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Abbe Ranch H.T. (Jun 2015) Omnibus Listing

Fri-Sun or Sat-Sun.  You pick dressage on Fri or Sat for N, BN, I (Elem), PC (Precomp).  Because of scheduling IP,P,T will ride on Fri.  N, BN, I, PC riders, who cannot come to ride dressage on Fri, write Sat dressage on sticky note and attach to entry form or mail with signatures and deposits.  
Entries must be received by Entry Secretary (by USPS) or Xentry (on line) by closing date or earlier to avoid late fees.  Save by postmarking on opening date.
This is our 40th consecutive Abbe Ranch Horse Trial XL with new course designer, jumps & tracks.
Change Made 05/09/2015
Comment: 5/9-Intro (Elem) Division will have a total 15 jumps on the cross-country course.
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USEA Event ID: 16004
Abbe Ranch H.T. | Larkspur, CO (AREA IX)

Event Date: Jun 26-28, 2015

Open Date: May 12 Close Date: Jun 09


Address: 9998 S. Perry Park Rd., Larkspur, CO 80118. Larkspur is located halfway between Denver & Colo. Spgs.
From I-25 going South: Exit 173 Larkspur on DC 53 (Spruce Mountain Rd.) south for 1 mile. Right (west) at STOP SIGN on DC 60 (Perry Park Ave.) for 3 miles. Sharp left (south) at STOP SIGN on DC 105 (Perry Park Rd.) for 1 mile. Abbe Ranch is on left (east).
From I-25 going North: Exit 172 (Lake Gulch Rd.) Left under interstate for 1/4 mile. Left (south) at Tee to DC 53 (Spruce Mountain Rd.). As above. Directions, google map on Abbe Ranch website.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:IP,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Intro,Pre-Comp

Tentative Schedule:

Entry Office hours:  Thur 3pm-7pm, Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-3pm.  Thurs:  Horses may arrive=1 pm, XC course open for inspection=3 pm.   
Fri: Dres. volunteer briefing= 8 am; Dres.=9 am; Refreshments=2 pm; rider briefing=2:30 pm; guided XC course walk=3 pm.
Sat: Dres. volunteer briefing= 8 am; Dres.=9 am; Jump Judge briefing=8 am; Timer briefing=9 am; XC=10 am; Lawn Party=4 pm.
Sun: Volunteer briefing=7 am; Show jumping=8 am; Awards presentation & victory gallop after each level. End of Comp.= approx. 3 pm.

Starting Times:

Alphabetical & numerical ride times plus info riders & supporters need will be emailed approx. 7-10 days before comp. and posted on website:  Or check info at Start Box Scoring > calendar > Area IX > Abbe Ranch Horse Trial.

Event Officials
TD: Thomas D. Ordway, ID "R"
Judges: Pres: Karen Winn, KY "S";  Frances O'Reilly, WA "S",  Deeda Randle, WY "r"
CD:XC: Greg Schlappi, SC "r";  Builder: Richard Farmer, CO
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Elizabeth Marie Smith, Entry Secretary,
Abbe Ranch Horse Trial, 28 Gordon Dr.,
Castle Rock, CO 80104,
[email protected] , 303-688-1409. 

Draw checks to Abbe Ranch.  Mail all (entry form,$s, signatures, deposits, stabling form).  Wave signature requirement for overnight mailings.

Enter online:  USEA's Xentry system (check fees carefully).  Mail all sigs, deposits, $'s not paid to Xentry to Entry Secretary.


Org/Sec: Susan Robinson Farmer, Abbe Ranch, 9998 S. Perry Park Rd., Larkspur, CO 80118, 303-681-3589, [email protected],

Draw checks to Abbe Ranch.  
Entry: IP,P,T,N,BN: $240, discount price is $210 with OD postmark; Intro (Elem) & Pre-Comp (Pre-School) Tests: $200, discount price is $170 with OD postmark.  (see Entries.). Note:  Entries must be received by Entry Sec. or Xentries on Closing Date.  If space permits, after closing, post entries may be accepted, add $50 more.    
Stabling:  Roof= $50/$70/$80 (see stabling).  
Outside Pen= $0.  D
Deposits from everyone (2 sep. checks)
:  Number: $20.00; clean/damage: $40.00.  Note:  Add $10 for each Tues. your entry has not been received.  (We give allowances for post office postmark descrepancies on opening date.) 
Entry fee includes 10x20 pen (if request with stable form), party and $25 NR office fee.  Double entries: Not accepted. All competitors must be USEA members.  Exempt: Intro & Pre-comp riders/horses are exempt from USEA membership/non-membership fees, registration and USEA Starter Fee.  Refunds: Before C.D.=Less $25 non-refundable office fee. Withdrawals must be in writing (letter or email). After C.D.=No refund, but we will help you fill your spot from wait list.  
Changes: Before C.D.=New entry form & $10 change fee (horse &/or rider). (No charge for level change before C.D.). After C.D.=New entry form & $20 change fee.   Other:  Competition cancellation=No refund. Coggins not required. No grounds or camping fee.
(Do not include any membership or non-member fees in check to Abbe Ranch. Write separate check and include with USEF or USEA application.) 
(USEA's policy:  USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.)
Competitor Information

Ribbons to 12th place & your pick of about $3,000 in donated prizes. Nine perpetual trophies= IP/P/T/NSr/NJr/NDressage/BNHorse/BNPony/PonyClub.


Stabling:  All on grounds with stall doors for duration (1pm Thur. to 7pm Sun.). Free 10x20 outside metal pipe pen. Roofed stall with 1 bale shavings, 10x10 (red shed)=$50, 12x12 (yellow barn)=$70 or 12x12 (tent barn)=$80.  Send stabling form for all horses & indicate type of stall preferred or no pen requested to Entry SecStable manager: Lee Anne Thomas, 303-838-7843, [email protected] Veterinarian: Cathy Redeker, c=303-981-7387, Abbe Hills Animal Hospital, 303-681-3260.  Farrier:  Jason Critton, [email protected], 303-345-8114.

Castle Rock-15 miles: Best Western Inn 303-814-8800, Comfort Suites 303-814-9999, Holiday Inn Express 303-660-9733, Quality Inn 303-660-2222. Camping-6mi: Jellystone Park 800-387-9396, 303-681-3169.  Palmer Lake-8 mi: Inn at Palmer Divide, 719-481-1800. On site campers: No charge.  No hookups, fires, or dogs.

Test/arena sizes: IP-2014 USEF Intermediate Test B-Std. P-2014 USEF Preliminary Test B-Std. T-2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N-2014 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. BN-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-Sm.  Intro(Elem) & Pre-Comp (Pre-School)-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: sand.

IP/P-2500m @ 520mpm. T-2400m @ 450mpm. N-2000m @ 400mpm. BN-1900m @ 350mpm; Intro(Elem)-1500m @ 300mpm (15 jumps at 2'3");   Pre-Comp (Pre-School)-1500n @ 300mpm(15 jumps at 18"). Terrain: Good natural footing, grass on sandy loam.  Jumps safe, natural looking, well built and inviting on slope of Raspberry Butte toward Plum Creek Valley.  Great variety of terrain.  Mostly open fields with some woods. Some jumps uphill, some downhill, most across hill.  Equines love to gallop here.  Altitude 7000 ft.  All courses up to standard with water, ditches, etc.  New course designer, tracks, jumps.  See Abbe Ranch website for further info.
Other Information:

XC course always closed except for Abbe Ranch clinic.  See Abbe Ranch website  Volunteer work-days by appt., 9am-4pm or half day.  To volunteer on competition days, contact organizer or entry secretary.  Send prize donations or money to buy prize with donor info (name, address, phone #s, email) and bus. cards to org. or Laura K. Love, [email protected], 303-790-4574 by June 1.  NO DOGS, OTHER PETS, NAUGHTY CHILDREN OR FIRES ALLOWED EVER, not even in your car!

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