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Pine Top Advanced, CIC3,CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T. (Feb 2016) Omnibus Listing

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USEA Event ID: 16144
Pine Top Advanced, CIC3,CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T. | Thomson, GA (AREA III)

Event Date: Feb 25-28, 2016

Open Date: Jan 12 Close Date: Feb 09

Farm Address: 1432 Augusta Rd, Thomson, GA 30824. Farm is 2 miles east of Thomson on US 78/278.
FROM I-20 EASTBOUND: Exit 172, left on GA 17, 1/2 mile to light at NEW GA 17 bypass. Turn right, then go straight thru next two stop lights, cross RR overpass to stop light at US 78/278 East/Augusta Highway. Turn left, main farm entrance is 3/4 mile on left at brick sign.
FROM I-20 WESTBOUND: Exit 175, left on GA 150, 2 miles to NEW GA 17 bypass. Turn left, go through one light, cross RR overpass to stop light at US 78/278 East/Augusta Highway. Turn left, main farm entrance is 3/4 mile on left at brick sign.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:CIC3,CIC2,CIC1,A,I,IH,I-JY,IR,P,P-JY,PR
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,T-JY,TR

Tentative Schedule:
The schedule is VERY TENTATIVE and may change, please keep checking close to event by checking our Facebook page and website.  Check the online onmibus for updates as well.
  CIC: Horse check-in starts 12:00pm;  Cross-country course open-3 pm.

Fri:  FEI CIC3*,CIC2*&  CIC1*will run as a one day.   Dressage: 8:00AM: Show Jumping 9:30AM: Cross-country-1 PM. CIC: Examination on Arrival (Eventing Regulations 524.2.3, see Annex VI), starting at 6:30 am, at Barn A ( Red barn with center aisle behind office) Barn check-in & vaccination verification starts at 6:30 am.
FRI:  Advanced will do dressage, 8:00AM and Show Jumping to follow
Sat:  I/P/T: Dressage starts at 8:00 am followed by show jumping at 10 amIntermediate starts first in all phases.
Sun: I/ P/T :  Cross-country starts approx. 9 am. Intermediate goes first, Prelim next, then Training.

Starting Times:
Available February 24, on
Event Officials
TD: (CIC,A,I) Wayne Quarles (USA)     Assist TD: Pat Maykuth (GA);  TD: (P,T) Pat Maykuth (GA)
Ground Jury Pres: CIC3* Jo Young (CAN); Member: Heather Buckland (AUS),
Ground Jury Pres: CIC2* Heather Buckland (AUS); Member: Cindy DePorter (USA)
Ground Jury Pres: CIC1* and National Divisions Cindy DePorter (USA); Member: Amanda Miller Atkins, NC 
Dressage Judges: Jodi Lees (SC); Sandy Osborn (GA); Charlie Musco (NC)
SJ Judge: TBD
FEI Steward: Dana Diemer (USA); Assist Steward: Heidi Beaumont (CT)
CD:X-C: Derek di Grazia (USA);  SJ: Chris Barnard (NY)
X-C Course Builder: Rob Mobley (TN)
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Enter On-Line: EventEntries and pay with credit card.


Mail entries to:
Rick Dunkerton, Secretary
PO Box 1647
Laurel, MS  39441
601-498-3330, Fax: 601-426-9984 During competition: (706) 595-1906.Fax: 706-595-3792
Email: [email protected] - Please communicate by e-mail... no phone calls.

Draw checks to: PTF LLC Advanced H.T.

Fees not received by closing date, 2/9/16, will owe a $75 late fee per entry, strictly enforced.
If entry hand delivered, contact must be made with organizer to verify receipt, must be by closing date.
Non-postmarked entries (i.e. on-line stamps) must arrive by 2/9/16, or a $75 late fee will be owed. 
Checks for online entries must be received 7 days after online entry or by closing date, whichever comes first.

No checks drawn on Foreign OR Canadian Banks, including money orders. Must have a US routing number on check or entry will be refused - No Exceptions!  This is because of International clearing house fees charged to us per non-US check.

No rides scheduled without prior payment.  No exceptions.

Org: Janet and Glenn Wilson, [email protected] (706) 449-2029
Media contact:  Virginia Wilson, [email protected]
Volunteer coordinator: Janet Wilson [email protected]  PLEASE COMMUNICATE BY E-MAIL..NO PHONE CALLS.
We are running multiple days of x-c.  This is only possible with LOTS of volunteers.   Please volunteer to help make this possible.


Event Fees Directory:No one scheduled without prior payment. Please enter through Evententries and pay with credit card. Entries may be mailed in with check or money order, draw checks to PTF LLC Advanced HT.   All fees must be received by closing date, 2/9/16, or a $75 late fee per entry will be owedNon-postmarked entries (i.e. on-line stamps) must arrive by 2/9/16, or a $75 late fee will be owed.   If entry hand delivered to organizer, must arrive by CD 2/9/16,  and contact must be made to verify receipt.  One check per horse-no exceptions, if not, you will have to wait on a refund if you scratch one of the horses before CD.  One check per horse, allows us to tear up the check if you scratch one of the horses before CD. One horse per stable form. No checks drawn on Foreign OR Canadian Banks, including money orders. Must have a US routing number on check or money order, or entry will be refused - No Exceptions!
All money owed at check-in must be paid in cash.  This has been our policy for last 10 years.

?Attention US riders: Entries for ALL FEI competitions must be submitted to the FEI through the USEF online entry system 
or they will not be considered complete. There is no fee to submit an entry through this system. Athletes MUST also enter the events (and pay the entry fees) through the normal entry process. Please also pay close attention to the closing date in the FEI Definite Schedule. Foreign riders need to contact their National Federation. 

Entry: CIC3*: $375; CIC2*/1*: $345.00;  A/I/P: $235.00;  PT/T: $205.00.
Stabling: $130.00, Add'l non-show nights: $ 20.00: NC horse stabling $155.00 (includes $25 surcharge) Riders cannot sell their stalls. Stalls must be booked and paid in advance of competition. Stalls will be checked for compliance.
Shavings: $8.00 per bag.
Stall Deposit cleaning fee:
No deposit, but if stall not left clean of all scattered hay, manure, including manure balls and urine, a $25 fine will be charged.
Grounds fee: $ 55.00 (non-stabled horses).
Surcharge: $ 25.00 (non-compete stabled horses).
RV hook-up: $ 45.00 per night, 2 nights stay or greater, will get priority over 1 night reservations if overbooked. (specify if you need 50 amps or if camper is large.  May limit your "stable with" request.
Tack Stalls: $130.00 (if space available).
LATE FEE:  $75.00 (after 2/9/16).

Fees not received by closing date, 2/9/16, will owe a $75 late fee per entry, strictly enforced.
Draw checks to: PTF LLC Advanced HT.
Returned checks owe $50 fee.

No entry scheduled without payment. Please enter through EventEntries and pay with credit card. If entering by mail, payment must be received by closing date, 2/9/16, or a $75 late fee per entry will be owed.  No one scheduled without prior payment to event. All fees not received by closing date 2/9/16, will owe $75 per entry late fee. Non-postmarked entries (i.e. on-line stamps) must arrive by 2/9/16, or a $75 late fee will be owed.    Hand delivered entries must be received by closing date and contact must be made with organizer to verify receipt.  Draw checks to PTF LLC  Advanced H.T.  Riders, owners, and trainers at preliminary and above MUST send current copies of all USEF membership cards by 2/19/16 or a $30 non-refundable fee will be owed. Foreign riders MUST send copy of their current national federation membership card.  $55 grounds fee for non-stabled horses. $25 surcharge for non-entered stabled horses. Double entries: Not accepted. Advanced competitors have the option to enter division based on riding Advanced dressage test A or B. ( B is the easier of the 2 test). Please indicate on entry form which division you would like to enter. If no division is listed, you will be placed in Adv-Test B. If there are not enough entries to fill both divisions, only Test B will be offered. Refunds: Before C.D.-full refund minus $25 office fee (If paid by check, check will be torn up); After C.D. 2/9/16. refund, minus $25 office fee if same spot can be filled from wait list (if there is a wait list). No refunds after 2/21/16. If for any reason the show is canceled- Partial credit.  Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee. USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test or if applicable the first horse inspection.
CIC horses must have a FEI Number and National passport: Foreign horses must have a valid FEI passport and FEI Number.
CIC riders must have a valid FEI number, Foreign riders must have both a letter of permission in English from their home NF stating that they have permission to compete, including the names of the horse(s), and are in good standing of that NF and meet any and all other requirements necessary as well as having a current FEI registration.
All Horse and riders (including Foreign) must have a current USEA number and all horses must have a full registration USEA number.
All applicable numbers, letters of permission and membership cards, must get  to Pine Top secretary by 2/19/16 or a $30 late fee will be owed.
If space available,(call secretary to see if space is available) entries post marked after CD of 2/9/16, have to enter thru EventEntries and pay with credit card.  A $75 late fee will apply.
Be prepared to show Coggins within 12 months, you do not need to mail with entry.
Scratches & changes must be e-mailed or faxed, no phone calls, change of horse or rider requires new entry to be faxed or e-mailed.   INCOMPLETE ENTRIES RECEIVE NO POSTMARK UNTIL THE DAY THEY ARE MADE COMPLETE, INCLUDING FEES,NUMBERS & STABLE FORM. $25 fee for each change made to entry and/or stabling at any time.  All monies owed at check in, are to be paid in cash, no checks or credit cards. Check EventEntries for entry status & other info. No other notification method will be used for incomplete entries, etc. 

Check status & contact secretary immediately if in wrong division, etc.  Do not wait until times are done, check status after you enter.

Check Pine Top's facebook page at pinetopeventing frequently for schedule updates

Competitor Information
Prizes & 8 ribbons per division. CIC divisions-prize and 8 ribbons per division.
$130 per stall , (tack stalls $130 if there is room) 150 perm. stalls on grounds. Extra non-show nights=$20 each.  Ability to stable by groups maybe limited and may not be available if entering late. Grounds fee for non-stabled horses $55. Stabling for non-entered horses $155( includes $25 surcharge) & may be limited. Stall doors/initial bedding provided, extra bags $8, prepaid shavings will be delivered to stall. Riders cannot sell their stalls.  Stalls must be booked and paid for in advance of competition.  Stall will be checked for compliance.
Stalls must be left clean of all all hay, manure including loose manure balls and urine spots or a $25 fine will be imposed.
FEI Vet Delegate Dr. Jim Hamilton, #910-528-1119...Treating Vet Dr. Kim Keeton # 706-612-6018, will be posted at office.
Last year, stalls and RV's booked up early, so if you want to be on stabled on grounds, please enter and pay early.  If not you will have to stable off grounds so avoid heartache and enter early.

Ask for Pine Top Rates! White Columns Inn-5 mi.,  (706) 595- 8000. RV: Limited electric/water hookups available, $45/day, 2 nights or greater reservations will be given priority if RV's overbooked.  Pay in advance to reserve hookups. RV must be labeled with owner's name and cell phone number.   No tent camping.

Test & arena sizes: CIC3*-2015 FEI Eventing Three-star Test A-Std. CIC2*-2015 FEI Eventing Two-star Test A-Std. CIC1*-2015  FEI Eventing One-star Test B-Std.  Adv-2014 USEF Advanced Test A or B-Std (see Entry section, Test B is the default test if none specified). I-2014 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P-2014 USEF Preliminary Test B-Std. T-2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm. Arenas: Sand, warm-up grass.
CIC3* 3750m @ 570 mpm . CIC2*-3400m @ 550 mpm; CIC1*-3100m @520 mpm. A-3600m @ 570 mpm.  I-3500m @ 550 mpm. P-3100m @ 520 mpm. T-2600m @470 mpm.  Terrain: Excellent footing of well established sand-based turf on 200 acres of rolling pastures with some woods, good galloping courses. No clay or stones. All courses: Substantial fences. For horses with experience at this level. Courses will be near maximum height, distance and efforts, with ditches, multiple waters, corners, & skinnies.  FEI courses will have some differences from national levels. No fences shared with different levels. Cross-country course closed before event.

Other Information:
Cross-country course closed before event.
Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and put birth date on entry.
Excellent concessions on grounds by Thomson High Band Boosters, open early for breakfast
Dogs must be leashed.  Close gates at night around barns.
Non competing horses NOT allowed in warm up areas during competition, fully enforced, must get bridle number from secretary and wear at all times when out of stall.
Please correspond by email. Do not call.
No smoking! All money owed at check-in must be paid in cash, this has been our policy for years.
Enter and pay early to be sure you get in and have a stall.  Last year we booked up early on stalls and RV's.
Keep checking our Facebook page pinetopeventing for updates as well as as our website

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