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Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (Jan 2016) Omnibus Listing

Change Made 12/09/2015
Comment: Changes with Tentative Schedule - see listing.
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USEA Event ID: 16134
Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. | Altoona, FL (AREA III)

Event Date: Jan 29-31, 2016

Open Date: Dec 15 Close Date: Jan 12


Address: 44200 S.R. 19N, Altoona, FL 32702
From Ocala: Rte 40 east approx. 50 miles to S.R. 19. Take S.R. 19 south approx. 15 miles, farm will be on the left.
From North of Jacksonville: I-95 South to I-295 South to Orange Park exit (Hwy 17). Turn right on Hwy 17 and go to Palatka, turn south onto S.R. 19 just before Palatka. Go approx. 40 miles, cross over Hwy 40, go another 15 miles, farm on the left.
From Orlando Airport: Beeline Expressway (Hwy 528) west (towards Orlando) to Florida Turnpike north (towards Ocala) to Hwy 429 north (towards Apopka) to Hwy 441 north (towards Mt. Dora) to S.R. 19 north in Eustis. Farm on right,18 miles.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:I,IR,IP,P,PH,PR
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,TH,TR,N,NH,NR,BN,BNR

Tentative Schedule:

Thurs: Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Note: All Intermediate and 60 Prelim horses who want to run a 1 day will be scheduled on Friday. All other Prelim will follow Friday and Saturday schedule.
I/P 1-day Dressage-8:00 am; Show Jumping-10:00 am; Cross-country-10:30 am.
Fri: P/T Dressage-8:00 am; Show Jumping-10:00 am.
Sat: P/T Cross-country-8:00 am. T/N/BN: Dressage-8:00 am, Show Jumping-10:00 am.
Sun: T/N/BN Cross-country-8:00 am.

Starting Times:

Available Jan. 27 on the website or call 352- 669-9982. Times will not be mailed. Times will be emailed to competitors.

Event Officials
TD: Ana Schravesande, TX
Judges: Pres: Marilyn Payne, NJ
Dressage Judges: Charlotte Trentelman, FL; Susan Graham White, MD; Jodi Ely, FL; Tina Drake, FL
SJ Judge: Marilyn Payne, NJ
CD: X-C: Morgan Rowsell, NJ  SJ: Jan Brodkin, FL
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Rick Dunkerton 
c/o AMS
P.O. Box 1647
Laurel, MS 39441
Phone: (601) 498-3330
Fax: (601) 426-9984
[email protected]

Register Online at Visa/MC, Discover, AmEx & checks accepted.

Draw Checks to Rocking Horse Stables

Org: Jeanne Merrill, P.O. Box 416, Altoona, FL 32702, Phone: (352) 669-9982, Fax: (352) 669-7689, [email protected]

Draw Checks to Rocking Horse Stables.
Entry: I/P:
$215; T/N/BN: $185.
Stabling: $150 for duration of event. Stall Cleaning Deposit: $25.00 (separate check).
Grounds Fee: $40 for duration of event.
Entries include a $25 non-refundable office fee. Faxed entries WILL NOT be accepted. Double entries: Not accepted. Refunds: Before C.D.-less $25 non-refundable office fee; withdrawals will not be honored unless faxed, emailed or mailed on or before C.D. NO PHONE WITHDRAWLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. After C.D.-Refund only if there is a waiting list. Ship-in fees refunded. Stabling fee refunded if stall is filled.  USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
Changes made to an entry after C.D. will be subject to a $25 processing fee. No changes to entry starting Tuesday before the event.
Late entries (if space allows) will be subject to a $50 late fee. Competition Cancellation-no refund. X-C Pinny/Holder/Insert Required.
Copy of current neg. coggins within 12 months must accompany entry. 30 day health certificate required at the Florida State line.
PLEASE include a winter address and email on your entry form.
Competitor Information
Prizes & 8 ribbons per division.

Temporary stabling: $150 for duration of event. $25 stall cleaning deposit required on a separate check. Stalls must be stripped prior to leaving (check will be destroyed if stall is stripped). Ship in fees: $40 for duration event. Stall doors/initial bedding provided. Veterinarian:# will be posted on stall cards.

Mt. Dora Hampton Inn-16 mi. 352-383-4267; Fox Den-5 mi. 352-669-2151; Moss Gate B&B-5 mi. 352-669-3557; Comfort Inn-12 mi. 352-383-3400; Days Inn-25 mi. 352-787-3131; Budget Inn-18 mi. 352-343-4666. 

Test & arena sizes: I/IP-2014 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P/PT-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T-2014 USEF Training Test A- Sm. N-2014 USEF Novice Test A-Sm. BN-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: 3-Clay & grass if needed.

I-3575 m @ 550 mpm. P-3120 m @ 520 mpm. T-2400 m @ 450 mpm. N-2000m @ 400 mpm. BN-2000m @ 350 mpm. All courses. Flat terrain, good start of the season courses for all levels. Cross Country course will close on Monday, January 25. Will re-open on February 1 if footing allows. Call ahead or check Facebook for updates.
Other Information:
Cross Country course will close on Monday, January 25. Will re-open on February 1 if footing allows. Call ahead or check Facebook for updates.
Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Golf cart's are available through Don's Golf Carts. Please call them directly - (352) 326-2327. 
NO unauthorized cars or trucks on course.
NO golf carts or motorized bikes allowed on course while cross country is running. 
Food vendors available on grounds.
Dogs welcome, but MUST be leashed.
Volunteers earn Rocking Horse Buck's which can be used towards schooling or schooling shows. 
Returned checks will have a $50 returned check fee in addition to the bank fee. 
Look for updates prior to show on Facebook.

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