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Corona Del Sol Heat Buster Horse Trials (Aug 2014) Omnibus Listing

Come pick up those last AEC Qualifier points you may need , while beating the heat with early morning and late evening rides. When the horses chill back in the barns, You can join the Water Wars.  
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USEA Event ID: 15721
Corona Del Sol Heat Buster Horse Trials | Baird, TX (AREA V)

Event Date: Aug 30, 2014

Open Date: Jul 15 Close Date: Aug 12


Address: 2288 FM 18, Baird, TX 79504. From I-20 West from Ft. Worth &, I-20 East from Abilene: to exit 307, turn south over  the over pass  to stop sign. Turn Right on to (B) I-20, Turn left at court house on to Main Street and then Right on to FM 18 and go 3 miles, entry on right at top of hill after S curves.


USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Starter

Tentative Schedule:
Fri: Cross-country course open-3 p.m.
  Dressage-7 a.m. First official - Corona Del Sol Water Wars Championships (bring your own water guns if you like!!)- 2:00p.m.
Sun: Show Jumping- 7 a.m; Cross-country- 8:30 a.m.
Starting Times:
Available Aug. 27, 2013. Will be Posted on for viewing, or can be sent from Sec´y.
Event Officials
TD: Muffin Pantaze, VA 
Judge: Pres: Lori Hoos, TN
CD:X-C-Adri Doyal    SJ: Adri Doyal
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Corona Del Sol - Secretary
P.O. Box 838
Baird, TX, 79504
(254)216-0056   - NO FAXES ACCEPTED.
Check on entries and ride times at (they have a Smart phone app as well).
Draw checks to SOL Events

Org: Sol Events, Inc., Adri Doyal, 2288 FM 18, Baird, TX, 79504; [email protected].com -


Event Fees Directory – see individual section for details. Draw checks to SOL Events.
Entry: HT Divisions: PT- $185.00 - T - $180.00 - N - $175.00 - BN - $160.00  Starter Test - $120.00
Stabling: $100.00  Stall Clean Deposit - $ 15.00 (we ask that you send this on separate check)
Grounds Fee: For non-stabled horses $35.00

Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee. N competitors must be USEA members & horses must be USEA registered. BN competitors who are not USEA members must pay a $25 non-member fee with the entry. Eventing Tests- Starter: USEF/USEA membership fees/starter/D&M fees do not apply. Double entries: Not accepted. Lost Pinny- $30.00, no deposit required. Refunds: Before C.D.-Less $25 non-refundable office fee. After CD-Less $35.00 only if place can be filled from a wait list. Competition cancellation-No refund. USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
Neg. Coggins required within 12 months for all horses. Also $15 Stall Cleaning deposit- (will be not be cashed if stalls pass look over Sunday Night) Grounds fee for non-stabled horses $35.00.
There is the Starter Test which is full Test of Dressage with  BN Test A  + Show Jump and XC at- (2' to 2'4"): the Starter Test does not count toward AEC qualifications or USEA National Year-end Awards; specify on entry form.    
Competitor Information
Trophies 1st place. Award Certificates for 1st and 2nd  place as well.   Ribbons 1st- 6th place per division.  + The Award NOT to get- MUD DOBBER AWARDS to all fallen riders. with a free x-c schooling ticket. 
Limited. $100 per stall, Stabling open Thursday night-  60 stalls on grounds, as well as some outdoor pens ($45 FOR WEEKEND) if availible. Stall doors provided. No initial bedding available but shavings will be sold on grounds and maybe pre-ordered (riders also more than welcome to bring their own.) There is a $15 stall clean deposit that we ask be sent on separate check; will not have to strip but must be clean and no hay!
Grounds fee for non-stabled horses- $35.  Feed/Bedding/Hay available for purchase, further info from the sec´y. Veterinarian: Dr. Harle of Callahan co. Animal Care#´s will be posted at Sec´y´s Office.
Many hotels available in Abilene, TX about 15 mins away. . Camping: Welcome on grounds ( No open Fires) - RV Hookups - One mile away; contact sec´y for information.
Tests:  PT- 2014 USEF Preliminary test A-Sm. T- 2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N- 2014 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. BN-- 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-Sm. Starter Test- 2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A. Sm.   Arenas: Small Dressage, All Sandy soil.
 T- 2220 m @420 mpm. N-1800 m @ 350 mpm. BN-1400m @300 mpm.  Starter- 1000m  All courses: Straight forward with questions to suit level.
Other Information:
Cross-country course closed August 1. On Grounds Stabling limit -60 will be seleted by order on entries received. Dogs must be leashed.  Limited Food on Grounds- Cafes in town 1 mile away. Riders meeting Friday Night 6:00 P.M. BRING YOU WEAPONS AND WAR PAINT FOR WATER WARS!!!
 People will be split into teams to complete a challenge course, upon which you will come under attack from other teams and natural elements!!! BAHAHAHA!  

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