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Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event and Horse Trials (Sep 2016) Omnibus Listing

USEA Area IX Championships will be held in the following divisions: I, P, T, N, BN, and Intro
Change Made 09/06/2016
Comment: Changes to the Tentative Schedule - see the online listing.
The Colorado Horse Park requires the following upon entry: your horses current negative coggins certificate, a health certificate within 7 days of arrival and a list of your horses vaccination record with the dates they were given.

Changes to the Tentative Schedule - see online listing.  

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USEA Event ID: 16252
Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event and Horse Trials | Parker, CO (AREA IX)

Event Date: Sep 15-18, 2016

Open Date: Aug 02 Close Date: Aug 30
FEI Open Date: Aug 02 FEI Close Date: Aug 30


Showgrounds Address: 7375 Bayou Gulch Rd, Parker, CO 80134. ALL HORSES MUST ENTER BAYOU GULCH RD ENTRANCE
From North: I25 South exit Lincoln, east to Parker road(#83), south (right on Parker Road. Go 6.5 miles. Turn east (left) on Bayou Gulch road (there is a traffic light). Enter west entrance of Colorado Horse Park adjacent to Ponderosa High School
From South: I25 N exit Castle Rock Highway (#86) east. At Franktown turn north (left) on Highway #83. Go approx, 3 miles to Bayou Gulch Road (there is a traffic light), turn east (right). Enter west entrance of Colorado Horse Park adjacent to Ponderosa High School


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:A,I,I-Ch,P,P-Ch
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T3D,T,T-Ch,N,N-Ch,BN,BN-Ch
USEA Recognized Test:N3D,Intro

Tentative Schedule:
Thurs: Paid schooling starting at 11 am; N & T3D jog at 4 pm. Cross-country course open 3:00 PM.
Fri: Dressage starting at 9:00 am.
Sat: Cross Country times TBA.
Sun: Show Jumping TBA; N & T3D jog at 8:00 am. 

Starting Times:
Starting times will be on website after 6:00 PM on September 15.  After CD entry status will be listed on
Event Officials
TD: Wayne Quarles, KY   Assist. TD: John Clay, MS
Judges: Pres. Janis Linnan, ID  
GJ Members: (A,I-Ch,I,P-Ch,P,N3D,T3D) Frances O'Reilly, WA; (T-Ch,T,N-Ch,N,BN-Ch,BN,Intro-Ch) Sheila Strickler, AZ, Deeda Randle, WY
CD: XC: James Atkinson, CA  SJ: CIs: Sarah Kotchian Dubost, CA
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Rick Dunkerton, Event Secretary
PO Box 1647
Laurel, MS 39441
Phone (601) 498-3330
Or enter on line at

Draw checks to; Colorado Horse Park.

Organizer: Vivien Van Buren (303) 883-6560  email: [email protected]

Draw checks to; Colorado Horse Park. Payment for entry fees by Visa/MC accepted. Fax entry with credit card info. to the number listed above.
Entry: T3D: $475.00; N3D: $450.00; Advanced $350.00; I,I-Ch,P,P-Ch: $275.00; T,T-Ch,N,N-Ch,BN,BN-Ch: $245.00; Intro-Ch: $235.00.
Stabling: $135.00.
Additional nights: $35.00 each night.
Tack stall: $135.00.
Day Turnout Paddock: $50.00.
Grounds fee: $30.00 (non-stabled horses).
Competitor Dinner: $15.00 (extra tickets, non-competitors).

Entries: Enter online at Entry fee includes $25 non-refundable office fee. Checks and credit card charges will be processed upon entry acceptance. Double entries not accepted. Refunds before CD less $25 dollar non refundable office fee. Refunds after closing date: stabling and USEA fees. **All scratches/ changes must be in writing, email, or fax. Changes after closing date subject to availability of slots in other divisions. A late entry fee of up to $50 for entries received after closing date. Neg. Coggins required within 12 months for all horses.  Copy of Coggins must accompany entry. A health certificate within 7 days of each horse's arrival is required upon entrance to facility. For HT exhibitors an approved and completed medical card or medical bracelet is required any time while jumping.

Vaccination requirement: All horses participating in USEF Events must be vaccinated against equine influenza, according to the following minimum protocol: An initial Primary course of two vaccinations must be given; the second vaccination must be administered within 21-92 days of the first vaccination. The first booster must be given within seven calendar months following the date of administration of the second vaccination of the Primary course.  All horses that were certified as correctly receiving the Primary course prior to January 1, 2005 (under previous regulations), are not required to fulfill the requirement for the first booster, providing there has been no lapse in their vaccination regime.  Booster Vaccinations: a) The minimum booster frequency is every 12 Months. b)However for horse competing, the last booster must have been given with in 6 months plus 21 days (and not with in 7 days) before arrival at the event.

All Advanced, Intermediate and Preliminary, must include copy of USEF Member card for rider and owner with entry. 
Competitor Information
HT: Ribbons through tenth place and awards in-kind or prize money through third place paid by check to the owner of the horse listed on entry.  
Prize Money: Advanced - $10,000 through sixth. Prize money paid by check to owner of horse as listed on entry.  

First Place Advanced Qualifying Horse/Rider combination receives an invitation to the Wellington Eventing Showcase in 2017.
Stabling: $135 for duration Wednesday through Sunday.  $35 for each additional night.  Turn out paddock day use only $50 for those horses stabled. If space permits, day stalls may be rented for $35/night. 300 perm. stalls on grounds. Stall doors provided. Tack stalls $135. $30 one time grounds fee per horse for non-stabled horses.  All fees must be included with entry.  Contact the show secretary for bedding and feed orders. NO SHAVINGS ARE INCLUDED WITH STALLS. Order feed and bedding in advance by email: Rick Dunkerton, [email protected]  
Veterinarian: Littleton Equine Medical Center (303) 794-6359  

Accommodations: Camping: RV Parking with hook up on Grounds $40 per night (reserve with entry). contact show secretary; Hampton Inn & Suites, Parker (303) 841-2977; Holiday Inn, Parker (303) 248-2147; Super 8, Parker (720) 851-2644 Hilton Garden Inn, Denver South (303) 824-1550.

Dressage: Test and Arena Sizes: A - 2014 USEF Advanced Test B- STD. I/I-CH - 2014 USEF Intermediate Test B - STD.  P/P-CH - 2014 USEF Preliminary Test B - STD.  T/T-CH - 2014 USEF Training Test B - SM.  N/N-CH - 2014 USEF Novice Test B - SM.  BN/BN_CH - 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B - SM. Intro-CH - 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-SM.  T3D - USEF 2014 Training Three Day Test - STD.  N3D - USEA 2012 Novice Three Day Test - STD. 

A - approx 3300 meters @ 570 m/m,  I/I-CH - approx 3200 meters @ 550m/m  P/P-CH- approx 2600 meters @520m/m, T/T-CH-approx 2300meters @ 450m/m, N/N-CH-approx 1900 Meters @ 400m/m. BN/BN-CH-approx 1600 meters 350m/m. Intro-CH - approx 1500 meters @300 m/m.  T3D - approx 2300meters @ 450m/m, and N3D - approx 1900 Meters @ 400m/m.  Grass footing with rolling terrain, Water on all courses.  Courses appropriate for horses with some experience at their levels.  Includes 2 or 3 water complexes, James Atkinson - Builder. Cross country course closed after August 22, 2016.
Other Information:

Please do not call Horse Park main office for information. Go to for information about the schooling area.
Food on grounds.
Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant. State preference under the eligible section and put birth date on entry.
Any dog caught off leash will be charged $50, to go to jump building fund.  Friday evening competitor party included in entry for competitors.  $15 per person for each additional ticket, please include reservations and money with entry.  Please fill out information about your horse and competition history on bottom of entry form for announcer.
Due to state and county requirements, no unauthorized, motorized vehicles of any kind will be allowed on the cross country course.  Limited number of golf carts available on grounds.  Incomplete or illegible entries may be returned.

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