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Waredaca H.T. (May 2014) Omnibus Listing

Change Made 03/07/2014
Comment: Revised information under the Entry Fee and Entries Section of the Omnibus Listing.   
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USEA Event ID: 15547
Waredaca H.T. | Laytonsville, MD (AREA II)

Event Date: May 31-Jun 01, 2014

Open Date: Apr 15 Close Date: May 13


Address: 4015 Damascus Rd., Laytonsville, MD 20882
From PA-North: I-70 west to Rt. 97 south, 8 miles to right onto Rt. 650 Damascus Rd., Farm 1.5 mile on right. Washington, DC Beltway (495) to I‑270 N. Take ICC  Rt 200 East(toll road) to Georgia Ave/Route 97 north toward Olney; Continue approx 6 miles north of Olney to the traffic light at Route 650; turn left onto Route 650/Damascus Rd; continue 1.5 mile to entrance on right.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:I,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,TN,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:FEH-2,FEH-3,YEAR,YEH-4,YEH-5

Tentative Schedule:
Fri:  Cross-country course open-3 pm
Sat: Dressage (I/T/BN)-7:30 am Show Jumping (I/T/BN)-8:30 am; Cross-country (I/T/BN)-9:00am. YEH/FEH Saturday afternoon
Sun: Dressage (N/P)-7:30 am; Show Jumping (N/P)-8:30 am; Cross-country (N/P)-9:00 am.
***Note: all riders will have published X-C times being APPROX. 30 minutes after your published S-J ride; further details on website when times are posted; Hybrid divisions (P/T, T/N, I/P) only if entries warrant
Starting Times:

Available WEDNESDAY, May 28, on WAREDACA.COM; posted by 2:00 PM.; do not call sec'y for times, please!

Event Officials
TD:  Cindy De Porter, NC  
Judges: Pres: Helen Bretten, VA  Dressage Judges: Sally O'Connor/Sat, VA; Samantha Allan, MD; Marjorie Davis, MD
SJ Judge: Kathy White
C.D:X-C:  I-David O'Connor, VA; P,T-Robert Butts, MD; BN,N-Stephanie Butts, MD   SJ: Kathy White
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Janey Staehle, Secretary, 4015 Damascus Rd., Laytonsville, MD 20882
(301) 570-4191 day, (301) 570-2150 (during competition),  Email: [email protected]
(301) 570-0287 (fax)

Draw checks to Waredaca, Inc.


Orgs: Robert & Gretchen Butts, (same as above) (301) 570‑4191 (D), (301) 774‑7123 (E)

Event Fees Directory: Draw checks to Waredaca, Inc.  ENTER EARLY TO AVOID LATE FEES!!
Entry: Per Entry: 
COMPLETED Entries postmarked April 15-May 13
I: $195.00 P: $185.00; PT: $180.00; T: $180.00; TN: $180.00; N: $175.00; BN: $175.00; plus USEA starter fee.
YEH: 95.00, plus USEA $10.00 starter fee; FEH: $65.00, plus $10.00 USEA starter fee. 

Entries postmarked May 14-May 20
I: $245.00 P: $235.00; PT: $230.00; T: $230.00; TN: $230.00; N: $225.00; BN: $225.00; plus USEA starter fee.
YEH: 105.00, plus USEA $10.00 starter fee; FEH: $75.00, plus $10.00 USEA starter fee. 

IF ACCEPTED, POST Entries postmarked May 21-May 30 (SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS)
I: $270.00 P: $260.00; PT: $255.00; T: $255.00; TN: $255.00; N: $250.00; BN: $250.00; plus USEA starter fee.
YEH: $110.00, plus USEA $10.00 starter fee; FEH: $80.00, plus $10.00 USEA starter fee. 

Stabling: $50.00 per night per horse..LIMITED ON GROUNDS; NUMEROUS WITHIN 10 MILES
Muck Fee: $50.00 (separate check)

  • Paper number pinneys will be in effect for cross-country. Riders must bring pinney holder with them.
  •   All entries include a non-refundable $25 office fee.
  • Riders are responsible for including a printed, legible and current email address on entry-all correspondence from secretary will be via email. 
  • Refunds: Before the CD: With any entry, change of horse and/or rider and/or division allowed, ANY change to the entry must be in writing -- email, fax or U.S. Mail.  Refunds-less $25 non-refundable office fee.   Absolutely NO telephone withdrawals, changes or stabling requests will be accepted.
    After the CD:  No Refunds.   USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
  • Competition refund.
  • SCRATCHES/CHANGES:  With any simple change to then entry--change of horse or rider (not both) and/or division allowed -- no change fee. ANY change to entry must be in writing either Email ([email protected]) or fax (301) 570-0287.  Other changes to entry between Closing Date and the Sunday before the event: $30.  Changes to entry between the Monday before the competition and the event conclusion: $50.
  • POST ENTRIES: If space allows and post entries accepted, see fee schedule above. All other refund/scratch/change fees still apply.  ANY entry postmarked after the CD will be considered LATE with the late fee included.
    Any electronic or faxed entry made prior to CD must be complete within 5 days after CD or will be considered LATE with the late fee applying and will not be scheduled until all paperwork and fees collected.
  • YEH and FEH: YEH and FEH Entry Form and additional information can be found on and in the Omnibus: Will be scheduled SATURDAY early afternoon.
  • Horse Trials: Area II Adult Riders, please indicate on the entry form. Separate ribbons will be awarded.  
Competitor Information

Trophy & 8 ribbons per division. Cash Certificate for 1-3rd place. ADDITIONAL SPONSORED PRIZES


APPROX 25 STALLS AVAILABLE on grounds AND 40 within ten miles of event;  No initial bedding provided. $50 muck fee required for all stabled, send separate check with entry. Solid DOORS ON ALL STALLS; Specific ASSIGNMENTS AND directions will be POSTED on website on May 28. Veterinarian: Dr Haley Kostinas. # posted at secy's stand.

Ask for special horse trial rates for Waredaca available for advanced reservations by May 15: Comfort Inn Shady Grove, 16216 Frederick Road, Gaithersburg, MD  20877, (301) 330-0023 or toll free (888) 605-9100 for reservations.

Test & arena sizes: I-2014 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P/PT-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T/TN-2014 USEF Training Test A-Sm. N-2014 USEF Novice Test-A Sm. BN-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: Outdoor, all weather footing
I-3200 [email protected] 550 mpm. P?2800 m @ 520 mpm. PT/T?2400 m @ 475mpm. N-2200 m @ 375 mpm. BN?1600 m @ 350 mpm/12-14 jumps.   All courses: Variety of tests at all levels. Website will be updated closer to event date.  Water at all levels.
Other Information:
Cross-country course closed.
ALL WEATHER ARENA FOR DRESSAGE AND SHOW JUMPING. Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry. Food on grounds. Dogs must be leashed. PLEASE BRING WATER. NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES ALLOWED ON CROSS-COUNTRY COURSE.
Starter Event Elementary thru Training Sunday June 8

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