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Kelly's Ford Horse Trials (Jul 2015) Omnibus Listing

All division will run on Sunday unless entries warrant to run on Saturday also.  
Change Made 06/11/2015
Comment: 6/10 - Course closed date has been moved up, all courses will close on Monday, June 22nd.
5/15 -Change in secretary and address to mail entry - refer to online listing.  
Paper pinny's will be used for cross-country - all competitors need a pinny bib.
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USEA Event ID: 15920
Kelly's Ford Horse Trials | Remington, VA (AREA II)

Event Date: Jul 05, 2015

Open Date: May 19 Close Date: Jun 16


DIRECTIONS: 16589 Edwards Shop Rd. Remington, VA 22734
From North (Warrenton) or South (Culpeper): Take US 29S (James Madison Hwy) and turn east on Rte. 674 (Elkwood, VA-Post Office on corner) Cross Raiiroad Tracks and bear left onto Kelly's Ford Rd. Go about miles and road will become Edwards Shop Rd. as you pass Kelly's Ford Bridge (Stay Straight!). Take first entrance to Equestrian Center on left about 1/3 mile down.
From East (Fredericksburg on US-17): From I-95 take US-17  North (Warrenton Rd.) for about 15 miles and turn left onto Sumerduck Rd. for about 8 miles and turn left on Kelly's Ford Rd. accross Bridge over Rappahannock River (You will see signage). Turn left on Edwards Shop Rd.and take 1st entrance to Equestrian Center on left about 1/3 mile down.
From East (Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania on Rte. 3): From junction of I-95 and Rte. 3 head west toward Culpeper for about 19 miles to Rte. 620-Yellow Bottom Rd. (Shell gas station on corner).  Turn right for about 2.5 miles to Rte. 610 Eley's Ford Rd. Turn left for 1/2 mile to Rte. 620 Edwards Shop Rd. Turn right for about 5 miles and take 3rd right hand entrance to Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center (Not first entrance to Inn at Kelly's Ford).  


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,TN,N,NBN,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Intro,Starter

Tentative Schedule:
Sat: Cross-Country course open- 3 pm.
Sun: Dressage- 7:30 a.m. (P,PT,T,TN,N, NBN,BN,S,I) Show Jumping- 9:30 a.m. (P,PT,T, TN,N, NBN, BN, S,I) Cross-country- 10:00 a.m. (P,PT,T,TN,N,NBN,BN,S,I). 

All divisions will run on Sunday unless entries warrant to run on Saturday also.  
Starting Times:
STARTING TIMES: Available at under Equestrian Center Events by Wednesday 9 p.m.
Event Officials
TD: Eileen Pritchard-Bryan (r), MD
Judges: Pres: Cathy Tucker Slaterbeck (r), MD  Dressage Judge: Karen Vinsant (r), VA; Gammon Castellvi (r), VA
SJ Judge: Georgine Winslett (R), VA
CD:XC: Mogie Bearden Muller, MD  SJ: Sarah Sprigg
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Enter on line at:, On-line Services, X-Entry or Visa/MC & Checks accepted.

Molly Bull
1316 Antioch Rd.
Scottsville, VA 24590 
(434) 962-0306
[email protected]

Please check website: for updates and additional information. Starter and Introductory Tests should also use 2015 USEA Horse Trial Entry Form and write in Level under "Tests". On-line entries paying by check must be received by closing date for entry to be complete and to avoid late fees. 

Draw checks to Kelly's Ford.

Organizer Bill Willoughby, 16589 Edwards Shop Rd., Remington, VA  22734
Co-Organizer: Sarah Sprigg , [email protected], (443) 655-0084


Draw checks to Kelly's Ford.

All Recognized divisions: P: $205 PT:$200,T:$195,TN: $190.00; N: $185, NBN: $180.00;  BN: $175.00; All Recognized Tests (Starter, Intro): $145.00. Early entry discount of $10 thru April 14th! Late Entries after C.D. will incur additional $40 Late Fee. Any changes after C.D. will incur additional $40 Change Fee.  Please contact Secretary above to see if space permits. Double entries: Not accepted. Faxed entries: Not accepted for recognized divisions but accepted for recognized tests. Returned checks $40 fee.

Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee.  All BN competitors who are not USEA members must pay a $25 non-member fee with entry. Starter and Intro competitors are exempt from USEA Membership/non-membership fees and the USEA Starter/D&M Fees do not apply. Preliminary competitors must be USEF Members or pay a $30 USEF Show Pass Fee.  
Refunds: Before C.D. less $25 non-refundable office fee. Withdrawls will not be honored unless E-mailed or mailed on or before C.D. NO PHONE WITHDRAWLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. After C.D. Entry-no refund, stabling in full.  USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the
dressage test.
Any late entires (if space allows) or changes made to entry after C.D. will be charged a $40 non-refundable Change Fee. No changes starting Tuesday before event unless you are exchanging rider for rider or horse for horse within the same division, but not same level if all are qualified. Competition cancelation: No refund. Entries limited to 400 (200/day). Copy of Negative Coggins Test within 12 months required for all horses and must accompany entry.
Competitor Information
AWARDS: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Prizes & 8 ribbons per division (Un-mounted Awards at scoreboard directly after scores are "Official"). The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P) is awarding a top prize of $75 and ribbons through 6th in the following levels: Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, and Preliminary. Additional Area Adult Team Challenge through 6th place (USEA Members only, that may include professional riders) in BN-P Divisions only, consisting of 3-4 member teams. Please designate Team Name/Members at bottom of Entry Form or email Secretary details before Closing Day.  If you cannot attend awards ceremony just leave us $5 in a pre-addressed manila envelope we provide you and we will mail you your award(s).
STABLING/VETERINARIAN: Limited Stabling on grounds on a first enter first supplied basis. $40/isolated pipe pen stall (10x10) in the indoor arena. Stall doors provided. Additional Box Stall stabling can be accommodated through private farms off-site. Call Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center at  (540) 399-1800 for availability.  Veterinarian on site during competition day only (Blue Mountain Veterinary Practice- Dr. Chris Robertson (540-948-3293). Pager (888) 249-8953, numbers will be posted at Secretary's Office. 
ACCOMMODATIONS: Inn at Kelly' Ford (On Site) (540)399-1779. Primitive Camping available on-site  (540) 399-1800   
limited electricity and water but no septic $40/night.
 Additional accommodations in Culpeper,VA within 15 miles or Warrenton, VA within 20 miles.
Dressage Tests & Arena sizes: P- USEF 2014 Preliminary Test A-Sm, PT- USEF 2014 Preliminary Test A-Sm, T/TN- USEF 2014 Training Test A-Sm, N/NBN- USEF 2014 Novice Test A-Sm, BN- USEF 2014 Beginner Novice Test A-Sm, S- USDF 2015 Intro Test C-Sm, I- USDF 2015 Intro Test B-Sm. All arenas- Grass.
P- 3120m @520 mpm 3'7" Max. Height with 26-28 efforts PT/T- 2400m @ 450 mpm 3’3” Max. Height with 22-24 efforts, TN/N- 2000m @ 375 mpm. 2’11” Max. Height with 18-20 efforts, N/BN- 1800m @ 350mpm  2’7” Max. Height with 16-18 efforts, S- 1800m @ 300 mpm 2' Max. Height with 14-16 efforts, I-1200m @ 275 mpm 18" Max. Height with 12-14 efforts. All Courses:  Above Average.  Good galloping courses on flat terrain for horses at this level. All levels have at least one water jump.  All courses will be softened from the premeir Fall "The Event" at Kelly's Ford course.  Entire track is on flat manicured grass with some obstacles in the woods. S-is a great final preparation to move up into the USEA Recognized Level of BN  
Other Information:

Cross-Country course will be closed from Monday, June 22.  USEF Rules for Eventing will be enforced! Recognized Tests will be run the same as a USEA/USEF horse trial and will also follow USEF rules. Maximum Height for Starter will be 2' and Introductory 18". Membership in USEA/USEF not required for horse or rider.  When filling out USEA form please omit these fees from your payment. Medical Armbands (Available from Secretary and/or Tack Vendor) and ASTM Approved Protective Headgear required for all jumping phases and Safety Vests required for cross-country phase!  Schooling open daily- $30 by appointment only before event. Call Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center (540) 399-1800. Check website for more information.  No unauthorized motorized vehicles allowed on course.  Concessions, will be available during show. "Pelham's Pub" will be open from 11:30-10 p.m. Divisions further divided if entries warrant into horse experience, rider experience (junior, senior, YR, amateur). Farrier will be on grounds during show only with phone number posted at Secretary’s Tent.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times ($50 Dog Impound X-C Jump Donation Fee if caught loose on grounds!).  Additional "Non-horsey" recreational activities are available for friends and family (Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and mountain biking). July 4th festivities at the Inn at Kelly's Ford including; large firework show, live music, and picnic buffet available at additional cost.  Past competition cross-country courses may be viewed at

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