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Stone Gate Farm H.T. (Sep 2016) Omnibus Listing


Intercollegiate Team Challenge is open to riders who are currently enrolled at a university or college (a copy of a college ID must be submitted with entry). Colleges and Universities may submit teams of riders or any eligible riders who are not part of a college team may submit an individual entry (be sure to include school name) and the organizer will put you on a team. All levels and all schools are eligible to be on a team and teams may represent a mix of levels and schools. There is no special fee to participate. Teams of three to four will compete for awards.

Preliminary / Training Division: Prelim Dressage & Show Jumping and Training Cross Country.  Cross Country speed will be 470mpm

Show Jumping Equitation Class: A limited number of additional show jumping rounds will be held AFTER the event show jumping round. Riders will be judged on position and correct use of the aids and will receive a score sheet with judge's comments. Fee: $20.

Change Made 08/31/2016
Comment: Accepting Post Entries through 9-6-2016 with PE Fee applied. Late entries MUST be processed and paid ONLINE.
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USEA Event ID: 16285
Stone Gate Farm H.T. | Hanoverton, OH (AREA VIII)

Event Date: Sep 17-18, 2016

Open Date: Aug 02 Close Date: Aug 30

Address: 31407 Schneider Rd., Hanoverton, OH 44423 Click here for more detailed directions and a link to a Google Map.  Whinnery Rd is hilly, narrow & curvy, best to stay on State Routes.
From Salem & SR 45: go south on S.R. 9 for 6.3 mi. turn left (east) on Schneider Rd. (only left) Stone Gate Farm sign on telephone pole. Farm is 3/4 mi. on right hand side. Drive to Stables is past the house at the bottom of the hill.
From the Intersection of SR 172 & 9: Go North on SR 9 for 1 mile to the first Rd. Schneider Rd. only goes to the right. Grounds on right 3/4 mile. There will be a sign on the telephone pole at the end of Schneider Rd.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Starter

Tentative Schedule:
Fri: Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Dressage (P/T/N/BN/S)-8 am; Show Jumping (OP/OT//ON/ BN /Starter)-10:00 Note: Starter will ALL be run on Sat.  Competitors will do their Show Jumping in cross-country gear and will go directly from Show Jumping to Cross-country.
SUN: Cross-country-8:30 P, T, N, BN  (order & start time may change depending on the courses and position of the sun).
Starting Times:
Online by Wed. Sept. 14, & updates. Please do not call before that date for times.  However, we encourage competitors to check their 'entry status' to make sure your file is updated and correct.
Event Officials

TD: Jeri Fuller-Matheny KY
Judges: Pres: Carol Kozlowski, NY  Dressage Judges:  TBA
SJ Judge:  Marlene Thomas, PA
CD:X-C: Jackie Smith, OH     SJ: Leigh Fischer, NY

Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Penne Colao
1431 Shenango Rd.
Darlington, PA 16115
Phone: 724-544-7394 between 7 and 10 pm weekdays, daytime on weekends PLEASE do NOT call during work hours.
E-mail: [email protected]

MUST mail entry, coggins, SGF Release Form and payment (if not paid by credit card) and postmarked within TWO days of the on-line submission. If not postmarked within 2 days, entry will be assigned a postmark on the date it is complete.  Any Xentry that is NOT paid for by closing date will be assessed a late fee.

Draw checks to Stone Gate, LLC.


Org: Jackie Smith, 31407 Schneider Rd. Hanoverton, OH 44423, (330) 222-2089, [email protected]

Event Fees Directory - see individual section for details. Draw checks to Stone Gate, LLC.
Entry: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:"EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT" Entries postmarked by Aug 16thP/T: $140.00; N/BN: $130.00; Starter $80 and may withdraw through Sept 6th and get entry & stabling refund less $25 office fee.  Entries postmarked after Aug 16th and by Aug 30th- P/T: $160.00; N/BN: $150.00; Starter $100.00.  Entries may be accepted after closing date ONLY  if there is room.  Entries MUST be made AND paid for via Xentry-P/ T: $180.00; N / BN: $170.00; Starter $120.00.
Stabling: $75.00 weekend.
Stall Cleaning Deposit: $25.00 (separate check for each horse).
Stall Cleaning Service: $10/stall, if paid with entry stall deposit not required.  Please make note on stabling form OR Click Here to sign up on line.
PLEASE ... separate checks for each horse. Xentry preferred: signature page, coggins, stall deposit (if applicable) and payment MUST be postmarked within 2 days or entry. Entry will NOT be processed until payment is received. All entries include a $25 non-refundable office fee. BN competitors who are not USEA members must pay additional $25 with entry. 2' Starter Test does NOT require USEA/USEF Membership; USEA Starter D&M Fees do not apply. If oversubscribed, priority given to USEA members. Preliminary competitors must be include a copy of USEF card. T.I.P. entries must submit a copy of their T.I.P. card. Intercollegiate Entries must send a copy of their student ID. Entry errors that are $25 or less will be considered contributions to the cross country building fund. $25 fee for any changes after closing date. Separate check of $25 stall cleaning deposit or stall will not be held (check will be destroyed if stall is left clean). Any bounced check will be charged a $25 fee. Refunds: Before C.D. - Less $25 non-refundable office fee; "EARLY BIRD ENTRIES" have until Sept 6th to withdraw and receive a full refund less $25 office fee. After C.D. - Entry less $25 ONLY if place filled from waiting list. On grounds stabling-In full ONLY if place filled from wait list and if notified by Sept 14th. Withdrawals must be received by 9:00 pm via e-mail. USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test. Competition cancellation-After expenses.
Current Neg. Coggins (dated after Sept 17, 2015) is required for all horses.
If entries are accepted after closing date, must enter AND paid for via Xentry.

Competitor Information
Prize & 8 ribbons per division. T.I.P. Awards: ribbon and prize money for best scoring TB in ALL divisions including Starter (must include a copy of their T.I.P. card with entry, must be received before the start of the competition) Intercollegiate Team Awards (must include copy of student ID).

Limited. $75/stall from Friday to Sunday for on grounds. Fills up fast. 74 perm. 10' x 10' stalls with gates on grounds. Off grounds stabling 6 - 12 miles away. Stall gates on ALL stalls. One bag of shavings will be provided. A limited number of Bagged shavings will be available for purchase @ $7/bag, must be pre-ordered either with entry or order shavings on-line  by Wed. Sept 6th. May pay at check-in. Bedding will be in your stall upon arrival. Stabling requests handled on a first come basis. PLEASE USE ONLY ONE NAME FOR "STABLE WITH". On grounds stabling is NOT appropriate for stallions, must stable off grounds. Veterinarian: Dr. David Smith (lives on grounds), (330) 222-1828 or cell 330-424-2310. # posted in the dome & sec'y's office. Stall Cleaning Service $10/stall. Indicate on entry form or sign up on-line for stall cleaning service  If paying for the stall cleaning service the $25 stall deposit is not required.  If paid at competition, deposit check will be destroyed.

NEW Holiday Inn Express in Salem (330) 408-9119 Days Inn-(330) 420-0111, Barnetts (330)337-8758 Guilford Lake Campgrounds (330) 222-1712. Capehart Motel (Lisbon), (330) 424-3413. Frola Motel-12 mi., (330) 424-3590. A block of rooms will be held until 8/31 at the Days Inn, as for Stone Gate Farm rate. More listed on Google Map on website.

Test & arena sizes: P-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T-2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N-2014 USEF Novice Test B-Sm.  BN-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B -Sm. Starter - 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A Arenas: 2 Sand, 1 grass if necessary.

P-2800 m @ 520 mpm. T-2400 m @ 450 mpm.  N- 2000 m @ 350 mpm. BN-1800 m @ 325 mpm/max. fence height 2'7". Starter 1200m, time only used to break ties. Terrain: Rolling hills, mostly open; water optional on BN, banks & ditches BN - P.  Starter will NOT have banks, ditches possibly a water option. Some horses / riders may find the terrain challenging depending on their experience.  Courses and questions are appropriate for the level and end of season. Course maps will be available on My Course Walk.  Cross-country Course closed Aug 30. 
Other Information:
Cross-country Course closed Aug 30. 
Entry limit 150: Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant. Divisions will be divided by age and / or experience.  Please check eligible Section and birth date on entry.
include a legible e-mail address and check website regularly for updates before the event.
Paper Pinnies
WILL be used. Weather permitting, xc schooling will be available for one hour after the completion of cross country, $25/ horse, free to volunteers. Must check in, sign a waiver, & get pinney. The 2' Starter Test does NOT require USEA/USEF Membership OR association fees.
are always welcomed.  For more information and to sign up click here
Dogs must be leashed.
NO motorized vehicles in hay fields.
Note: Parking is limited, please be considerate & co-operative. Motor homes that are NOT attached to a horse trailer will have to park in the day parking field. Only tow vehicles parked in front of the trailer and official vehicles will be allowed in the stabling parking area. If staying overnight horses must be stabled; NO tying to or leaving horses in trailers.

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