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Town Hill Farm Horse Trials (Aug 2013) Omnibus Listing

New PT Level offered on both Saturday and Sunday event days
Change Made 08/07/2013
Comment: Cross-country course closed August 1, 2013.
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USEA Event ID: 15382
Town Hill Farm Horse Trials | Lakeville, CT (AREA I)

Event Date: Aug 31-Sep 01, 2013

Open Date: Jul 16 Close Date: Aug 13


Address: 55 Lime Rock Rd (Rt. 112), Lakeville, CT 06039
From East: Rt. 44 to Rt. 7 South, right onto Rt. 112.
From West: Rt. 44 to 112 East.
There are 2 separate entrances; one for spectators, which is off Rt. 112; the second entrance for competitors is located off Rt. 41, which is west of the farm; turn left at Hotchkiss Corner: Follow signs carefully. Visit our website for directional maps.


USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,N,BN

Tentative Schedule:
Fri: Cross-country open-3 pm.
Sat: (PT, T, N, BN) Dressage-7:30 am; Show Jumping-10 am; Cross-country-11 am.
Sun:  (PT, T, N, BN) Dressage-7:30 am; Show Jumping-10 am; Cross-country-11 am.
*ALL competitors must state preference of riding either Saturday OR Sunday.  PT may be combined onto one day only based on the number of entries.  One-day format offered in each division on both days based on sufficent entries at each level.  
Starting Times:
Available August 29 at and
Event Officials
TD: Rick Caldwell, CT (r)
Judges: Pres: Rick Pearson, MA (r)   Dressage Judges: Jane Ashley, VT (r); Willette Brown, ME (r) 
CD: XC/SJ: Tremaine Cooper, VA (R)
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Anne Brnger, Secretary
Town Hill Farm Horse Trials
223 East Surry Road
Keene, NH 03431
[email protected],
603-313-4417 or 860-435-2052 during competition
Enter On-Line at  Entries are not accepted until coggins, signature page, and payment is received in full.

Draw checks to Town Hill Farm

Org: Town Hill Farm, and Raymond J Denis, 978-239-2024 [email protected]


Event Fees Directory – see individual section for details.
Draw checks to Town Hill Farm.
Entry: All divisions: $170.00
Stabling: $75.00

Entry fee includes a $25 non-refundable office fee. $25 return check fee. Double entries: Not accepted. BN competitors who are not USEA members must pay extra $25 with entry. All changes MUST be in writing-$25 fee for all changes made after C.D. Refunds: Before C.D.-Less $25 non-refundable office fee. After C.D.-Less $25 ONLY if place can be filled from wait list. Competition cancellation-No refund. Neg. Coggins required for all horses within 12 months. CT State Law requires all horses to have proof of current rabies vaccination-please include with entry.
Competitor Information

Trophy & 8 ribbons and 1st place dressage ribbon in each division, Special Awards: USEA Area I Team Challenge through P/T.

$75/stall per night. Stabling available, only, off grounds within 5 miles. Stall doors & initial bedding only provided. Veterinarian: Millbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic, (845) 677-5500, # posted at secretary´s office.
Interlaken Inn- 1 1/2 miles, 860-435-9878.  Iron Masters Inn 860-435-9844, Sharon Country Inn - 3 1/2 miles 860-364-0036 Race Brook Lodge 7 1/2 miles 413-229-9019.  No Camping available.
Test & arena sizes: PT 2010 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. All T-2010 USEF Training Test A-Sm. All N-2010 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. All BN-2010 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: All weather rubber/sand.
PT - 2200 m @ 470 MPM.  T-2500 m @ 470 mpm. N-2000 m @ 400 mpm. BN-1800 m @ 350 mpm. All courses: Average, for horses with some experience at these levels. Water and ditches at all levels. Terrain: Rolling hills. New 2013 Tremaine Cooper course designs at all levels built by Eric Bull.   A Salisbury Bank & Trust sponsored, Spectator Viewing Area, will be located on the cross country course. 
Other Information:
Cross-country course closed August 1.  Stadium Jumping Course is on aerated grass with a sand mix base.
Entry limit 220. Levels will be divided/combined as entries warrant, state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
All dogs must be leashed at all times.  Food and beverages available on grounds.  Helmets must be worn at all times when mounted.  XC Pinny holder required with # insert provided.  A limited number of holders will be available on grounds for $20. Visit for updates and competitor information.  ALL competitors must state preference of riding Saturday OR Sunday and PT may be limited to one day only based on the number of entries at that level, competitors will be notified in advance.

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