat pm but are a guide only and not absolute as riders with multiple horses may go out of order. Be ready to go early as we will be rolling! If time and circumstances allow TE and others may be allowed a courtesy round by written request to office subject tô ok by ground jury/TD. Mounted  Award ceremony to follow a full division -riders may be excused but please let gate folks/office know if you will participate or not. 

Event Officials

TD: Wendy Wergeles, CA

Judges: Pres: Robert Stevenson WY
Dressage Judges:  Teresa Stewart, WA; Peter Gray, FL 
SJ Judge:  Robert Stevenson, WY; Peter Gray, FL

CD-XC:  James Atkinson, CA  SJ: Christopher Barnard, NY
XC-Builders: James Atkinson; Gary Powell; Scott Currey & others
XC Controller: Cyra Carlson
Announcer: Paul Dellwood

Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Spokane Sport Horse HT
Christel Carlson  Show Secretary
Co-secretary: Lena Cress & Heather Peterson
10710 S. Sherman Rd. 
Spokane,Wa 99224
[email protected]

Make checks payable to:  SSHF, LLC.  Online entries accepted through Xentry only but highly encouraged! 


Org: Christel Carlson (509) 993-6786 [email protected]


Draw checks to SSHF, LLC.

EARLY BIRD. $10 coupon good toward event logo merchandise or at vendor's booths during the event for entries complete correct and paid in full (online or check) received by April 7. Coupon will be in rider's packet.

Entry: AI: $250.00; I: $250.00;  P: $250.00; T, N, BN, Intro: $225.00. FEH: $75.00, plus $10 USEA Starter Fee; YEH: $110.00, plus $10 USEA Starter Fee.   
Office/processing Fee:  $25.00.
Stabling: $160.00. First bedding provided (2 bales),, additional bales of shavings, $10/bale. Stabling is from 12:00 am Wed to Mon. Additional nights $35.00.  Please try to list the group name as the same on all group entries. We try to honor requests but can't promise  
Haul-in Fee:  $40.00 for the weekend for non-stabled horses. 
Stall Cleaning Deposit: $25.00 paid with entry. Can be cleaned by Yg riders or pony club to benefit their organization. Or stall stripped by you and funds returned.
RV Hook-up:  Limited number of hook-ups available for $20.00 per night. Please confirm availability directly with organizer. 

Payment due on entry. Entries submitted but not paid will be wait listed until payment received. Wait listed entries will be entered in competition when funds received and may be 'out of order' therefore we HIGHLY encourage online submission of entry with payment or immediate mailing of the check.   Entries accepted after closing date, even wait listed,  may be assessed the post entry fee of $25 (this includes checks received after closing date for entries completed online before CD)

Refunds: Before C.D.-Less $25.00 non-refundable processing fee; After C.D.-up to noon May 1 Entry/Stabling less $50.00 cancellation fee with vet or doctors note& ONLY if place can be filled; After noon may 1 No refund.  Competition cancellation -  No refund. The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21) will be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.


Entry fees include $25 nonrefundable office fee. Entries postmarked after Closing Date may be accepted and a $50 late fee assessed. USEA and USEF fees are not included as part of the entry fee and must be paid as provided on entry form. Double entries: Not accepted. USEA current membership (Junior, collegiate, Full, or Life) and horse registration (limited or Full) are required at all levels, except Intro. Intro (Elem) competitors: USEA membership fees are not required and Starter/D&M fees do not apply. CT entrants are exempt from the Starter/D&M fees, but must pay a $25 USEA non-member fee if not a USEA member. Any changes after CD: $25 change fee.  Refunds: Before C.D.-Less $25.00 non-refundable processing fee; After C.D.-up to noon May 1- Entry/Stabling less $50.00 cancellation fee with vet or doctors note & ONLY if place can be filled; After noon may 1 No refund.  Competition cancellation -  No refund. USEA Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21) will be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
Neg. Coggins and Health Certificate required for out-of-state horses within 6 months. Per USEF Rule: proof of flu vaccination within 6 months must be available if requested. Inability to furnish proof of vaccination, health certificate or coggins (if needed) ,may results in disqualification without return of entry fees.   
Payment must be received by closing date. After closing date unpaid entries will go to end of wait list and must pay the late fee to be reinstated. Online early entry with credit card highly encouraged 
Returned Check Fee $50.00.
We are using re-usable pinneys: You may provide your own pinney or purchase one for $20.00.

Competitor Information

Championship style Ribbons to 10th place per division. Prizes to tenth.  Special awards (1)  US Veteran active duty or retired (2)oldest horse and rider combo (3) Cindy Burge Memorial Award (4) youngest horse and rider combo (5) first recognized event participation for rider (6) first recognized event for horse (7) try it again award - a free XC haul in fee for those not making it through XC this event (8)  farthest away (9) Coach/trainer recognition for the one represented by the most students. Special team challenge awards. Teams of 5 (3min)-3 best scores to count), $5/rider team fee must be paid in full by noon Friday for the team to be qualified for awards ---riders at any level, with at least one rider at prelim or above. 3 must finish but all 5 will get award. Rider may participate on multiple teams with different horses, even at same level. Area VII adult riders may offer awards as well. Thoroughbred Incentive Program awards and potentially other special awards. Individuals are responsible to sign up in show office for any awards or teams. Everyone please plan to visit show office to receive their awards--we do not plan to mail them to you unless you pay postage-- prizes to tenth all divisions -- not just that beautiful ribbon. 

Stabling:  Limited number 12x12 stalls, with full doors, additional portable chinook stalls, 10' X 10', with full doors,  $160.00 for the weekend (12 am Wed-Mon am). Tack stalls may be available (probably in the portable stabling) at stall rate for the weekend. Additional nights @ $35.00/night in assoc. with the show and must be pre-arranged with the Spokane Sport Horse Farm. There are a limited number of uncovered, metal paddocks at $85.00 for the weekend. Initial bedding provided additional available for purchase, $10/bale. . Stalls may not be altered in any manner. Horses hauling in for the show must pay the $40.00 grounds fee per horse.
$15 stall cleaning deposit (paid with entry). Region pony club and area VII Young Riderss will clean stalls to fund raise. ONLY horses entered in the show are to be on the grounds, unless special arrangements have been made with Spokane Sport Horse Farm.  Veterinarian:  Kris Belles, West Plains Animal Hospital.  Farrier:  TBA.


Motels:  You may camp on the grounds.  LIMITED NUMBER OF HOOK UPS AVAILABLE for $20.00/night. Please contact host facility for hook-up availability (509) 999-6611.  Ramada Inn - Airport - SPECIAL SHOW RATE CODE L03 and the rate is $82.90 this rate includes breakfast.  You must use the code to receive the special rate. (509) 838-5211. There are multiple other hotels within 10 miles of the facility.


Test & arena sizes:   All dressage tests except Advanced A or Intermediate A (both in 20 x 60) will be ridden in a 20m X 40m arena with sand and rubber footing. Tests maybe ridden in an indoor or outdoor arena. Intro & BN: 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A. Novice: 2014 USEF Novice Test A. Training: 2014 USEF Training Test A. Preliminary: 2014 USEF Preliminary Test A. Intermediate: 2014 USEF Intermediate  Test A. Advanced: 2014 USEF Advanced Test A.

AI/Intermediate 3200 @ 550 m/min and 28 efforts  P:  2800 @ 520 mpm with 26 obstacles. T:2500m @ 450 mpm, 24 obstacles. N: 2200m @ 400 mpm, 20obstacles. BN: 2000m @ 350 mpm 18 obstacles. Intro: 1600m @ 300 mpm 14 obstacles.
Footing is sandy loam in open fields and improved paths with terrain changes.  Open fields and trails through wooded areas for all divisions. Includes banks, ditches and water for BN-N-T-P -I   Many Intro and BN fences at maximum size and include versions of standard portable fences (cabin, table, oxers, corners, etc.).   Because of terrain changes all these courses should be considered fairly challenging for the levels.  N-T -P - I.   also  are up to course standard   . There are several elevation changes on the course so fit horses are suggested if planning to move up a level.  Cross-Country course closed after May 1. 
Other Information:


Cross-Country course closed after May 1. Prior schooling by special arrangement with Spokane Sport Horse Farm. (509-999-6611)
Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant: state preferences (novice horse, novice rider  but multiple horses may be placed in different divisions for scheduling ease)  under eligible section and birth date on entry. Juniors and young riders will have a combined division as a minimum at each level (we love our younger XC participants).  Several Food vendors on grounds.  Dogs must be leashed on a nonretractable leash and kept away from all arenas including the cross-country course during competition.  Any loose dogs will pay a $50.00 donation to SpokAnimal Inland NW Humane Society. Please clean up after your dog on the grounds and cross country course. 
Thursday dressage schooling show  $20 office fee. $20 haul-in fee if not stabled. $25 any test, declare level and test. May do multiples of same or different tests. Prizes to be of useful type, small ribbons to eighth , entry form located on farm web site. Subject to cancellation if not enough interest. 
Probably a competitor party saturday pm. One ticket included per entry, others will be available for purchase for provided food. Anyone welcome to come and join fun. Beer and wine garden to be benefit Spokanimal humane society. 

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