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Copper Meadows H.T. (Sep 2014) Omnibus Listing

Change Made 07/30/2014
Comment: Tentative Schedule Changes - refer to listing.
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USEA Event ID: 15710
Copper Meadows H.T. | Ramona, CA (AREA VI)

Event Date: Sep 05-07, 2014

Open Date: Jul 22 Close Date: Aug 19


Address: 633 Montecito Way, Ramona, CA 92065
From I-15: Take Scripps Poway Parkway East until it T's into Hwy 67; take 67 north, left, to Ramona. Turn left at signal Montecito Rd, right on Montecito Way.
From I‑8: Take 67 North, follow above directions. Please use 2nd gate during all events. Thanks.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:CIC3,CIC2,CIC1,A,I,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Intro

Tentative Schedule:
Thurs: CIC Official Briefing 2:30; Cross?country course open-3 pm.
Fri: FEI Dressage-8 am; FEI Show Jumping-11:00 am. HT All Levels: Dressage.
Sat: FEI Cross-country-8:00 am; FEI Awards Ceremony-6:00 pm. A-P Cross-country-8:00 am; T-Intro Show Jumping-8:00 am.  
Sun: A-P Show Jumping-8:00 am; T-Intro Cross-country-8:00 am. 

Schedule subject to change dependent on entries.  
Starting Times:

Available on web one week prior to event: 

Event Officials
TD: CIC/A/I Roger Haller, USA; P/T/N/BN Andrew Temkin, CA 
Judges: Pres: Jo Young, CAN.    Member: Vanda Robinson, IRE
Judge: Pres:  Peter Gray, CAN 
Dressage Judges:  Eileen Fagan, CA; Cauleen Glass, CA
CD: XC: CIC3*: Tremaine Cooper, USA; All other levels: James Atkinson, CA    SJ: Jose Nava
FEI Vet Delegate: Dr. Roberta Zajac, USA 
FEI Steward: Sheila Strickler, USA
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Taren Atkinson
633 Montecito Way
Ramona, CA  92065
[email protected]

Draw checks to Copper Meadows


Org: James Atkinson, 520-609-7696, Please email/call Taren with questions: 858-610-1693, [email protected] 

Event Fees Directory: see individual section for details. Draw checks to Copper Meadows.
Entry: CIC3*: $350.00; CIC2*: $330.00; CIC1*: $32.000; A: $290.00; I/P: $280.00; T/N/BN: $250.00; Intro: $175.00
Stabling: $120.00 
Trailer-in Fee: $ 75.00 
Non-Compete Horses: $120/stabling; $100/grounds fee.   
Entry fee includes $25 non-refundable office fee.  Up to $50.00 late fee for entries received after closing date. Double entries: Call ahead. Trailer on entries must pay fee of $75 for weekend, due with entry. This is for horses not using stabling. Intro competitors are exempt from USEA Starter Fees and USEA Membership/non-membership fees are waived. Refunds: Before C.D.-Full refund less $25 non-refundable office fee; after C.D.-Entry No refund unless spot can be filled from wait list. Stabling will not be refunded after C.D., no exceptions.  USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
In the event of insufficient entries, Post Entries will be accepted; entries are subject to $50 post entry fee charge. Competition cancellation-no refund, will forward entry to next show season less stabling. Neg. Coggins required within 6 months for out-of-state horses. 
Complete Entries: Only complete entries will be processed.  A complete entry is one received on or before closing date with full payment, this also applies to Xentries.       

ALL CIC COMPETITORS: FEI Passports required for all foreign owned horses and U.S. CIC3* horses. All CIC2*& 1* U.S. owned horses must have a USEF national passport or FEI Passport. All CIC Riders & Horses must have a FEI registration number. A copy of rider's medical armband MUST accompany their entry form

We are using plastic reusable pinneys, available from Bit of Britain at
Also for sale at the show office for $20. 
Competitor Information
CIC2*-$2,000 donated by Western Underground. CIC1*-$2,000 donated by Jim Seilsopour and State Farm. Ribbons to 8th for the horse trials, prizes to 4th.    

$120/stall from Wednesday to Sunday. Shavings and hay available for sale at show office. First bag provided free. Bring stall guards. Stabling for non-competing horses is allowed . Please check for availability, Cost: $100 grounds fee, $110. stabling fee due with request.
Veterinarian: ECLAP On grounds. # will be posted at event office.
Place shavings orders on Stabling form. Shavings $10.00 per bag

Hampton Inn Poway - 20 miles, (858) 391-1222; Ramona Valley Inn?5 mi., (760) 789?6433. San Vicente Inn?10 mi., (760) 789-8290 ext. 4000. Poway Country Inn-12 mi. (858) 748-6320.  For more hotels in the area, check under accommodations. Camping: Permitted. No open fires; no hook ups available.
Test & arena sizes:  CIC3*: 2014 FEI Three-star Test A-Std. CIC2*: 2009 FEI Two-star Test A-Std. CIC1*: 2009 FEI One-star Test A-Std. A -2014 USEF Advanced Test B-Std. I-2014 USEF Intermediate Test B-Std.  P-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm.  T-2014 USEF Training Test B-Sm.  N-2014 USEF Novice Test B-Sm.  BN-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-Sm.  Intro -2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test B. Arenas: Sand.
CIC3*: 3300m @ 570 mpm; CIC2*: 3200 @ 570 mpm. CIC1*: 2800m @ 520 mpm. A - 3300 m. @ 570 mpm. I- 3200 m. @ 550 mpm.  P-2800 m @ 520 mpm. T?2300 m @ 450 mpm. N?1800 m @ 400 mpm. BN- 1670 m @350 mpm.  Intro-1600m @ 240 mpm; options at the water, one small up bank and ditch. Horse Trials courses: Average.  Slight rolling terrain, 40 acre xc course.  Horse Trials xc more difficult than the June show, still average.  2 water obstacles, ditches and banks at all levels.    
Other Information:

Cross?country course closed September 1.  
Levels may be divided or combined as entries warrant: state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Check web page for updates on schedule.
Stabling for noncompeting horses is allowed. Please check for availability, Cost: $100 grounds fee, $110 stabling fee due with request.
Food on grounds beginning on Thursday.
Dogs allowed-must be on leash. Caution--we have severe problem with coyotes and several dogs have disappeared.
Party: Saturday night, live band!  One ticket per competitor, tickets available for purchase in the show office, $10/ticket. 

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